Formulas Study Guide II

Last update- 5/11/2017

This is the beginning of formula study for 2016 for students. Now that all the herbs have been covered, they are to be combined with other herbs to create balance and produce specific effects for the body to restore health. This is for students and licensed practitioners of TCM. WARNING: DO NOT SELF PRESCRIBE HERBAL FORMULAS WITHOUT GUIDANCE FROM QUALIFIED PRACTITIONER.

Got to know Diet first: 3 links are here: Our Dietary therapy Info

Herbs part 1 study guide

Herbs part 2 study guide

Formulas Study Guide I is here Formula Study guide 1

Study sheet: download . Right click “Save As”.


References/recommended reading: Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas and Strategies. Sneid, Bensky, Ellis, and Barolet.

Formulas that Drain Downward

Formulas that Purge Heat


Formulas that Moisten the Intestines



Formulas that Harmonize


Formulas that harmonize- Shao Yang disorder

































Formulas that Regulate Qi

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Stress, Addiction, and Acupuncture

Work in progress 11/19/2016

Need Addiction Help? First seek professional treatment, counseling, and rehab. You can call the hotline here:
Drug Abuse Hotline
Suicidal? Call the National Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Acupuncture makes a great adjunct to professional rehabilitative treatment and detox plan. Find a acupuncturist here: My personal friends or Nation wide database

Some basic facts:

At the acupuncture school they say that stress first attacks the Lungs and Weiqi “Defensive Qi” or in the west, the respiratory system and Immune system of the body. Lungs in Chinese medicine touches the outside world, and is first organ vulnerable to external pathogens like wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, allergens, and viruses.

My first TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor Amy says The number #1 cause of health issues is stress, and it is important to reduce it. There are several ways she says we can reduce stress:
1. Diet: a diet low in salt, low in fat, low in sugar, good carbohydrates, protein, and anti-oxidants.
2. Acupuncture: acupuncture to open blocked channels from the stress and dis-ease.
3. Nutrition and herbs: these repair the channels.
4. Healthy Lifestyle: exercise, including meditation, Qigong, Taijiquan (Tai chi), proper sleep, good bowel movement, etc.
Amy says to maintain your roads (acupuncture channels), reduce the stress that damage them. She compares disease as to a avalanche that blocks the road. Diseases like ulcers, cancer, and others affect different people in different ways. Certain types of food are more suitable to different body types.
So in order to help the different issues, a person needs to identify their body type and avoid certain foods.




Stimulants: Caffeine, Amphetamines, Speed, Meth, etc.


Tobacco Use

As of 11/19/2016 the movement is growing to legalize marijuana. In California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Washington D.C., Nevada, and Maine, it is recreational. It is legal for medical use in 17 other states. Its uses should be cautioned. It is our view that taking one herb in excess continually builds toxins. It can create many unwanted symptoms and can make you lethargic. Please consult a herbalist on how to use other herbs to balance the side-effects if you decide to use for recreation. There is a fine line between use and abuse. Example product “Balance the Herbs”. for instance was designed for users of marijuana to counter the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana. Chinese formulas like Bu fei Tang can help tonify the lungs from the drying effect smoke does to the lungs, and Gui Pi Tang, a spleen formula can help the spleen and blood. Many folks who have Liver Yang feel relaxed from marijuana as they are highly productive, use movement, and action. Something like Xiao Yao San, or Liver formula can be used for stress and smooth out Qi stagnation in those with Liver Yang. Talk to a Chinese herbalist about it.



Hallucinogens and PCP


Heroin and Narcotic medications


As part of treatment, but let’s not forget, it can be addictive as well.

Drugs to Spirituality:

Coping with Stress

Other Addictions: Sex and Porn addictions, Gambling Addictions.

Chinese medicine and Marijuana

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I-Ching “Book of Changes” for Life Philosophy, Martial Arts, and Tao Harmony

I-Ching series for all aspects of life, martial arts, medicine, philosophy, Tao.


Meditate, ask a sincere question, and cast the I-Ching using the 3 coin method. If you don’t know the 3 coin method find out here.

Read the Hexagrams below from your cast. If it changed into another hexagram, read that one too!


Martial: the martial portion is based on 3 things. 1: the 64 Hou tiens of Gao’s linear Bagauzhang. These represent martial principle and movement concepts. See book reference at bottom of page” “Walking the I-Ching” for complete info. If you know the 64 Houtien’s, more power to you, practice them diligently!!. The Taiji: these are the postures you can stand/hold or drill over and over, combine them into a practice. Bagua: these are the Animal forms you can walk and change into or use as a standing meditation postures/qigong.

Medical: only lists the channel/vessel. It is NOT for acupuncture self treatment, a professional acupuncture/herbalist should do so. Your body is unique and a doctor needs to determine your treatment strategy. We are only listing the channels used in Chinese i-ching medical theory. What you might be able to do, is when holding postures, understand those skin areas, muscular/tendon regions, channels, and vessels as a form of Neijia (inner work) training that is described. For example: Tai Yang is the back/dorsal side of the body and posterior part of arm. Meridian tracing massage may be useful as well.

Gallery of Medical channels and muscle regions (almost all of them)






I-Ching Hexagram interpretation Below:






















Gallery of ‘Tai Chi’ postures from the Yang Style of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)

Further reading:
Tai Chi Chuan and I-Ching by Da Liu.

Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang: Park Bok-Nam

Walking the I-Ching by Allen Pittman

The book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth: Master Ni Hua Ching.

I-Ching, new interpretation for modern times. by Sam Reifler

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Foundations OM: Diagnosis and Internal Medicine in TCM

Student notes from previous classes and blogs, for students of TCM, by a student of TCM. Enjoy! and Best Studies!



Student form: (rt. click and ‘save image as’ . use for study of patterns.












Earth: Spleen and Stomach Patterns



Earth: Stomach Patterns


Metal: Lung and Large Intestine Patterns Small Intestines (Fire) included in image.




Small and Large Intestines


Water: Kidney and Uterus/OB/GYN Patterns




Wood: Liver Patterns




Fire: Heart Patterns




Extraordinary Vessel treatment


Shan han Lun: Cold diseases




Wen Bing School of Warm diseases patterns

Pathogen invading Qi Level signs


Triple Burner theory patterns


Organ disharmony symptoms/signs Principle Treatment Acupoints Action Herbal formula Translation of formula

Heart and Pericardium
Empty patterns
Heart Qi Deficiency tonify heart qi HT 5 Tonify Heart Qi Bao Yuan Tang Preserving the source decoction
pale face, sweating, tired PC6 Tonify Heart Qi
Tongue: normal/pale BL15 Back Shu
Pulse: empty Ren 17 Qi point of the upper jiao
Ren 6 Qi point for the body
Du 14 w/moxa Tonify Heart.

Heart Yang Deficiency chest discomfort, cold, cold hands tonify and warm heart yang HT 5 Tonify Heart Qi Rou Fu Bao Yuan tang Cinnamon-aconitum preserving the source decoction
palpatations, SOB, dpressed PC6 Tonify Heart Qi
pale face, sweating, tired BL15 Back Shu
Tongue: pale, slight wet Ren 17 Qi point of the upper jiao
Pulse: Deep-weak, Ren 6 Qi point for the body
Du 14 w/moxa Tonify Heart.

Heart Yang Collapse weak and shallow breathing, profuse Rescue yang, restore consciousness Ren 6, Ren 4, Ren 8 Rescue Yang Qi with indiret moxa Shen Fu Tang Ginseng Aconitum decoction
sweating, cold limbs, grey complexing stop sweating Du 4 w/moxa Tonify KD yang
Sob, palpatations, cyanosis of lips ST36 and PC6 Strengthen HT Yang
Tongue: pale, blueish, short BL23 KD Yang
Pulse: hidden, minute, knotted DU20 w/direct moxa Rescue Yang
DU 14 and BL15 Tonify HT Yang of Direct moxa.

Heart Blood Deficiency palatations, dizzy, nausea nourish blood, tonify heart, HT7 nourish heart blood, calm mind Shen Qi Si wu Tang Ginseng -astragalus 4 substance decoction
insomina, dream disturbed sleep, calm the mind PC6 tonify heart qi and calm mind
memory, anxiety, dull complexion, Ren 14 and 15 tonify heart blood, calm mind, settle anxiety
Tongue: pal, thin, dry Ren 4 tonify blood
Pulse: choppy, fine BL20 Back shu of spleen, tonify spleen for more blood
BL17 Gathering point of blood.

Heart Yin Deficiency palpatations, SOB, dpressed Nourish heart yin, calm the mind HT7 nourish heart yin and blood Tian Wang Bu Xin Heavenly emperor tonifying the heart pill
dizzy, insomnia, dream sleep, memory clear empty heat if prnounced. PC6 calm mind
Tongue: No coat, deep midline crack Ren 14 and 15 calm mind/anxiety
Pulse: Floating and empty Ren 4 nourish yin and ground mind when empty-heat
HT6 nourish Heart yin, stop night sweating
SP6 Nourish Yin, Calm Mind
KD7 tonify Kidneys for night sweating.

Full Patterns
Heart Fire Blazing Palpitations, thirst, mouth and tongue ulcers Clear the heat, drain fire, HT9 clear heart fire Xie Xin Tang Draining the heat decoction
restlessness, feeling agitated, feeling of heat, insomnia, calm mind HT8 clear heart fire
red face, dark urine, bitter taste. HT7 calm mind
Tongue: Red tip, yellow coat, swollen Ren 15 calm mind, clears heat
Pulse: Full, rapid, overflowing SP6 promote yin, cool fire
KD6 promote yin, cool fire
LI11 clears heat
DU24 calm mind
DU19 calm mind.

Phlegm fire harassing the heart Palpitations, thirst. red face, bitter taste Clear the heat, drain fire
oppression of the chest, expectoration of phlegm resolve phlegm, HT 8 and 9 clear heart fire and restore consciousness Wen Dan Tang Warming the Gall Bladder decoction
mental restlessness, insomnia opn orifice of the mind P7 calms mind, clear heart-fire
Tongue: Red, Swollen, yellow dry sticky coating, deep Heart crack. Ren 15 pacifies the mind
Pulse: Full-Rapid-Slippery or Rapid-Overflowing BL 15 clears heart fire
Ren 12 tonifies the spleen to resolve phlegm Du 26, LU11,SP1, PC7 *option ’13 Ghost points’ for Manic depression
ST40 resolves phlegm BL62, DU16, ST6 Left in men, right side on women
SP6 resolves phlegm and calms the mind Ren 24, PC8, DU23, Ren 1
BL20 tonify spleen to resolve phlegm LI11, in that order.
DU20 restore consciousness
Liv2 subdue fire, draw it downward
GB13, Du24 Calm mind
GB17 Open the mind orifice.

Phlegm Misting the Mind Mental confusion, unconsciousness, lethargic stupor open the heart, resolve phlegm
incoherent speech. slurred speech. aphasia open the mind orifice PC5 resolves phlegm from the heart Di Tan Tang Scouring Phlegm Decoction
mental depression, very dull eyes HT9 clears the heart, open is its orifice Gun tan Wan Vaporizing Phlegm pill
Tongue: Swollen with thick sticky coating, midline crack reaching the tip BL15 clears the heart, good for children
Pulse: Slippery ST40 resolve phlegm
DU 26 restore consciousness
Ren12, BL20 tonify the spleen, resolve phlegm
Du 14 clear the heart, tonify heart yang
heart yang mobilizes the phlegm.

Heart Qi Stagnation Palpitations, oppression of the chest, depression, SOB move heart qi, open chest
sighing, poor appetite, weak and cold limb calm mind PC6 opens chest, calm mind Mu Xiang Liu Qi Yin Aucklandia Flowing Qi decoction
slightly purple lips, pale complexion HT5 and 7 move HT qi, calm mind Ban Xia Hou Po Tang Pinellia-Magnolia decoction
Tongue: slightly Pale-Purple on the sides Ren 15 open chest, calm mind
Pulse: Empty but very slightly Overflowing on the left Front position Ren 17 move qi in chest
LU 7 move qi in chest
ST 40 open chest, move qi in chest
LI4 regulate/move ascending/descending qi.

Heart Vessel Obstructed Palpatations, SOB, depression, mental restlessness. a flustered feeling Move heart qi and Heart blood
oppression of the chest, stabbing or pricking pain in the heart region Eliminate stasis, open chest PC6 open chest, move Qi and blood, calm mind Zhi Shi gua Lou gui zhi Tang Citrus trichonsanthes-ramulus cinnamomi decoction
cold hands, sighing, purple lips, face and nails. resolve phlegm, expel cold, HT 5 and 7 move HT qi and blood, calm mind Dan shen Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae
Tongue: Purple on the sides in the chest area, Swollen with a sticky coating calm mind Ren 15 open the chest and calm the mind
Pulse: Wiry, Choppy or Knotted; Slippery if Phlegm is predominant Ren 17 move qi in chest
LU 7 and LI 4 regulare ascend/descend of Qi, move qi
ST40 Resolve phlegm
BL15 move heart qi
BL 17 move blood
Ren 12 tonifies the spleen to resolve damp.

Empty-Full Patterns
Heart Blood Stasis Palpitations, constriction of the chest, cyanosis of lips and nails. cold hands Move blood, elimate stasis
pain in the chest that may radiate to the inner aspect of the left arm tonify and warm heart yang PC6 move heart blood, open chest Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang Blood mansion eliminate staasis decoction
Tongue: Purple in its entirety or only on the sides in the chest area calm the mind PC4 accumulation point, stop chest pain
Pulse: Choppy, Wiry, or knotted HT7 move heart blood, calm mind
Ren 17 move qi and blood in chest, zong qi.
BL14 move heart Blood
BL 17 move blood, eliminate stasis
SP10 moves blood
KD25 local chest point to move qi and blood.

Exterior pathogenic factors
Heat in the Pericardium Fever at night, mental confusion. incoherent speech or aphasia clear nutritive qi level heat
delirium, body hot, hands and feet cold, macules. PC 8 and 9 clear heat in Pericardium Qing ying Tang Clearing the nutritive qi (heat) decoction
Tongue: Red and dry without coating. HT9 clear heat in Pericardium, clear mind
Pulse: Fine, Rapid. KD6 nourish fluids, prevent injury of yin.

Pericardium as House of the Mind
Blood Deficiency of the Pericardium discomfort of the chest, dull ache in the chest, very slight shortness of breath Nourish blood, strengthen Heart
palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, dream- disturbed sleep. poor memory. and pericardium, PC6 tonify the PC Shen Qi Si Wu Tang Ginseng astagalus 4 substance decoction
dull-pale complexion, pale lips. cold hands, scanty periods, amenorrhoea. move qi and blood in chest HT7 nourish HT blood and calm mind
Tongue: Pale, Thin. slightly dry. Ren 14 and 15 nourish HT blood, calm mind
Pulse: Choppy or Fine but very slightly hard on the left Front position. Ren 4 nourish blood in general
BL17 direct moxa nourished blood
BL20 spleen deficiency, to nourish blood
BL14 tonify PC
Ren 17 tonify HT, Lung, PC,move qi and blood in chest
PC6 and SP4 open Yin linking, nourish blood, calm mind.

Pericardium Fire Palpitations, a feeling of tightness and heat of the chest, Drain fire in heart
slight chest ache, rapid breathing, thirst, mouth and tongue ulcers and pericardium PC8 and HT8 drain fire Xie Xin Tang Draining the heart decoction
mental restlessness, feeling of agitation, feeling of heat BL14 clears PC heat
nsomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, red face, bitter taste, heavy periods. Ren14 and 15 clear heart heat, calm mind
Tongue: Red, tip redder and swollen with red points, yellow coating. Midline crack Ren 17 front Mu of PC, clears PC heat
Pulse: Full-Rapid-Overflowing especially on the left Front position. Hasty. LI11 clear heat, fire
DU24 and 19 calm mind
SP6 nourish yin, reduce fire
Liv2 drain Liv. fire especially with anger, etc.

Phlegm Fire Harassing the Pericardium Palpitations. feeling of oppression and heat of the chest, chest pain Drain fire of PC and heart
rapid breathing, thirst, red face. bitter taste, expectoration of phlegm resolve phlegm, open mind orifices PC5 resolves phlegm from HT and clears orifices Wen Dan Tang warming the Gall bladder decoction
mental restlessness, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, agitation calm mind HT7 clear heat, calm mind
incoherent speech, mental confusion, rash behaviour, tendency to hit or scold people HT8 and 9 clear heart fire, restore consciousness
shouting, muttering to oneself, mental depression and dullness, manic behaviour PC7 calm mind, clear heart fire
Tongue: Red, Swollen with yellow, dry sticky coating, deep Heart crack Ren15 pacifies the mind
The tip may be redder and swollen with red points. BL15 clears heart fire
Pulse: Full-Rapid-Slippery or Rapid-Overflowing- Slippery or Rapid-Full-Wiry. BL14, Ren17 Back shu, front mu of PC, clear heat , calm mind
Ren12 tonify spleen to resolve phlegm
ST40 resolves phlegm
SP6 resolves phlegm and calm mind
BL20 tonifies SP to resolve phlegm
Liv2 subdue fire, draw it downward
Du20 resotes consciousness (especially coma)
GB13 and DU24 calm the mind
GB17 open mind’s orifices.

Qi Stagnation in the pericardium
Qi Stagnation of the Pericardium A feeling of distension and slight pain of the chest, feeling of tightness of the chest Move qi in the chest
slight shortness of breath, sighing. a feeling of lump in the throat regulate HT and PC PC6 open chest, moves qi, calm mind Mu xiang Liu Qi Yin Aucklandia flowing Qi decoction
palpitations, depression, irritability, poor appetite, weak and cold limbs calm mind HT5 and 7 move heart qi, calm mind Ban Xia Hou Po Tang Pinellia-Magnolia decoction
slightly purple lips. pale complexion Ren14 and 15 open the chest, calm mind
Tongue: slightly Pale-Purple on the sides Ren17 front mu of pc, move qi
Pulse: Empty but very slightly Overflowing on the left Front position. BL14 back shu PC, move qi.
LU7 move qi in chest
ST40 open chest, move qi in chest
LI4 move qi, acsending/descending.

Blood Stasis of the Pericardium pricking pain in the chest which may radiate to the inner aspect of the left arm move blood in chest
palpatations, requlate pc and ht PC6 move blood in PC, open chest Xue Fu zhu Yu tang Blood manison eliminating stasis decoction
shortness of breath. cyanosis of lips and nails, cold hands, painful periods with dark clots calm mind PC4 stop chest pain
Tongue: Purple in its entirety or only on the sides in the chest area. HT7 move heart blood, calm mind
Pulse: Choppy, Wiry or Knotted Ren14 move heart blood
Ren17 Front mu PC, move qi and blood, zhong qi
BL14 Back shu PC, moves blood
BL17 moves blood, eliminate stasis
SP10 moves blood.

Full Liver Patterns
Liver Qi stagnation Distension of hypochondrium, chest, epigastrium or abdomen smooth the liver, move qi
Melancholy, depression, moodiness, fluctuation of mental state, GB34 move liver qi, hypochondrial region Yue Ju Wan Gardenia-Ligusticum pill
Irregular periods, distension of breasts before the periods, premenstrual tension and irritability Liv3 moves liv. qi, throat and head Xiao yao San free and easy wanderer powder
Tongue: body color may be normal, severe cases=slightly Red on the sides Liv13 regulates Liv. qi in middle burner, SP
Pulse: Wiry (left side) Liv. 14 regulates Liv. qi in middle burner, ST
TB6 moves Liv. qi and sides of body
PC6 moves liv. qi associated with emotions.

Stagnant Liver Qi Turning into Heat Hypochondrial or epigastric distension, slight feeling of oppression of the chest Smooth Liver Qi
irritability, melancholy, depression, moodiness, feeling of a lump in the throat,periods lightly clear heat GB34 move liver qi, hypochondrial region Dan Zhi xiao yao San Gardenia Free and Easy wanderer powder
feeling of heat, red face, thirst, propensity to outbursts of anger, Liv3 moves liv. qi, throat and head
premenstrual tension, irregular periods, premenstrual breast distension, heavy period Liv13 regulates Liv. qi in middle burner, SP
Tongue: Red on the sides. Liv. 14 regulates Liv. qi in middle burner, ST
Pulse: Wiry, slightly rapid (left side) TB6 moves Liv. qi and sides of body
PC6 moves liv. qi associated with emotions
Liv2 Liver heat symptoms.

Rebellious Liver Qi Hypochondria or epigastric distension, hiccup, sighing, smooth the liver
nausea, vomiting, belching, irritability, breast distension subdue liver qi Liv14 subdue liv. qi when invades ST Chai Hu shu gan Bupleurum Soothing liver decoction
Tongue: Normal body color, Severe cases= Red sides PC6 subdues rebellious Liv. qi, ST qi descend, calm mind Yi Gan San 4 rebellious powder
Pulse: Wiry (Liver and Stomach positions) GB34 smooth the liver, move qi, hypochondrium Si Ni San Four rebellious powder
Liv3 smooths the liver, move qi, calm mind, settle hun
TB6 move liver qi
LI4 regulates the ascend/desceding qi
ST 21 and 19 make ST qi descend.

Liver Blood Stasis Hypochondrial pain, abdominal pain, vomiting of blood, epistaxis, painful periods, irregular periods Smooth Liver, move Qi
purple nails, purple lips, purple or dark complexion, dry skins, purple petechiae move blood, eliminate stasis GB34 move qi to move the blood Ge Xia Zhu yu Tang Eliminating stasis below the diaphragm decoction
menstrual blood dark and clotted, infertility, masses in abdomen, Liv3 moves liv. qi and blood Shi xiao San Breaking into the smile powder
Tongue: Purple (sides), Severe cases (purple spots on the sides) BL18 moves liver blood Yan Hu Suo Tang Corydalis decoction
Pulse: Wiry or Firm BL17 Hui point for blood and moving it.
SP10 moves blood
Ren6 moves qi and blood in abdomen
SP4 and PC6 open chong mai, sea of blood
ST29 moves blood in lower burner and uterus
KD14 chong mai point that moves blood
Liv5 and 6 move liver qi and blood.

Liver Fire Blazing Irritability, propensity to outbursts of anger, tinnitus, deafness, temporal headache Clear the Liver, drain fire
dizziness,, constipation with dry stools, dark-yellow urine, epistaxis, hematemesis, hemoptysis Liv2 drain liv fire Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Gentiana Draining the Liver decoction
red face and eyes, thirst, bitter taste, dream-disturbed sleep Liv3 drain the liver Dang gui Long hui tang Angelica-Gentiana-aloe decoction
Tongue: Red body, red sides, dry yellow coating. GB20 drain liver fire, descend the rising liv. qi, headaches
Taiyang clear liv. fire, temporal headaches
GB13 subdue ascending liver yang, calms mind
LI11 clear heat
GB1,8,9,6 local points for Liver fire ascending to head
SP6 nourish Yin, drain fire
Liv. 1 clear liver, rising yang, liver fire
Damp Heat in the Liver Fullness of the hypochondrium, abdomen or hypogastrium, bitter taste, poor appetite Resolve dampness
nausea, feeling of heaviness of the body, yellow vaginal discharge, Clear the Liver Liv 14 regulates liv. qi in hypochondrium and epigastrium Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Gentiana Draining the Liver decoction
vaginal itching, genital rashes and itching, urinary difficulty, burning on urination, dark urine Clear heat GB34 Resolve dampness in Liv. and GB
mid-cycle bleeding and/or pain, pain, redness and swelling of the scrotum, BL18 resolve dampness in Liv.
Tongue: Red body, red sides, sticky yellow coating Ren12 tonifies SP to resolve dampness
Pulse: Slippery, Wiry, Rapid SP9 and SP6 resolve dampness in lower burner
LI11 resolve dampness, clear heat
Liv2 clear liver heat.

Stagnation of Cold in the Liver Channel Fullness and distension of the hypogastrium with pain which refers downwards to the scrotum Clear Liver, Expel Cold
and testis and upwards to the hypochondrium the pain is alleviated by warmth, Ren 3 w/moxa disperse cold from lower burner Nuan Gan Jian Warming the Liver decoction
, straining of the testis or contraction of the scrotum, Liv5 Luo point, clear cold from channel
headache, feeling of cold, cold hands and feet, vomiting of clear watery fluid or dry vomiting Liv1 clears Liv. channel, removes cold lower burner
Tongue: Pale and wet with a white coating Liv3 resolves spasms and help relieve contractions.

Empty Liver Patterns
Liver Blood Deficiency Dizziness, numbness or tingling of limbs, insomnia, blurred vision, Tonify liver, nourish blood
floaters’ in eyes, diminished night vision, Liv8 nouish the blood Bu Gan Tang Tonifying the Liver decoction
scanty menstruation, dull-pale complexion, pale lips, muscular weakness, ST36, SP6 ponify post heaven qi to produce blood
cramps, withered and brittle nails, dry hair and skin, depression Ren 4 w/d.moxa nourish menstral blood
Tongue: Pale body (sides), orange color, Thin and slightly dry. BL18 nourish Liv. blood
Pulse: Choppy or Fine BL20 tonify SP to produce blood
BL23 Tonify Kidneys to produce blood
BL17/d.moxa nourish blood
Yuyao headaches due to Liv.blood def.

Liver Yin Deficiency Dizziness, numbness or tingling of limbs, insomnia, blurred vision, floaters in eyes, Tonify the Liver, nourish yin
dry eyes, diminished night vision, scanty menstruation, dull-pale complexion clear empty-heat LIV8, ST36, SP6, Ren4 nourish Liver blood Yi guan Jian One Linking Decoction
red cheekbones, muscular weakness, cramps, withered and brittle nails, dry hair and skin, depression KD 3 and KD6 nourish kidney and liver yin
Tongue: normal color w/o coating or w/ rootless coating Liv. 2 empty heat
Pulse: Floating-Empty.

Full/Empty patterns
Liver Yang Rising Headache that may be on the temples, eyes or lateral side of the head, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, Subdue Liver yang
blurred vision. dry mouth/ throat, insomnia, irritability, feeling worked-up,outbursts of anger, stiff neck nourish Yin/blood Liv3 subdues liver yang Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin Gastrodia-uncaria decoction
Tongue: Pale = Liver blood deficiency, Slightly red (sides) w/o coat = Liver-Yin deficiency, normal TB5 subdues liver yang, GB headaches Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang Cornu Antelopis-uncaria decoction
PC6 subdues Liver yang, calm mind
or slightly red sides = Rebellious liver qi LI4 regulates ascend/descend qi to subdue liver yang
GB43 distal point for headaches around eyes
Pulse: Wiry GB38 subdue liv. yang, migraine headaches
GB20 subdue liv. yang
BL2, taiyang, GB9,8,6 local points for headaches
SP6, Liv.8, ST36 nourish liv. blood and Liv. yin
KD3 and KD6 kidney yin def.

Extreme Heat Generating Wind High temperature, convulsions, rigidity of the neck, tremor of limbs, opisthotonos, in severe cases coma Cool blood, nourish yin
Tongue: Deep-Red, stiff, dry yellow coating extinguish wind Liv3 extinguish liver-wind Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang Cornu Antelopis-uncaria decoction
Pulse: Wiry, rapid Shixuan (finger tips) extinguish wind, cool blood when bleed
Du20, Du 16, GB20 extinguish wind
Du8 relieves spasms to stoop convulsions
Du14 pricked to cool blood.

Liver Yang Rising Generating Wind Tremor, facial tic, severe dizziness, tinnitus. headache, hypertension, dry throat, dry eyes, blurred vision Subdue liver yang
numbness or tingling of limbs, poor memory, insomnia, scanty urination, backache extinguish wind Liv3 subdue liver yang, extinguish wind San jia Fu Mai Tang Three Carapaces restoring the pulse decoction
Tongue: normal color w/o coat nourish liver yin GB20 extinguish wind, subdue Yang
Pulse: Wiry, fine LI4 helps subdues liver yang
TB5 subdues liver yang
DU19 extinguishes wind
SP6, Liv8, KI3 nourish Liver yin.

Liver Fire Generating Wind Tremor, irritability, propensity to outbursts of anger, tinnitus, deafness, temporal headache, clear the liver
dizziness, red face and eyes, thirst, bitter taste, dream-disturbed sleep, constipation with dry stools, drain fire Liv2 drain liver fire Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang Cornu Antelopis-uncaria decoction
dark-yellow urine, epistaxis, hematemesis, hemoptysis extinguish wind Liv3 extinguish liver wind
Tongue: Red with redder sides and dry yellow coating GB20 extinguish wind
Pulse: Wiry, rapid LI11 drains fire
GB1 extinguish liver-wind
SP6 nourish yin to drain fire
Liv1 extinguish liver-wind
Du8 relieves spasms and tremors
Liver Blood Deficiency Generating Wind Fine tremor, facial tic, dizziness, blurred vision, Nourish liver blood
numbness or tingling of limbs, poor memory, insomnia, scanty periods. extinguish wind Liv3 and GB20 extinguish wind E jiao Ji Zi huang Tang Gelatinum Corii Asini-egg yolk decoction
Tongue: Pale and Thin LI4 subdue yang and extinguish yin
Pulse: Wiry, fine TB5 and Du19 extinguish liver yin
SP6, Liv8, KD3 nourish Liver blood
Ren 4 and BL17 nourish blood.

Combined patterns
Rebellious Liver Qi Invading the Spleen Irritability, abdominal distension and pain, alternation of constipation and diarrhea. Subdue rebellious Qi
stools sometimes dry sometimes loose, flatulence, tiredness Tonify the spleen Liv13 harmonizes the Liver and spleen Xiao yao San free and easy wanderer powder
Tongue: normal color or slightly red on the sides Liv 14 harmonizes liver and qi flow smooth
Pulse: Wiry on the left and weak on the right Liv3 smooth flow of liver qi, calm abdominal pain
GB34 promotes smooth flow of Liver qi
Ren6 stop sabdominal pain, moves qi
TB6 and PC6 move liver qi, calm mind
ST25 and SP15 harmonize liv and spleen
Ren12, ST36, SP6 tonify spleen, harmoize Liv
SP4 and PC6 Chong mai- harmoize Liv and SP.

Liver Fire Insulting the Lungs Breathlessness, asthma, a feeling of fullness and distension of the chest and hypochondrium. Clear Liver
cough with yellow or blood tinged sputum, headache, dizziness, red face, Drain fire Liv2 clear liver fire Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Gentiana Draining the Liver decoction
thirst, bitter taste, bloodshot eyes, scanty dark urine, constipation Subdue liver qi Liv3 subdue liver qi
Tongue: Red with redder sides and dry yellow coating Stimulate descending Lung qi Liv14 harmonize Liver qi in chest
Pulse: Wiry Ren17 and Ren22 stimulate desc. of Lung qi
PC6 Harmonize Liver qi in chest
LU7 stimulates desc. of Lung qi
LI11 clears heat.

Heart and Liver Blood Deficiency Palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, poor memory, anxiety, depression, Nourish blood
propensity to be startled, dull-pale complexion, pale lips, blurred vision, floaters in eyes, Tonify heart and liver HT7 nourish heart blood and calm mind Gui Pi Tang Tonifying the spleen decocotion
a feeling of aimlessness, withered and brittle nails, muscular weakness, dry hair and skin, depression, calm mind and settle hun PC6 tonify heart qi, calm mind Sheng yu Tang Sage healing decoction
diminished night vision, tingling or numbness of limbs, scanty periods, cramps, Ren 14 and Ren 15 nourish heart blood and calm mind/anxiety Bu Gan Tang tonifying the liver decocotion
Tongue: Pale, thin, slightly dry. Ren4, BL17, BL20 nourish blood. gather point blood, back shu spleen Dang Gui Ji xue Teng tang Angelica-ji xue teng decoction
Pulse: Choppy or Fine. Liv8, ST36, SP6 nourish liver blood
BL18, BL23 nourish liver blood, especially OB/GYN.

Full Gall Bladder Pattern
Dampness in the Gallbladder Jaundice, dull-yellow eyes and skin, hypochondria! pain, fullness and distension, nausea, Resolve dampness,
vomiting, inability to digest fats, dull-yellow sclera, turbid urine, lack of thirst, sticky taste, Clear Gall Bladder GB24, GB34, Du9 BL19 Resolve Dampness from GB San Ren Tang Three seeds Decoction
dull headache, a feeling of heaviness of the body promote smooth flow of Liver qi Liv14 harmonize Liv and GB, smooth flow of Liver Qi Yin chen Hao Herba Artemisiae capillaris
Tongue: thick sticky white coating, bilateral in two strips or unilateral Ren12 Resolves Dampness
Pulse: Slippery and wiry Dannangxue resolves dampness from GB
BL20 tonifies the Spleen to resolve dampness
TB6 promotes the smooth flow of Liv. qi in Hypochondria
ST19 promtes descending of ST Qi to relieve obstruction.

Damp Heat in the Gallbladder Hypochondrial pain, fullness and distension, nausea, vomiting, inability to digest fats, Resolve Dampness
yellow complexion, scanty and dark yellow urine, fever, thirst without desire to drink, Clear Heat in Gall Bladder GB24, BL19 Front Mu and Back Shu clear heat from GB Yin chen Hao Herba Artemisiae capillaris
bitter taste, loose stools or constipation, alternation of hot and cold feelings, yellow sclera, a feeling of heat Promote smooth flow of Liver Qi Liv14 harmonize Liv, and GB, promote smooth Liv. qi
dizziness, tinnitus, irritability, feeling of heaviness of the body, numbness of the limbs, swelling of the feet, Ren12, BL20 Resolves Dampness
Tongue: thick sticky yellow coating, bilateral in two strips or unilateral GB34 promote smooth flow of Qi for damp and heat clearing
Pulse: Slippery, wiry, rapid Dannangxue resolves dampness from GB
DU9 Clears heat in GB, stims Liv. Qi to resolve damp
LI11 clears heat and resolves damp
TB6 stimulates smooth flow of Liver Qi
ST19 promote descending ST qi to relieve obstruction in middle jiao.

Empty Gall Bladder pattern
Gallbladder Deficiency Dizziness, blurred vision, floaters, nervousness, timidity, a propensity to being easily startled Tonify and warm GB
lack of courage and initiative, indecision, sighing, waking up early in the morning, restless dreams Tonify Liver qi GB40 Source point for GB tonification, mental aspect of GB WenDang Tang Warming the Gall Bladder Formula
Tongue: Pale or normal Liv8, ST36, SP6 tonify Liver blood and Liver Qi
Pulse: Weak Ren4 tonifies the Liver
BL18 tonifies the liver qi and Yang
BL47 Mental aspect of GB: HUN.

Combined pattern
Damp Heat in the Gallbladder and Liver Hypochondrial pain, fullness and distension, nausea, vomiting, inability to digest fats, yellow complexion Resolve dampness
scanty and dark yellow urine, fever, thirst without a desire to drink, bitter taste, dizziness, Clear heat GB24 and GB34 Long Da xie Gan Tang Gentiana Draining Liver Decoction
yellow sclera, tinnitus, irritability, a feeling of heaviness of the body, numbness of the limbs, Clear the Liver Dannangxue, DU9, BL19 all 5 of these clear heat from GB
swelling of the feet, burning on urination, difficulty in urinating, excessive yellow vaginal discharge, Promote smooth flow of Qi Liv14 and BL18 resolve Dampness and clear heat in liv.
loose stools or constipation, alternation of hot and cold feelings, a feeling of heat, Ren12 resolves dampness
genital papular skin rashes and itching, swelling and heat of the scrotum LI11 clear heat
Tongue: thick sticky yellow coating, both sides or on one side TB6 promote smooth flow of Liv. qi in hypochondia
Pulse: Slippery, wiry, rapid ST19 descendingof ST qi for middle burner
Liv3 Promotes smooth flow of Liver qi
Liv5 Promotes smooth flow of qi, resolves dampness in the urinary/genital area.

Empty Lung Patterns
Lung qi Deficiency Slight shortness of breath. slight cough, weak voice, Tonify Lung qi, Warm yang LU9 Source point, lung tonify Ren Shen Bu Fei Tang Ginseng Tonify Lungs decoction
spontaneous daytime sweating, dislike of speaking. bright-pale complexion, LU7 tonify Lung qi, descendng of Lung qi, wind cold/heat
propensity to catch colds, tiredness. dislike of cold Ren6 Tonifies Qi, deep path where lung connects with LI
Tongue: Pale BL13 Tonifies Lung Qi
Pulse: Empty, especially on the Right Front position DU12 Tonifies Lung Qi, especially Chronic Cases.
ST36, Ren12 ST/SP: tonify Earth to Tonify Metal.

Lung Yin Deficency Tonify Lung Yin LU9 Source point, tonify Lung yin
Cough that is dry or with scanty sticky sputum, weak and/hoarse voice, dry mouth and throat, tickly throat Nourish body fluids Ren17 tonify qi and Lung yin Yang yin qing Fei Tang Nourishing Yin and clearing the Lungs Decoction
tiredness, dislike of speaking, thin body or thin chest, night sweats clear Empty Heat BL43 tonify Lung Yin,
Tongue: normal-colored, dry without coating (or with rootless coating) BL13 and DU12 TonifyLung Qi and Yin
Pulse: Floating-Empty. Ren4 tonifies Kidney yin
KD6 and Lu7 Tonify yin and conception vessel
Ren12 Tonify Stomach and nourish fluids
SP6 tonifies yin
LU10 Clear Empty heat from Lungs
LI11 Clear empty heat.

Lung Dryness Dry cough, dry skin, dry throat, dry mouth, thirst and hoarse voice Moisten Lungs
Tongue: dry Nourish fluids LU9 Moisten the Lungs Bai he Gu jin Tang Lilium Consolidating Metal decoction
Pulse: Empty especially on the right front position. Ren4 tonify kidney yin and noursih fluids
KI6 Nourish Fluids and benefits the throat
SP6 nourish Fluids
Ren12 and ST36 Tonify Stomach and Nourish fluids.

Full patterns
Invasion of Lung by Wind cold Aversion to cold, fever, cough, itchy throat, slight breathlessness, Release the Exterior LU7 expels wind, release exterior desc/diffuse Lung qi Ma huang Tang Ephedra decoction
blocked or runny nose with clear watery discharge, sneezing, occipital headache, body aches Expel cold BL12 Fengmen. release the exterior and expel wind, can moxa and cupping
Tongue: thin white coating Stimulate descending DU16 Fengfu. Expels Wind.
Pulse: Floating-Tight and diffusing of Lung qi

Invasion of Lung by Wind-heat Aversion to cold, fever, cough, sore throat, blocked or runny nose with yellow discharge, Release the exterior LU7 expels wind, release exterior desc/diffuse Lung qi Sang Ju Yin Morus-Chrysanthemum Decocotion
sneezing, headache, body aches, slight sweating, slight thirst, swollen tonsils Clear heat LI4 and LI11 Release the exterior and clear heat
Tongue: slightly Red on the sides in the chest areas or on the front part. stimulate descending/diffuse Lung qi LU11 sore throat and swollen tonsils.
Pulse: Floating-Rapid. Du14 clears heat
BL12, DU 16, and GB20 Expel exterior wind
TB5 exples wind-heat and release exterior.

Invasion of Lung by Wind Water Sudden swelling of eyes and face gradually spreading to the whole body, Release exterior LU7 expels wind, release exterior desc/diffuse Lung qi, open water passages Xiao Qing long Tang Small green dragon decoction.
bright-shiny complexion, scanty and pale urination, aversion to wind, fever, Expel cold LI6 open the Lungs and water passages
cough, slight breathlessness (Fig. 35.10). Resolve dampness LI7 acclamation point fo LI
Tongue: sticky white coating restore descending lung qi LI4 release the exterior and open water passages
Pulse: Floating-Slippery Open water passages BL12 and BL13 release the exterior and stimulate descending of lung qi
Ren9 open water passages, resolve edema
DU26 open water passages of upper burner.

Interior Conditions
Lung Heat Cough, slight breathlessness, feeling of heat. chest ache, Clear lung heat LU5 and LU10 clear lung heat Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang Ephedra-Prumus Gypsum Glycyrrhiza decoction
flaring of nostrils, thirst, red face Restore descending of Lung Qi LU7 restores descending of lung qi
Tongue: Red with yellow coating LI11 clears heat
Pulse: Overflowing-Rapid LU1 and BL13 clear Lung heat and restore the descending of Lung Qi.

Damp-Phlegm in the Lungs Chronic cough coming in bouts with profuse white sticky sputum that is easy to expectorate, Resolve Dampness and phlegm LU5 expel Phlegm from the Lungs Er chen Tang Two old Decoction
pasty-white complexion, phlegm in the throat, a feeling of oppression in the chest, shortness of breath, Restore descending of Lung qi LU7 restores the descending of Lung Qi, stop coughing
dislike of lying down, wheezing, nausea, a feeling of heaviness, and muzziness and dizziness of the head LU1 stops coughing, restore lung qi, resolve phlegm
Tongue: Swollen with a sticky white coating Ren17 restores the decending of Lung Qi
Pulse: Slippery or Soggy ST40 resolves phlegm
PC6 opens chest expels phlegm
Ren22 Expels phlegm from throat
Ren12 and BL20 tonify spleen to resolve phlegm
Ren9 stimulates spleen to transform damp and phlegm
BL13 restores descending of Lung Qi.

Cold Phlegm in the Lungs Cough with expectoration of white watery sputum, aggravated by exposure to cold, a feeling of cold. Resolve Phlegm LU5 Expels phlegm from Lungs She Gan Huang Tang Belamcanda-ephedra decoction
cold hands, phlegm in the throat, dizziness, a feeling of oppression of the chest, Expel cold LU7 restores descending Qi and stops cough Ling Gui zhu Gan Tang Poria Ramulus cinnamomi-atractylodis-gycyrrhiza decoction
a feeling of cold of the chest, a feeling of heaviness, and muzziness and dizziness of the head Warm Yang LU1 stops cough, resolves phlegm Ling gan Wu Wei Jiang xin tang
Tongue: Swollen and wet tongue with a sticky white coating Restore descending Lung qi Ren17 restores descending Lung Qi San Zi Yang Qin Tang
Pulse: Slippery-Slow ST40 resolves phlegm
PC6 open the chest, expel phelgm from chest
Ren22 expels phlegm from throat, stop cough
Ren12 and BL20 tonify spleen to resolve phlegm
Ren9 stimulates spleen to transform damp and phlegm
BL13 restore descending Lung qi
BL23 reinforce tonify kidney yang.

Phlegm heat in the Lungs Barking cough with profuse sticky yellow or green sputum, shortness of breath, wheezing. Resolve Phelgm Lu5 clear heat and phelgm from Lungs Wen Dan Tang Warming the Gall Bladder decoction
a feeling of oppression of the chest, phlegm in the throat, a feeling of heat, thirst, Clear heat LU7 restores the descending of Lung Qi and stops cough Qing Qi Hua tan Tang Clearing Qi and resolving p[hlegm decoction
insomnia, agitation, a feeling of heaviness and muzziness of the head, dizziness Stimulate descending Lung qi LU10 clears heat from lung
Tongue: Red, Swollen with a sticky yellow coating LI11 clears heat
Pulse: Slippery-Rapid LU1 restores the descending of Lung Qi and clear lung heat
BL13 clears Lung heat
Ren12 resolves phelgm
ST40 resolves phelgm.

Dry-Phlegm in the Lungs Dry cough but with occasional, difficult expectoration of scanty sputum, shortness of breath, Resolve Phlegm LU9 nourish Lung Yin Bei mu Gua lou San Fritillaria-Trichosanthes Powder
a feeling of oppression of the chest, scanty phlegm in the throat a feeling of heaviness Nourish Fluids LU7 and KD6 restore descending of Lung Qi, open Ren mai and nourish yin
and muzziness of the head, dizziness, dry throat, wheezing, pasty-dry complexion Nourish Lung Yin Ren12, ST36, SP6 Nourish fluids
Tongue: Swollen with a dry sticky coating Restore descending of Lung Qi ST40 resolves phlegm
Pulse: Fine-Slippery. BL13 and Ren17 restore descending of Lung Qi.

Phelgm fluids obstructing the Lungs Resolve phlegm LU5 clear phlegm from lungs Ling Gan wu Wei Jiang xin Tang
Cough with expectoration of white watery sputum, breathlessness, splashing sound in the chest, Tonify spleen, Lung and kidney Yang LU9 toifies Lung qi, resolves phlegm
vomiting of white watery frothy sputum, a feeling of oppression of the chest, Ren17 restores descending of Lung Qi
a feeling of heaviness and muzziness of the head, dizziness, a feeling of cold, BL13 restores descending of Lung Qi
coughing that may be elicited by a scare ST40 resolves phlegm
Tongue: Pale with thick sticky white coating BL43 tonifies Lung Qi, chronic conditions
Pulse: Fine-Slippery or Soggy or Wiry Ren 12 resolves phlegm
ST36 and BL20 tonify SP qi
Ren9 resolves phlegm by promoting the transform/transport of fluids
BL23 tonify KD yang.

Lung and heart Qi Deficency Slight shortness of breath, slight coughing, weak voice, dislike of speaking, Tonify Qi
bright-white complexion, propensity to catch colds, tiredness, palpitations, strengthen heart and Lungs LU9, LU7, BL13, DU12 tonify Lung Qi Si Jun Zi Tang 4 gentleman decotion with Huang qi
depression, spontaneous sweating, sighing calm the mind Ren 6 tonifies qi in general Bao yuan tang preserving the source decoction
Tongue: Pale ST36 and Ren 12 tonify Qi, earth is mother of metal Bu Fei tang tonify the lungs decoction
Pulse: Empty, especially on both Front positions Ht5, PC6, BL15 tonify heart qi Sheng mai San Generating the Pulse powder.
Ren17 tonify gathering qi.

Empty Spleen Patterns
Spleen Qi Deficiency Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, tiredness, weakness – limbs, Tonify spleen qi Ren 12 Tonifies SP qi Si jun Zi Tang Four gentleman decoction
lassitude, a desire to lie down, pale complexion, ST36 tonifes ST and SP
loose stools, a tendency to obesity SP3 Yuan source of SP
Tongue: Pale SP6 Tonifies SP qi
Pulse: Empty BL20 and BL21 treat chronic SP def.

Spleen Yang Deficiency Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, tiredness, tonify and warm SP Yang Ren 12 Tonifies SP qi Li Zhong Tang Regulate the center decoction
lassitude, desire to lie down curled up, pale complexion, ST36 tonifes ST and SP
weakness of the limbs, loose stools, a tendency to obesity, SP3 Yuan source of SP
feeling cold, cold limbs, edema SP6 Tonifies SP qi
Tongue: Pale and wet BL20 and BL21 treat chronic SP def.
Pulse: Deep-Weak SP9 resolve damp inlower burner
Ren 9 ren9,st28, bl22 stimulate spleen tor esolve fluids and edema

Spleen Qi Sinking Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, tiredness, Tonify spleen qi, Raise Qi Ren 12 Tonifies SP qi Bu Zhong Yi qi tang tonify the center and benefit qi decoction
lassitude, pale complexion, weakness of the limbs, loose stools. ST36 tonifes ST and SP
depression, tendency to obesity, a bearing-down sensation in the abdomen, SP3 Yuan source of SP
prolapse of stomach, uterus, anus or bladder, SP6 Tonifies SP qi
frequency and urgency of urination, menorrhagia BL20 and BL21 treat chronic SP def.
Tongue: Pale Du 20 raises qi
Pulse: Weak Ren6 tonify and raise qi (used in al prolapse)
ST21 tonify stomach, stomach prolapse
DU1 prolapse of anus.

Spleen Not Controlling the Blood Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating. Tonify SP Qi and stop bleeding Ren 12 Tonifies SP qi Gui Pi Tang Tonify the Spllen decoction
tiredness, lassitude, pale-sallow complexion, ST36 tonifes ST and SP
weakness of the limbs, loose stools, depression, SP3 Yuan source of SP
a tendency to obesity, blood spots under the skin, SP6 Tonifies SP qi
blood in the urine or stools, excessive uterine bleeding BL20 and BL21 treat chronic SP def.
Tongue: Pale SP10 strengthen SP function to hold blood and send back to vessels
BL17 tonify blood and stop bleeding
SP1 strengthen SP function to hold blood
Pulse: Weak or Fine. SP4 stop bleeing related to Spleen.

Spleen Blood Deficiency Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating. Tonify Spleen qi Ren12 Tonify SP Gui Pi Tang Tonify the Spleen decoction
tiredness, lassitude. dull-pale complexion, weakness of the limbs, nourish blood ST36, SP3, BL20, BL21 Tonify SP and ST
loose stools, depression, thin body, scanty periods or amenorrhoea, Ren4 nourish blood, esp. uterus
insomnia, joint ache BL17 w/moxa to nourish blood
Tongue: Pale, Thin and slightly dry
Pulse: Fine, rapid or rough.

Full Patterns
Cold Dampness Invading the Spleen Poor appetite, a feeling of fullness of the epigastrium Resolve Dampness SP9 resolves dampness from lower burner Ping Wei San Balance the Stomach powder
or abdomen, or both, a feeling of cold in the epigastrium Expel Cold SP6 and SP3 resolve dampness
that improves with the application of heat, Ren12 tonifies spleen and resolve damp
a feeling of heaviness of the head and body. ST8 Resolves dampness in the head, headaches from damp
a sweetish taste or absence of taste, no thirst. loose stools, BL22 resolves damp in lower burner
lassitude, tiredness. nausea, edema, BL20 tonifies the spleen
dull-white complexion, excessive white vaginal discharge Ren9 resolves damp in middle burner
Tongue: Pale with a sticky white coating ST28 resolves damp in lower burner and uterus.
Pulse: Slippery-Slow

Damp Heat Invading the Spleen A feeling of fullness of the epigastrium or Resolve damp, clear heat SP9 and SP6 resolve damp-heat in lower burner Lian Po Yin Coptis-Magnolia decoction
lower abdomen, or both, epigastric/abdominal pain, DU9 resolve damp heat
poor appetite, a feeling of heaviness, thirst LI11 clear heat and resolve dampness
but without a desire to drink, nausea, vomiting, BL20 tonifes the spleen
loose stools with an offensive odor, GB34 resolves damp-heat
a burning sensation in the anus, a feeling of heat, Ren9 stimulate transport/transform fluids
scanty dark urine, low-grade fever, Ren 11 and ST22 resolve damp in middle
dull headache with a feeling of heaviness of the head, ST28 and BL22 resolve dampness from lower burner
dull-yellow complexion like tangerine peel, yellow sclera of the eyes,
oily sweat, bitter taste, itchy skin or skin eruptions (papules or vesicles),
sweating that does not relieve the fever and does not lead to the clearing of heat
Tongue: Red with sticky yellow coating
Pulse: Slippery-Rapid.

Combined Patterns
Spleen and Heart Blood Deficiency Palpitations. dizziness, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, Nourish the blood HT7 nourish heart blood, clam mind Gui Pi Tang Tonify the Spleen decoction
poor memory, anxiety, propensity to be startled, dull-pale complexion. Tonify the heart PC6 tonify heart qi, calm mind
pale lips, tiredness, weak muscles, loose stools, poor appetite, scanty periods Tonify spleen Ren14 and Ren15 tonify heart blood, calm mind when anxiety
Tongue: Pale and Thin calm the mind Ren4, BL17, BL20 tonify blood, gather point for blood, back shu for spleen
Pulse: Choppy or Fine BL20, REN12, ST36, SP6 tonify spleen qi and blood

Spleen and Lung Qi Deficiency Poor appetite. slight abdominal distension after eating, Tonify Lung and spleen qi LU9 and BL13 tonify lung qi Si Jun Zi Tang 4 Gentleman decoction
tiredness, lassitude, pale complexion, weakness of the limbs, LU7 tonify lung qi, restore desending flow
loose stools, tendency to obesity, slight shortness of breath, Du12 tonify Lung chronic conditions
slight coughing, weak voice, spontaneous daytime sweating, Ren6 qi in general
dislike of speaking, propensity to catch colds, dislike of cold ST36, Ren12, SP3, SP6, BL20, BL21 tonify Spleen qi
Tongue: Pale
Pulse: Empty, especially on the right side

Spleen and Liver Blood Deficiency Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, Tonify Spleen Qi Liv8 and SP6 tonify liver blood Gui Pi Tang Tonify the Spleen decoction
tiredness. lassitude, dull-pale complexion. weakness of the limbs, Nourish Liver blood Ren4 nourish blood
loose stools, thin body, scanty periods or amenorrhoea, BL18 and BL23 nourish Liver blood
insomnia, dizziness, numbness of limbs, blurred vision. ST36, Ren12, SP3, SP6, BL20, BL21 tonify Spleen qi
Floaters in eyes, diminished night vision, pale lips, BL17 nourish blood /moxa
muscular weakness, cramps. withered and brittle nails.
dry hair and skin. slight depression, a feeling of aimlessness
Tongue: Pale body especially on the sides, which,
in extreme cases. can assume an orange color, and dry
Pulse: Choppy or Fine

Obstruction of Spleen by Dampness with Liver Qi Stagnation A feeling of oppression and fullness of the epigastrium, Resolve Damp Ren12 tonify spleen to resolve damp Ping wei San Balancing the Stomach powder
nausea, lack of appetite, loose stools, a feeling of heaviness, promote smooth flow Liver qi SP6, SP3, SP9 resolve damp Huo xiang Zheng qi san Agastache upright qi powder
dry mouth but without a desire to drink, sallow complexion, clear heat BL20 tonify spleen to resolve damp Yi Jia Jian Zheng qi First variation of upright qi powder
hypochondria! pain, bitter taste, sticky taste, Liv13 promote smooth flow of Liver qi, resolve damp in middle
epigastric and hypochondria! distension, irritability Liv14 promotes the smooth flow ofLiver qi
Tongue: thick sticky yellow coating GB24 promotes the smooth flow of Liver qi and bile
Pulse: Slippery-Wiry GB34 promote smooth flow liver qi in middle
Liv3 promote smooth flow liver qi
ST19 eliminates dampness from middle burner

Empty Patterns
Kidney Yang Deficiency Lower backache, dizziness. tinnitus, cold and weak knees, Tonify and Warm kidneys BL23 Tonifeis kidney yang You Gui Wan restore the right kidney pill
a sensation of cold in the lower back, a feeling of cold, strengthen ming men Du4 moxa ming men to strengthen Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan Golden chest kidney qi pill
weak legs. bright-white complexion, tiredness, lassitude, Ren4 moxa- tonify Kidney yang and original qi
abundant clear urination, urination at night, apathy, Ren6 moxa, tonify kidney yang
edema of the legs, infertility in women, loose stools, KD3 tonifies Kidneys
depression, impotence, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, KD7 tonifies kidney yang
cold and thin sperm, decreased libido BL52 tonifies kidney will power
Tongue: Pale and wet Jinggong tonifies kindey kidney yang and warms essence
Pulse: Deep-Weak

Kidney Yin Deficiency Dizziness, tinnitus. vertigo, poor memory, Nourish Kidney Yin Ren4 tonify kidney yin and essence Zuo Gui Wan restore the left kidney pill
hardness of hearing, night sweating, dry mouth and throat at night, KD3 tonified Kidneys Liu Wei Di Huang Wan 6 ingrediate pill
lower backache, ache in bones, nocturnal emissions, KD6 tonify kidney yin and benefits throat
constipation. dark scanty urine, KD10 tonify kidney yin
premature ejaculation, tiredness, KD9 tonify kidney yin
lassitude, depression, slight anxiety SP6 tonify liver, kidney yin, calm mind
Tongue: normal colored without coating Ren7 nourished yin
Pulse: Floating-Empty. Lu7 and KD6 open conception vesel, nourish kidney yin.

Kidney Qi Not Firm Soreness and weakness of the lower back, weak knees, Reinforce and Stabalize Kidney qi BL23 tonify Kidney-yang and firm Qi You Gui Wan Restore the Right kidney pill
clear frequent urination, weak-stream urination, raise qi, tonify Kidney Yang Du4 tonify Kidney-yang and fire at gate of life. Huang Qi Radix Astragali membranacei
abundant urination, dribbling after urination, KD3 tonifies the Kidney Jin Suo gu Jing Wan metal Lock consolidation essence Pill
incontinence of urine. enuresis, urination at night. BL52 tonifies Kidney yang and strengthen will Fu Tu Dan Poria-cuscuta Pill
nocturnal emissions without dreams, premature ejaculation, Ren4 w/moxa tonify kidney yang and original qi
spermatorrhoea, tiredness, a feeling of cold, cold limbs, Jinggong tonifies kidney yang and firms the Sperm Gate.
in women prolapse of the uterus, chronic white vaginal discharge, Ren6 tonifies and firms Qi
a dragging-down feeling in the lower abdomen, recurrent miscarriage DU20 raises sinking Qi
Tongue: Pale KD13 strengthen sperm gate and tonify kidneys
Pulse: Deep-Weak especially in the Rear positions. BL23 firms Qi in sex organs

Kidneys Failing to Receive Qi Shortness of breath on exertion, rapid and weak breathing, Tonify and warm kidneys KD7 strengthen receiving of qi You Gui Wan Restore the Right kidney pill
difficulty in inhaling, chronic cough and/or asthma, stimulate the kidneys receiving Qi KD3 tonifies the kidneys Dong chong Xia Cao Sclerotium Cordicipitis chinensis
spontaneous sweating, cold limbs, cold limbs after sweating, stimulate the descending of Lung Qi LU7 and KD6 conception vessel openers Wu Wei Zi Fructus Schisandrae
swelling of the face, thin body, mental ST36 tonifies qi in general Shen Ge San Ginseng Gecko powder
clear urination during asthma attack, lower backache, BL23 and Du4 tonifies kidney Yang Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang Perilla-seed subduing qi decoction
dizziness, tinnitus Ren6 tonifies kidney yang, draw qi to abdomen
Tongue: Pale Ren17 tonifies qi and stimulates descending of lung qi
Pulse: Deep-Weak-Tight. KD25 chest point of KD channel, stimulate reception of qi
Du12 and BL13 tonify Lung qi
Ren4 and KD13 tonify the kidneys, strengthen reception of qi.

Kidney Essence Deficiency In children: poor bone development, Nourish the essence KD3 tonify kidney yin and essence Zuo Gui Wan restore the left kidney pill
late closure of fontanelle, deafness, tonify kidneys KD6 tonifies Kidney yin
mental dullness or retardation Ren4 and KD13 tonifies the essence
In adults: softening of BL23 tonifies the kidneys
weakness of knees and legs, poor memory, Du4 tonifies yang aspect of essence
loose teeth, falling hair or premature greying of GB39 tonifies bone marrow
weakness of sexual activity, lower back, Du20 stimulates marrow to fill the brain
infertility, sterility, primary amenor- rhoea, DU14 stimulates marrow to reach the brain
dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, blurred vision, BL15 tonify heart to house the mind, tonify brain
absentmindedness, decreased mental sharpness BL11 nourish the bones
Tongue: w/o coat (yin def.), pale (yang def) DU17 and Du16 Sea of Marrow point, Brain
Pulse: Floating-Empty or Leather.

Empty-Full Patterns
Kidney Yang Deficiency/Water Overflowing Edema especially of the legs and ankles, a cold feeling in legs and back, Tonify and Warm kidneys Du4 strengthen fire at gate of life jin Gu Shen qi Wan Golden chest kidney pill
fullness and distension of abdomen. soreness of the lower back, transform water BL23 tonifies kidney yang Wu Ling San Five ‘Ling’ power
a feeling of cold, scanty clear urination warm and tonify spleen yang BL22 stimulates the transformation of fluids in lower burner
Water overflowing to the Heart: palpitations, BL20 tonifies spleen yang
breathlessness, cold hands Ren9 promotes transformation of fluids
Water overflowing to the Lungs: thin watery frothy sputum, ST28 stimulates the transformation of fluids in lower burner
cough, asthma and breathlessness on exertion. SP9 and SP6 resolve dampness from the lower burner
Tongue: Pale, Swollen and wet with a white coating KD7 tonify kidney yang and resolves edema
Pulse: Deep-Weak-Slow. DU14 moxa for heart yang
BL15 moxa for heart yang
LU7 stimulates heart function dominating water passage
BL13 and DU12 tonify Lung qi

Combined Patterns
Kidney Yin Deficiency/Empty Heat Fire Blazing Malar flush. mental restlessness, insomnia. night sweating, Nourish kidney yin KD3 tonifies kidneys Liu Wei di Huang Wan Six ingrediant Rehmannia pil
low-grade fever, afternoon fever, five-palm heat. clear-empty heat KD6 and KD10 nourish Kidney Yin Di Gu Pi Cortex lycii radicis and Zhi Mu
a feeling of heat in the afternoon/evening, scanty dark urine, calm mind KD9 tonifes Kidney yin and calm mind Zhi mu
blood in the urine, dry throat especially at night, Ren4 tonifies kidney-yin and calms mind
thirst with desire to drink in small sips, dizziness, KI2 clear empty-heat from kidneys
tinnitus, hardness of hearing, lower backache, nocturnal SP6 tonifies kidney yin and calms mind
emissions with dreams, excessive sexual desire, dry stools HE5 and LU7 keep heat down away from head (calm mind)

Kidney and Liver Yin Deficiency Dizziness, tinnitus, hardness of hearing, lower backache, Nourish liver and kidney yin KD3 Tonifies the kidneys
dull occipital or vertical headache, insomnia, numbness or KD6 Tonifie Kidney Yin
tingling of limbs, dry eyes, blurred vision, dry throat, Liv8 tonifies Liver blood and liver yin
dry hair and skin, brittle nails, dry vagina, night sweating, Ren4 tonifies kidney yin, liver yin, kidney essence
dry stools, nocturnal emissions, scanty menstruation or BL23 tonifies kidneys in chronic conditions
amenorrhoea, delayed cycle, infertility KD13 nourish kidney yin
Tongue: normal colored without coating or with rootless coating SP6 nourish liver and kidney yin
Pulse: Floating-Empty. BL10 occipital headache

Kidneys and Heart Not Harmonized Palpitations, mental restlessness, insomnia. dream- Nourish Kidney and heart yin HT7 calms mind Tian Wang bu Xin Dan Heavenly emporer tonifying the heart pill
disturbed sleep, anxiety. poor memory, dizziness, clear heart empty heat HT6 clears empty heat, nourishes heart yin
tinnitus, hardness of hearing, lower backache, calm the mind HT5 clears heart empty-heat conducts heat away from head
nocturnal emissions with dreams, a feeling of heat in the evening. yintang calm mind
dry throat at night, thirst with a desire to drink in small sips, BL15 clear heart heat
night sweating, five-palm heat. scanty dark urine, dry stools Ren15 calm mind, nourish heart yin
Tongue: Red with redder tip without coating, midline Heart crack Du24 calms the mind
Pulse: Floating-Empty and Rapid or Deep-Weak on both Rear positions KD3, KD9, KD10 tonify kidney yin, essence and conduct heat down
and relatively Overflowing on both Front positions. Ren4 nourish kidney yin and kidney essence, conduct heat down
SP6 nourish yin and calm mind

Kidney and Lung Yin Deficiency Dry cough that is worse in the evening, dry throat and mouth, Nourish Lung and Kidney Yin KD3 tonifies kidney yin Ba xian Chang Shou Wan Eight Immortals Longevity Pill
thin body, breathlessness on exertion. lower backache, Nourish Body Fluids LU7 and KD6 open directing/conception vessel, tonify kidney and lung
night sweating. dizziness, tinnitus, hardness of hearing, Ren4 and KD13 nourish kidney yin and Essence
scanty urination LU9 Nourishes Lung yin
Tongue: normal colored without coating or with rootless coating LU1 Nourishes lung Yin, descending of Lung Qi,stop cough
Pulse: Floating-Empty. SP6 nourish kidney yin andpromote fluids
BL43 tonifies Lung yin

Kidney and Spleen Yang Deficiency Lower backache, cold and weak knees, Tonify and warm spleen and kidney yang BL23 tonifies kidney yang Li Zhong wan Regulate the center pill
a sensation of cold in the back, a feeling of cold, DU4 stengthen fire gate of life Shen Qi wan Golden Chest Qi pill
weak legs, bright- white complexion, impotence, Ren4 tonifies kidney yang
premature ejaculation, low sperm count, Ren6 tonifies qi in General and Yang
cold and thin sperm, decreased libido, tiredness, KD3 toifies Kidneys
lassitude, abundant clear urination, scanty clear urination, KD7 tonifies Kidney yang and resolves Edema
urination at night, apathy, edema of the legs, infertility in women, BL52 and jinggong Tonify Kidney yang
loose stools. depression, poor appetite, slight abdominal Ren12, ST36, SP3 tonify spleen yang
distension, a desire to lie down, BL20 and BL21 tonify spleen yang
early-morning diarrhea, chronic diarrhea Ren9 promotes transformation and transportation of fluids to resolve damp
Tongue: Pale and wet ST37 lower He sea pointofLI
Pulse: Deep-Weak. ST25 stops diarrhea
BL25 Back Shu of LI, stops diarhea

Damp Heat in the Bladder Frequent and urgent urination, burning on urination, Resolve damp SP9 and SP6 resolves dampness from lower burner Ba Zheng San Eight upright powder
difficult urination, dark-yellow/turbid urine, blood in the urine, Clear Heat BL22 stimulate transportation of water n lower, open water passage
fever, thirst but with no desire to drink, Open the water passages of lower burner BL28 back shu of bladder, clears heat from BL
hypogastric fullness and pain, a feeling of heat Ren3 Front Collecting of BL, Clears heat
Tongue: thick sticky yellow coating on the root with red spots BL63 accumulation point of Bladder, stop painful urination
Pulse: Slippery-Rapid and slightly Wiry on the left Rear position. BL66 clears heat from Bladder
ST28 promotes transformation for fludis in lower burner, resolve damp in bladder

Damp Cold in the Bladder Frequent and urgent urination, difficult urination, Resolve damp SP9 removedamp from lower burner Ba Zheng San Eight upright powder
a feeling of heaviness in hypogastrium and urethra, expel cold BL22 open lower burner waterpassages Shi Wei San Eight upright powder
pale and turbid urine remove obstructions from lower burner Ren3 and BL28 Front Mu BL, back shu BL
Tongue: white sticky coating on root water passages ST28 resolves dampness fromlower burner
Pulse: Slippery-Slow and slightly Wiry on left Rear position. Ren9 resolves dampness ingeneral

Bladder Deficient and Cold Frequent pale abundant urination, incontinence, Tonify and warm bladder BL23 and Du4 moxa tonify kidney yangand bladder Suo Quan Wan Contracted the spring pill
enuresis, lower backache, dizziness, nocturia, and kidney yang BL28 tonifies the bladder Sang Piao Xiao San Ootheca Mantidis Pill
white urethral discharge, a feeling of cold Ren4 w/moxa stengthen Qi and Yang in lower. Tu Si zi Wan Cuscuta pill
Tongue: Pale, wet Ren3 Front Mu of BL, tonifies
Pulse: Deep-Weak Ren6 tonifies qi in ower burner
Du20 tonifes and lifts Qi especially for enuresis or incontience.

Stomach Empty Patterns Tonify stomach qi
Stomach Qi Deficency Discomfort in Epigastrium, tiredness, weak limbs, lack of appetite ST36 tonify stomach qi moxa for greater effect. Si Jun Zi Tang Four Gentleman decoction
pulse empty in rt. middle Ren12 tonify ST and SP qi
tongue is pale. BL21 tonifies ST Qi, especially tiredness
Ren 6 tonifes Qi in general.

Stomach Deficiency and Cold Discomfort or dull pain in the epigastrium, Tonify and warm ST and SP Qi ST36 tonify stomach qi moxa for greater effect. Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang Astragalus Strengthening the center Decoction
better after eating and better with pressure or massage, Ren12 tonify ST and SP qi Xiao jian Zhong Tang Small strengthening the center decoction
no appetite, preference for warm drinks and foods, BL21 tonifies ST Qi, especially tiredness
vomiting of clear liquid, lack of thirst, Ren 6 tonifes Qi in general. ginger Moxa.
cold and weak limbs, tiredness, pale complexion BL20 tonify Spleen Qi
Tongue: Pale and wet
Pulse: Deep-Weak-Slow, especially on the right Middle position.

Stomach Yin Deficiency No appetite or slight hunger but with no desire to eat, constipation Nourish ST yin and fluids ST36 tonify stomach yin Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang Glehnia Ophiopogan Decoction
(dry stools), dull or slightly burning epigastric pain, Ren12 tonify ST Yin Shen Ling Bai Zhu Ginseng Poria Atractylodes powder.
dry mouth and throat especially in the afternoon with SP6 tonify ST yin and fluids
a desire to drink in small sips, a slight feeling of SP3 nourish fluids
fullness after eating
Tongue: without coating in the center, or with rootless coating, normal body color
Pulse: Floating-Empty on the right Middle position.

Stomach Qi Stagnation Epigastric pain and distension. belching, Move St qi, eliminate stagnation ST34 accumulation point of ST, moves Qi Chen xiang Jiang San Auilaria Subduing Qi powder
nausea, vomiting, hiccup, irritability restore descending of ST Qi ST21 and ST19 restores Descending of Stomach qi Ban xia hou Corporeal soul tang Pinellia-magnolia decoction
Tongue: no particular signs on the tongue KD21 chong mai point, restores desc. ST qi and middle burner stagnation Zuo Jin wen Left metal pill
except that in severe cases it may be Red TB6 moves qi, middle burner
on the sides in the central section PC6 restores desc. qi,calm mind
Pulse: Wiry on the right Middle position. SP4 open chong mei with PC6 to move qi
GB34, Ren12 eliminate middle burner stagnation
ST40 moves Stomach Qi, restores desc. and calm mind.

Stomach Fire (Phlegm fire) Burning epigastric pain, intense thirst Drain fire ST44 clear stomach heat Tiao wei cheng qi Tang Regulating the Stomach conducting Qi decoction
with a desire to drink cold liquids, Stimulate descending of Stomach qi ST34 accumulation point of stomach, full conditions, bleeding gums Qing Wei san clearing the stomach powder
mental restlessness, bleeding gums, ST21 clear Stomach heat, stimulate desending qi Liang Ge san Cooling the diaphragm powder
dry stools, dry mouth, mouth ulcers, Ren12 andRen13 subdue rebellious Stomach Qi
sour regurgitation, nausea, vomiting LI 11 clears heat in general
soon after eating, excessive hunger, LI 4 clears Stomach heat
foul breath. a feeling of heat Ren 11 clears Stomach heat
Tongue: Red in the center with a dry yellow SP15 stimulates bowel movement, constipation
or dark-yellow (or even black) coating.
Pulse: Rapid and slightly Overflowing
on the right Middle position.

Cold Invading the Stomach Sudden severe pain in the epigastrium, a feeling of cold, Expel cold ST21 expels Stomach cold if used with moxa after needling Liang Fu Wan Alpania-cyperus pill
cold limbs, preference for warmth, vomiting of clear Warm the Stomach SP4 expels Stomach cold, stimulates the descending of Stomach Qi
fluids (which may alleviate the pain), nausea, Stimulate descending of qi. Ren13 subdues rebellious stomach qi
feeling worse after swallowing cold fluids, ST34 clear obstructions fromstomach and stop pain
which are quickly vomited, preference for warm liquids
Tongue: thick white coating
Pulse: Deep-Tight-Slow.

Stomach Qi Rebelling Upwards Nausea, difficulty in swallowing, belching, vomiting, hiccup. Subdue Rebellious Qi Ren13 Subdues rebellious stomach qi Ding xiang Shi Di tang Caryphyllum-diospyros decoction
Tongue: no changes Stimulate descending of Stomach qi Ren 10 stimulates the descending of stomach qi Huo xiang Zheng Qi San Agastaches-upright qi powder
Pulse: Tight or Wiry on the right Middle position. PC6 and SP4 stimulate descending of stomach qi Ban Xia Hou Corpreal soul tang
ST21 and ST19 descending of stomach qi

Damp Heat in the Stomach A feeling of fullness and pain of the epigastrium, Resolve damp ST 44 clear stomach heat Lian Po Yin Coptis-Magnolia decoction
a feeling of heaviness, facial pain, blocked nose or clear heat ST 34 accumulation point for full conditions
thick sticky nasal discharge, thirst without a desire to drink. restore descending of Stomach Qi ST 21 restores descending of stomach qi
nausea, a feeling of heat, dull-yellow complexion, a sticky taste REN 12 tonifies spleento resolve dampness
Tongue: Red with sticky yellow coating. Ren13 subdues rebellious stomach qi
Pulse: Slippery-Rapid. LI 11 clears heat
LI4 clears stomach heat restore descending of stomach qi
Ren11 and ST25 clear stomach heat
ST40 restores the descending of Stomach qi
SP9 resolves dampness
Ren9 promotes transformation of fluids to resolve dampness

Retention of Food in the Stomach Fullness, pain and distension of the epigastrium Resolve the descending of food Ren13 subdue rebellious stomach qi Bao he Wan Preserving and Harmonizing Pill
that are relieved by vomiting, nausea, vomiting of sour fluids. stimulate the descending of stomach qi Ren10 stimulates the descendingof stomach qi
foul breath, sour regurgitation, belching, insomnia, ST21 stimulates descendingof stomach qi and stagnant food
loose stools or constipation, poor appetite. ST44 resolves stagnant food and clears heat
Tongue: thick coating (which could be white or yellow). ST45 resolves stagnant food and calms mind
Pulse: Slippery-Full. SP4 resolves stagnant food
PC6 stimulates descending of stomach qi
ST40 restores descending stomach qi
ST19 and KD21 restores descending of stomach qi and stagnant food
Ren12 resolves retention of food

Blood Stasis in the Stomach Severe, stabbing epigastric pain that may be worse at night, Invigorate blood ST34 accumulation point, moves qi and blood Shi Xiao San Breaking into a smile powder
dislike of pressure, nausea, vomiting, possibly vomiting of blood. Eliminate stasis ST21 and ST19 restores the descending of stomach qi Dan shen Yin Salvia decoction
vomiting of food looking like coffee grounds. Stimulate descending qi KD21 invigorates blood via chong mai Ge xia zhu Yu Tang Eliminating Stasis below the diaphragm decoction
Tongue: Purple. Pulse:Wiry. TB6 moves qi in middle jiao Tong You Tang Penetrating the Depth decoction
PC6 invigorates blood and descending stomach qi
SP 4 and PC6 open chong mai
GB34 and Ren12 move qi in middle
BL17 and SP10 invigorate blood
LI4 and Ren11 restore the descending of stomach qi

Stomach and Spleen Qi Deficiency Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, tonify stomach and spleen qi Ren12, ST36, SP3, SP6 tonify stomach and spleen Si jun Zi tang Gentlemen Decoctions
tiredness, lassitude, pale complexion, weakness of the limbs, BL20 tonifies spleen in chronic conditions Shen Ling Baizhu San Ginseng Poria Atractylodes powder
loose stools, uncomfortable feeling in the epigastrium, BL21 tonifies the stomach for chronic conditions
lack of taste sensation Ren6 tonifies Qi in general
Tongue: Pale.
Pulse: Empty, especially on the right middle position.

Organ disharmony symptoms/signs Principle Treatment Acupoints Action Herbal formula Translation of formula
Small Intestine Qi Def. Pain Lower abdominal twisting pain, which may extend to back, abdominal distension, Move SI Qi Ren 6 and GB34 moves Qi in lower burner and relieves pain Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang Burpleurum soothing liver decoction
dislike of pressure on abdomen. borborygmi, flatulence, Promote smooth flow of Liver Qi Liv13 harmonizes liver and spleen
abdominal pain relieved by emission of wind, pain in the testis ST27 and ST29 move Qi in lower abs, stimulate SI functions, stop ab pain
Tongue: white coating. SP6 stop ab pain
Pulse: Deep-Wiry, especially on the Rear positions. Liv3 relieve stagnation of Liv. qi
ST39 Lower He Sea of SI to stop ab pain

Full Heat in the Small Intestine Mental restlessness, insomnia, tongue/mouth ulcers, Drain Heart fire SI2 clears heat from SI Dao Chi San Eliminating Redness powder
pain in the throat, deafness, an uncomfortable feeling and SI fire SI5 clears heat, clams mind, mental clarity Dao Chi Qing Xin Eliminate redness and Clear the heat decoction
and heat sensation in the chest, abdominal pain, HT5, HT8 drain heart fire
thirst with a desire to drink cold liquids, ST39 Lower He Sea point SI, stops abdominal pain
scanty and dark urine, burning pain on urination, blood in urine
Tongue: Red and swollen tip, yellow coating.

Small Intestine Qi Tied Severe abdominal pain, dislike of pressure, Remove Obstruction from lower burner St39 stops abdominal pain and moves intestinal Qi Zhi Shi Dao Wan Citrus Eliminating Stagnation pill
abdominal distension, constipation, vomiting, move qi of small intestines Lanweixue appendix point between ST36 and ST37
borborygmi, flatulence Ren6 and GB34 stop abdominal pain
Tongue: thick white coating ST25 stop abdominal pain
Pulse: Deep, Wiry. SP6 stop abdominal pain

Infestation of Worms in the Small Intestine Abdominal pain and distension, bad taste in mouth, sallow complexion. Herbs to remove Worm No acupunture Li Zhong An Hui Tang Regulate the center and calm roundworms decoction
Roundworms (ascarid): abdominal pain, vomiting of round worms, cold limbs. Lian Mei An Hui Tang Picrorhiza-Mume decoction
Hookworms: desire to eat strange objects such as soil, wax, uncooked rice or tea leaves. Hua Chong Wan Dissolving parasites pill
Pinworms: itchy anus, worse in the evening. Tapeworms: constant hunger Qu Tiao Tang Expelling Tapeworms decoction

Empty Pattern
Small Intestine Deficient Cold Dull abdominal pain alleviated by pressure. a desire for hot drinks, Expel Cold Ren6 w/moxa on ginger for empty cold of intestines Xiao Jian zhong Tang Small strengthening the center decoction
borborygmi, diarrhea, pale and abundant urination, cold limbs Warm Intestines ST25 stops diarrhea, alleviates ab pain Shen Ling Bai Zhu San Ginseng-Poria-Atractylodes powder
Tongue: Pale body, white coating Tonify spleen yang ST39 lower He-sea point of SI, stop ab pain
Pulse: Deep-Weak-Slow. ST36 w/moxa tonifes Yang and expels cold
BL20 tonifies Spleen yang
BL27 Back shu of SI, expels cold from SI

Full patterns
Damp-Heat in the Large Intestine Abdominal pain that is not relieved by a bowel movement, Clear heat SP9 and SP6 resolve damp in lower burner Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang Pueraria-Scutellaria-Coptis decoction
abdominal fullness, diarrhea, mucus and blood in stools, Resolve Damp Ren3 and BL22 resolve damp from lower burner Bai Tou Wen Tang Pulsatilla decoction
offensive odor of stools, burning in the anus, scanty-dark urine, Stop diarrhea ST25 front Mu of LI, stops diarrhea Shao yao Tang Paeonia Decoction
fever, sweating that does not decrease the fever, a feeling of heat, ST27 stop abdominal pain
thirst without a desire to drink, a feeling of heaviness of the body and limbs Ren6 moves qi in lower ab to resolve damp
Tongue: Red with sticky yellow coating. BL25 clear heat from LI
Pulse: Slippery-Rapid. LI11 clears heat
Ren12 and BL20 tonify spleen to resolve damp
ST37 lower he sea point of LI, stops diarrhea
SP10 stops bleeding

Heat in the Large Intestine Constipation with dry stools, a burning sensation in the mouth, Clear heat in LI and ST ST25 and BL25 Front Mu and Back Shu of LI clear heat Ma Zi Ren Wan Cannabis pill
dry tongue, burning and swelling in anus, scanty dark urine promote body fluids LI11 clears heat in LI
Tongue: thick yellow (or brown or black) dry coating ST37 Lower He sea of LI, clears heat in LI
Pulse: Full-Rapid ST44 clears ST heat
LI2 clears heat in LI
SP6, KD6, Ren12 Promote body fluids

Heat Obstructing the Large Intestine Constipation, burning in anus, abdominal distension and pain Clear heat in Stomach and LI LI11 clear heat in LI Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang Regulating the Stomach, conducting Qi decoction
that are worse with pressure, high fever or tidal fever promote bowel movement LI4 clear LI heat and promote bowel movement
(fever that rises in the afternoon), sweating especially on limbs, SP15 promote bowel movement
vomiting, thirst, delirium TB6 clear heat in intestines, promote bowel movement
Tongue: thick dry yellow (or brown-black) coating, Red body. SP6 nourish yin and stop ab pain
Pulse: Deep-Full. LI2 clears LI heat
ST44 clears ST heat
ST25 and BL25 clear LI heat

Cold invading the Large Intestine Sudden. cramping abdominal pain, diarrhoea with pain, Expel Cold from LI ST37 Lower he Sea of Li, stops disarrhea and pain Liang fu wan Alphinia cyperus pill
a feeling of cold. a cold sensation in abdomen Warm lower burner ST25 Front Mu of LI, stops diarrhea and pain Zheng Qi tian Xiang San Upringht Qi heavenly fragrance powder
Tongue: thick white coating ST36 w/moxa on needle expel cold from LI
Pulse: Deep-Tight SP6 calms abdominal pain
Liv3 moves qi in Lower burner, calms spasms
ST27 expel cold from LI

Qi Stagnation in LI Abdominal distention Move Qi in LI Ren 6 and GB34 Move qi in lower ab Chai Hu Shu Gan tang Bupleurum soothing liver decoction
Pain with bitty stools ST25 move qi in LI
tongue: red on sides SP15 move Qi in LI, promotes bowel movement
Pulse: wiry rear positions ST37 lower he sea pont of LI, regulates Qi of LI
SP6 stops abdominal bleeding
BL25 moves Qi in LI

Large Intestine Dryness Dry stools that are difficult to discharge, Promote fluids in LI ST36 Promotes fluids in ST and LI Zeng Ye Tang increase fluids decoction
dry mouth and throat, thin body, foul breath, dizziness SP6 and Ren4 tonify Yin and promote fluids Qing Zao Run chang Tang Clearing dryness and moistening Intestines decoction
Tongue: dry, either Pale or Red body with rootless coating. KD6 tonifies Yin, promotes fluids, moisten stool Wu Ren Wan 5 seeds pill
Pulse: Fine. ST25 moisten intestines Tian di Jian heaven and earth decoction
SP15 moisten stool treats constipation Si Wu Ma zi Ren wan 4 substancecannabis pill
Ma Zi Ren Wan Cannabis Pill

Large Intestine Cold Loose stools like duck droppings. dull abdominal pain, Tonify and warm LI and SP ST25 stops diarrhea and pain Liang fu Wan Alpinia cyperus Pill
borborygmi, pale urine, cold limbs Ren6 tonifies qi and stops chronic dairrhea
Tongue: Pale. ST36 tonifies SP qi
Pulse: Deep-Weak. ST37 stops chronic diarrhea
BL25 Back Shu, tonifies and stops diarrhea
BL20 tonfies SP Qi

Collapse of the Large Intestine Chronic diarrhoea, prolaps, haemorrhoids, tired- ness Tonify ST/SP and raise Qi Ren6 tonifes and raises Qi Bu Zhong Yi qi Tang Tonifying the center benefitting qi decoction
after bowel movements, ST25 tonifes LI and stops diarrhea
cold limbs, no appetite, mental exhaustion, ST36 tonifies ST/SP Qi
desire to drink warm liquids, desire to have the abdomen massaged SP3 tonifies SP Qi
Tongue: Pale._x000B_Pulse: Deep-Fine-Weak. BL20 and BL21 tonify SP and ST
Du 20 w/moxa raises Qi and used fro prolapse


Shan Han Lun Patterns Symptoms Treatment Acupoints Herbal formula
Tai Yang (Greater Yang) Release the Exterior BL12 (Fengmen) with cupping Gui Zhi tang (Ramulus cinnamomi Decoction)
Wind Attack Zhong Feng (Attack of Wind) Expel wind-cold LU7 (Lieque)
Sweating, aversion to wind Restore diffusing Lung Qi LI4 (Hegu)
Pulse: floating and moderate Harmonize nutritive and defensive Qi GB20 (Fengchi)
TB5 (Waiguan)
ST36 (Zusanli)
DU16 (Fengfu).

Tai Yang (Greater Yang) Release the Exterior BL12 (Fengmen) with cupping Ma Huang Tang (Ephedra decoction)
Cold Attack Shang Han (Attack of Cold) Expel wind-cold LU7 (Lieque)
No sweating, aversion to cold Restore diffusing and descending Lung Qi LI4 (Hegu)
Pulse: Floating, Tight GB20 (Fengchi)
Stiff neck, headache, fever. TB5 (Waiguan)
ST36 (Zusanli)
DU16 (Fengfu).

Tai Yang (Greater Yang) Release the Exterior Ren9 (Shuifen) Wu Ling San (Five Ling powder)
Accumulation of Water Aversion to cold, retention of urine, slight thirst promote bladder funcion of qi transformation Ren3 (Zhongji)
vomiting of fluids after drinking, promote excretion of fluids ST28 (Shuidao)
floating-rapid pulse LU7 (Lieque)
BL22 (Sanjiaoshu)
BL39 (Weiyang)
BL64 (Jinggu).

Tai Yang (Greater Yang) Invigorate blood Ren3 (Zhongji) Tao He chengqi Tang (Persica Conducting Qi decoction)
Accumulation of Blood Hypogastric distention, fullness and urgency eliminate stasis from lower burner KD14 (Siman)
blood in urine, mental restlessness clear heat from bladder ST28 (Shuidao)
reddish-purple tongue no coating BL39 (Weiyang)
deep-fine-rapid pulse or deep choppy. BL22 (Sanjiaoshu)
SP10 (Xuehai)
Liv3 (Taichong)
SP6 (Sanyinjiao).

Yang Ming
Bright Yang channel pattern High fever, profuse sweating, intense thirst, Clear Stomach Heat LI11 (Quchi) Bai Hu Tang (White Tiger decoction)
red face. feeling of heat, irritability, delirium DU14 (Dazhui)
Red tongue with yellow coating PC3 (Quze)
Overflowing-Rapid or Big-Rapid pulse ST44 (Neiting)
ST43 (Xiangu).

Yang Ming Drain fire frm Stomach and intestines LI11 (Quchi) Tiao Wei cheng qi Tang
Bright Yang Organ pattern High fever that is worse in the afternoon, profuse sweating, move it downward DU14 (Dazhui) (Regulating the Stomach conducting Qi decoction)
sweating on limbs, abdominal fullness and pain, constipation, PC3 (Quze)
dry stools, thirst, dark urine ST44 (Neiting)
Red tongue with thick dry yellow coating ST43 (Xiangu)
Deep-Full-Slippery-Rapid pulse ST25 (Tianshu)
SP15 (Daheng)
ST37 (Shangjuxu)
SP6 (Sanyinjiao).

Shao Yang Harmonize Lesser Yang TB5 (Waiguan) Xiao Chai Hu (Small bupleurum decoction)
Lesser Yang stage Half Exterior Half Interior TB6 (Zhigou)
Alternation of hot and cold sensations, bitter taste, GB41 (Zulinqi)
dry throat. blurred vision, hypochondria!fullness and distension,
lack of desire to eat or drink, irritability, nausea, vomiting
Tongue: thin white coating
Wiry-Fine pulse DU13 (Taodao).

Tai Yin Tonify spleen yang, expel cold Ren12 (Zhongwan) Li zhong Tang (Regulating the Center decoction)
Greater Yin stage Abdominal fullness, a feeling of cold, vomiting, lack of appetite, BL20 (Pishu)
diarrhea, absence of thirst, tiredness ST36 (Zusanli)
Pale tongue with sticky white coating ST25 (Tianshu)
Deep-Weak-Slow pulse SP6 (Sanyinjiao)
Due to internal cold or improper treatment of Tai Yang Pattern. moxa is applicable.

Shao Yin Tonify Kidney yang and expel cold BL23 (Shenshu) Si Ni Tang (four Rebellious decoction)
Lesser yin stage Ren4 (guanyuan)
Cold Transformation Kidney and Heart Yang Deficiency Ren6 (Qihai)
Chills, lying with body curled. listlessness. desire to sleep, Ren8 (shenque)
cold limbs. Diarrhea, absence of thirst, frequent pale urination. KD7 (Fuliu)
Pale and wet tongue with white coating KD3 (Taixi)
Deep-Weak-Slow pulse moxa is applicable.

Shao yin Nourish Kidney Yin and clear empty heat Ren4 (guanyuan) Huang Lian E Jiao Tang (Coptis-colla Asini Decoction)
Heat Transformation Yin Deficiency with Yang Revolt Ren6 (Qihai)
A feeling of heat, irritability, insomnia, dry mouth and throat at night, KD3 (Taixi)
dark urine, night sweating. KD6 (Zhaohai)
Red tongue without coating SP6 (Sanyinjiao)
Fine-Rapid pulse.

Jue Yin
Terminal Yang stage Persistent thirst, a feeling of energy rising clear heat Above Liv3 (Taichong) WuMei Wan (Prunus Mume decoction)
to the chest, Expel cold below LI4 (Hegu)
pain and heat sensation in heart region, hunger harmonize liver channel SP4 (gongsun)
but no desire to eat, PC6 (Neiguan)
cold limbs, diarrhea, vomiting.
Wiry pulse.

Wen Bing Pattern

Wei Qi (Defensive Qi) Level Symptoms Treatment Acupoints Herbal formula
Wind-heat Fever, aversion to cold, headache, sore throat Release the exterior LI4 (Hegu) Yin qiao San (Lonicera-Forsythia decoction)
(Upper Burner) slight sweating, runny nose w/yellow discharge, swollen tonsils Expel wind-heat LI11 (Quchi) Sang Ju Yin (Morus-Chrysanthemum decoction)
body aches, slight thirst, tongue red in front/sides. Restore diffusing and descending of Lung qi TB5 (Waiguan)
floating rapid pulse DU14 (Dazhui)
BL12 (Fengmen)
LU11 (Shaoshang)
Summer heat Fever, aversion to cold, sweating, headache Release the exterior LI4 (Hegu) Qing Luo yin (Clearing the connection channels decoction)
feeling of heaviness, epigastrium uncomfortable, ititability, thirst expel summer heat LI11 (Quchi)
tongue-red in front or sticy white coating on sides clear heat TB5 (Waiguan)
soggy andrapid pulse promote fluids DU14 (Dazhui)
Du26 (Renzhong)
BL40 (Weizong)
PC9 (Zhongchong).

Damp-Heat Fever worse in Afternoon, body hot to touch Release the exterior LI4 (Hegu) Hou Xiang Zheng Qi San (Agastache Upright Qi Powder)
aversion to cold, swollen glands, headache. Heaviness feeling Resolve dampness LI11 (Quchi)
epigastric oppression, sticky taste, thirst no desire to drink Clear heat SP9 (Yinlingquan)
tongue- sticky white coating SP6 (Sanyinjiao)
soggy pulse Ren12 (Zhongwan)
Ren9 (Shuifen).

Dry heat Fever, slight aversion to cold, slight sweating, dry skin Release the exterior LI4 (Hegu) Xiang Su San (Prunus-Perilla Powder)
nose, mouth, throat, dry cough, sore thorat. clear heat LI11 (Quchi) Sang xing Tang (Morus-Prunus Decoction)
dry tongue, thin white coat promote fluids TB5 (Waiguan)
floating rapid pulse SP6 (Sanyinjiao)
LU9 (Taiyuan)
Ren12 (Zhongwan)
ST36 (Zusanli).

Qi Level Symptoms Treatment Acupoints Herbal formula

Lung Heat (chest and diaphram) High fever, feeling of heat, no aversion to cold, thirst Clear Qi LU5 (Chize) Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang (Ephedra-Prunus-gypsum-glycyrrhiza decoction)
(Upper burner) cough with thin yellow sputum, shortness of breath clear Lung-heat LU10 (Yuji) Xie Bai San (Draining the white powder)
sweating, resolve phlegm DU14 (Dazhui) Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang (Clearing Qi and resolving phlegm decoction)
Red tongue w/yellow coating descening of Lung qi LI11 (Quchi) Wu hu Tang (5 tigers decoction)
slippery rapid pulse LU1 (Zhongfu)
BL13 (Feishu).

Stomach heat High fever worse in afternoon, no aversion to cold Clear qi ST44 (neiting) Bai Hu Tang (White Tiger decoction)
feeling of heat, intense thirst, profuse sweating clear stomach heat ST34 (Liangqui)
red tongue yellow coating ST21(Liangmen)
overflowing rapid pulse ST43 (Xiangu)
LI11 (Quchi)
ST25 (Tianshu).

Intestines Dry-heat high fever, higher in afternoon, constipation, dry stool, Drain fire LI11 (Quchi) Tiao Wei cheng Qi tang (Regulating the Stomach conducting Qi decoction)
burning anus, abdominal fullness/pain, irritability, delerium, clear the stomach and intestines ST25 (Tianshu)
red tongue with /thick yellow dry coating, move downward SP15 (Daheng)
deep-full- ST37 (Shangjuxu)
ST39 (Xiajuxu).

Gall Bladder heat Alternating hot and cold, feeling of prevelence of heat Harmonize the lesser yang (shao yang) GB34 (Yanglingquan) Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang (Artemisia-Scutellaria clearing gall bladder decoction
bitter taste, thirst, dry throat, hypochondrial pain, nausea clear gall bladder heat GB43 (Xiaxi)
feeling of fullness in epigastrium TB6 (Zhigou)
Red tongue with unilateral stichy yellow coat TB5 (Waiguan)
Wiry rapid pulse.

Damp-heat in Stomach and spleen continuous fever that decreases after sweating, but increases again Clear heat in ST/SP Ren12 zhongwan Lian Po Yin (coptis-magnolia decoction)
heaviness in body and head, feeling of oppression of chest/epigastrium resolve dampness SP9 (Yinlingquan)
nausea, loose stool Ren9 (Shuifen)
Red tongue w/sticky yellow cating ST36 (Zusanli)
Soggy rapid pulse LI11 (Quchi)
Ren12 (Zhongwan)
BL20 (Pishu)
BL22 (Sanjiaoshu).

Nutrition Qi (Ying) Level Symptoms Treatment Acupoints Herbal formula

Heat in Ying Level Fever at night, drymouth no desire to drink, mental restlessness Clear nutritive Qi heat PC9 (Zhongchong) Qing Ying Tang (Clearing the nutritive qi decoction)
Insomnia, delerium, incoherantspeech, aphasia, macules Promote fluids PC8 (Laogong)
Red tongue w/o coating HT9 (Shaochong)
fine rapid pulse KD6 (Zhaohai)
Shixuan (Extra) .

Heat in Pericardium Fever atnight, mental confusion, incoherant speech/aphasia Clear nutritive Qi heat PC9 (Zhongchong) Qing Ying Tang (Clearing the nutritive qi decoction)
(Upper burner) delerium, body hot, cold hands and feet, macules, clear pericardium heat PC3 (Quze)
red tongue w/o coating Restore consciusness PC8 (Laogong)
Fine rapid pulse Promote fluids HT9 (Shaochong)
KD6 (Zhaohai)
LI11 (Quchi)
Shixuan (Extra).

Blood Level (Xue)

Heat victorious moving blood High fever, mental restlessness, manic behavior, dark macules clear Blood heat BL17 Geshu Xi jiao Di huang tang (cornus Rhinoceri-Rehmannia decoction)
vomiting blood, epistataxis, blood in stool, blood in urine stop bleeding SP10 Xuehai
Dark red tongue w/o coating Liv5 ligou
wiry rapid pulse SP4 Gongsun
LI11 (Quchi)
Liv2 Xingjian
KD6 (Zhaohai)
HT9 (Shaochong)
Shixuan (Extra).

Heat victorious stirring wind high fever, fainting, twitching of limbs, covulsions. Rigidity of neck clear Blood heat SP10 Xuehai Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang (Cornu Antelopis-Uncaria decoction
opisthotonos, eyeballs turning up, clenching teeth. extinguish wind LI11 (Quchi)
Dark red tongue w/o coating Liv2 Xingjian
wiry-radpid pulse KD6 (Zhaohai)
HT9 (Shaochong)
Liv3 Taichong
DU16 Fengfu
GB20 Fengchi
SI3 Houxi
BL62 Shenmai
Shixuan (Extra).

Empty Wind Agitating the Interior Low-grade fever, tremor I limbs, twitching, loss of weight Clear blod heat Liv3 Taichong Zhen Gan xi Feng tang (Pacifying the Liver and Extinguishing wind decoction)
Malar flush, listlessness, dark-red tongue without coating and dry NourishLiver and kidney yin DU16 Fengfu
fine rapid pulse Extinguish wind GB20 Fengchi
SI3 Houxi
BL62 Shenmai
LIV8 Ququan
KD6 (Zhaohai)
KD3 Taixi
SP6 (Sanyinjiao).

Collapse of Yin Low grade fever, night sweating, mental restlessness, dry mouth Rescue Yin, Restore consciousness ST36 (Zusanli) Da Bu Yin Wan (Great tonifying Yin Pill)
with desire to sip liquids. Five palm heat, malar flush, emaciation KD3 Taixi
dry tongue without coating SP6 (Sanyinjiao)
fine rapid pulse KD6 (Zhaohai)
Ren4 Guanyuan.

Collapse of Yang Feeling of cold, cold limbs, bright white complexion Rescue Yang, restore consciousnes ST36 (Zusanli) Shenfu Tang (ginseng-aconitum decoction)
profuse sweating on the forehead, listlessness, Ren6 Qihai
pale swollen short tongue Ren4 Guanyuan
hidden, slow, scattered pulse Ren8 Shenque
moxa is applicable.
Patterns according to Three Burners Symptoms Treatment Acupoints Herbal formula
Upper Burner:

wind-heat in Lungs: (defensive qi) portion Fever, aversion to cold, headache, sore thoat, slight sweating, runny Release the exterior, expel wind heat LI4 Hegu Yin Qiao San (Lonicera-forsythia Powder
nose w/yellow discharge, swolen tonsils, bod aches, slight thirst, restore diffusing and descending of Lung qi LI11 Quchi Sang Ju Yin (Morus-chrysantheum decoction
tongue red in front, white on sides TB5 Waiguan
floating rapid pulse. DU14 Duzhui
BL12 Fengmen
LU11 Shaoshang.

Heat in Lungs (Qi level) Fever , sweating, cough, breathlessness, thirst clear lung heat LU5 Chize Ma xing shi gan Tang (
feeling of oppression/pain in chest resolve phlegm LU10 Yuji Wu hu tang (5 tigers decoction)
Red tongue with yellow coating restore descending of lung qi LU1 Zhongfu Xie Bai san (Drainin the white powder)
rapid-overflowing pulse LI11 Quchi Qing qi Hua tan Tang (Clear Qi and resolve phlegm decoction)
BL13 feishu.

Heat in Pericardium (Nutritive level) high fever at night, burning sensation of epigastrium, cold limbs Clear heat in PC PC9 zhongchong Qing Ying Tang (Clear nutritive qi decoction)
delirium, aphasia Restore consciousness PC3 quze
deep red and stiff tongue w/o coating promote fluids LI11 Quchi
fie and rapid pulse PC8 Laogong
HT9 shaochong
KD6 Zhaohai

Middle Burner
Heat in Bright Yang High fever worse in afternoon,no aversion to cold, feeling of heat, Clear stomach heat ST44 Neiting Bai Hu Tang (White tiger Decoction)
intense thirst, profuse sweating. Red tongue w/yellow coatig ST34 Liangqiu
overflowing rapid pulse. ST21 Liangmen
ST43 Xianggu
LI11 Quchi
ST25 Tianshu.

Damp-Heat in the Spleen Fever epigastric fullness, feeling heavy in body and head Clear heat Ren12 Zhongwan Lian Po Yin
nausea, vomiting, red tongue w/sticky yellow coating Resolve dampness in spleen SP9 Yinlingquan Huang Lian E Jiao Tang
soggy and rapid pulse SP6 Sanyinjiao
Ren9 Shuifuen
ST36 Zusanli
LI11 Quchi
BL20 Pishu
BL22 Sanjiaoshu.

Lower burner
Heat in the Kidney Fever in afternoon and evening, 5 palm heat, dry mouth and throat nourish kidney yin KD3 taixi Xi jiao Di Huang Tang
night sweating, deafness, lassitude clear empty heat KD6 Zhaohai
Red red tongue w/o coating SP6 Sanyinjiao
rapid pulse KD2 Rangu
LI11 Quchi.

Liver Heat Stir Wind High fever at night, coma, convulsions, clenched teeth clear heat Liv3 Tachong Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang
deep red tongue w/o coating extinguish wind Liv2 Xingjian
wiry-fine-rapid pulse stop convulsions GB20 Fengchi
restore consciousness DU16 fengfu
SI3 Houxi
BL62 shenmai
SP10 Xuehai
LI11 Quchi
KD6 Zhaohai
HT9 Shaochong

Liver Empty Wind Low grade fever, cold limbs, dry and black teeth Nourish yin Liv3 Tachong Zhen Gan xiFeng Tang (Pacifying the liver and extinguish wind decoction)
dry and cracked lips. Convulsions, tremor of limbs Extinguish Yin Liv2 Xingjian San Jia fu Mai Tang (Three Carapaces restore pulse decoction)
deep red tongue w/o coating Stop convulsions GB20 Fengchi Da Ding FengZhu (Big stopping wind pearl)
Deep fine rapidpulse DU16 fengfu
SI3 Houxi
BL62 shenmai
KD3 taixi
KD6 Zhaohai
SP6 Sanyinjiao
Liv8 Ququan.


Patterns According to Eight Vessels Symptoms Treatment Herbal formula
Du Mai (Governor Vessel) stiff and painful spine, backache, weak back, arching back, headache, SI3 houxi and BL62 Shenmai any Kidney yang tonics
tremors, convulsions, hemmeroids, incontinence, painful urination, Spine, marrow , brain herbs
impotence, irregular periods, infertility, dry throat, poor memory, dizziness Yag channel, UB and GB herbs
tinitus, depression, chills, fever, manic behavior
Pulse: floating , long on al 3 left side.

Ren mai- Directing/Conception Vessel Incontinence, vaginal discharge, irregular periods, infertility, pain in genitals, LU7 Lieque and KD6 Zhaohai Da Bu Yin Wan
epigastric and abdominal pain, abdominal masses, menopausal symptoms Uterus and blood tonic herbs
problems during pregnancy, edema, amenorrhorea Norishing Yin and clearing empty-heat herbs
Pulse: Fine-tight-long on both front positions.

Chong Mai: Penetrating Vessel Irregular periods, infertility, painful periods, vomiting, nausea, SP4 Gongsun and PC6 Neiguan Uterus tonic herbs
Li ji “internal urgency” a type of anxiety, breathlessness, Rebellious qi herbs
abdominal pain and distension, feeling of energy rising from abdomen to chest, women’s treasury remedy- penetrating vessel
tightness/pain in abdomen to the chest, palpatations, throat obstruction, facial heat,
cold and numb feet w/purple color, umblical pain, PMS, breast distention,
breast nodules, menopausal, morning sickness, spontaneous bruising,
nosebleed, fungal infectiion big toe
Pulse: Deep firm on all 3positions on each side or deep firm on both middle positions
wiry on both middle positions.

Combined Chong mai Patterns
Directing and Penetrating Vessles Empty gynecological issues: delayed cycle, scanty periods,pale complexion, dizziness LU7 Lieque right side Da Bu Yuan Jian Great tonifying the origin decoction
blurred vision, tiredness, depression, backache, weakness of the back and knees, KD6 on left Gui shenWan Tonifying the kidney pills
decreased libido, Ren4 guanyuan Shou Tai Wan Fetus longevity pill
tongue pale KD13 Qixue women treausre remedy: unicorn pill
pulse deep and weak especially rear positions BL23 shenshu
moxa applicable.

Directing and Pentrating Vessels unstable gynecological: earlyperiod, shortened cycle, heavy periods, irregular periods, LU7 Lieque right side Gu Chong Tang Consoliting the penetrating vessel decoction
persisent chronic vaginal discharge, miscarriage, persistent lochial discharge KD6 on left An Chong Tang Calming the penetrating vessel decoction
after child birth Ren4 Guanyuan Yi Qi Gu Chong Tang Benefit Qi and Consolidate penetrating vessel decoction
dull pale complexion, depression, backache, weak knees, frequent urination, KD13 Qixue Bu shen GuChong Tang Tonifying the Kidney and consolidate penetrating vessel decoction
urination at night, incontinence. BL23 shenshu Lu Jiao Tu si zi Wan
Tongue: pale. DU20 Baihui
Pulse: deep and weak, especially rear positions. Ren6 Qihai
Zigong (ex)
moxa applicable.

Directing and Penetrating Vessels and Cold, Gyncelogical manifestations: early or late periods, abdominal pain LU7 Lieque right side Wen Jing Tang warm menses decoction
amenorrhea, infertility, dull pain after child birth. Prolonged tricking period KD6 on left Dang Gui Jian Zhong Tang Warm the center decoction
with pale and dilute menstral blood Ren4 guanyuan
other: pain alleviated by heat, cold limbs, feeling of cold, during period, decreases libido KD13 Qixue
Tongue: pale and wet BL23 shenshu
Pulse: deep weak slow Zigong (ex).

Blood Stasis in the Directing and Pentrating Vessels Gynacelogical: irregular cycle, brown spotting before period, painful period w/dark blood and clots SP4 on right and PC6 on left Xiao Yao San Free and easy wanderer powder
amenorrhea, (from blood stasis) infertility, retention of lochia after childbirthlower abdominal pain, KD14 siman Yue Ju Wan
umbilical pain, pain/distention of breasts, anxiety, irritability, mental restlessness, worry ST29 Guilai Wu Yao San
breast lumps, abdominal masses SP6 Sanyinjiao Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang Eliminate stasis below diaphragm powder
tongue- purple Liv3 Taichong Xiang Leng Wan
Pulse: wiry or choppy KD5 Shuiquan Women Treasury remedies:
Harmonizing the Moon
Stir Field Elixier.

Blood stasis and Damp in Directing and Penetrating Vessels, Gynacological: irregular cycle, heavy periods, dark menstrual blood w/clots, brown spotting SP4 on right and PC6 on left Tao Hong Si wu tang 4 substance powder
before period, painful periods, chronic vaginal discharge, abdominal masses, ovarian cysts, KD14 siman Shao fu Zhu yu Tang Lower abdominal eleimating stasis decoction
endometriosis, infertility. Other: Lower abdominal pain, heaviness in abdomen. ST29 Guilai San Miao hong teng tang Three wonderful decoction
tongue: purple, swollen with sticky coating SP6 Sanyinjiao Qing Re Tiao Xue Tang Clear heat and regulate blood decoction
pulse: wiry and slippery Liv3 Taichong Cang fu Dao Tan Wan Conducting phlegm pill
KD5 Shuiquan Yin Jia Wan
SP9 Yinlinquan Womens Treasure remedy:
ST28 Shuidao Clear the palace
Ren3 Zhongji Stir field Elixer
BL22 Sanjiaoshu.

Full heat in Directing and Penetratig Vessels, Gynacological- early cycle, heavy periods, mentral blood bright red or dark red flooding/trickling LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Qing Jing Tang clear the menses powder
midcycle bleeding, nosebleed during period, profuse lochial discharge after childbirth LI11 Quchi Bao Yin jian protect the yin decoction
fever after childbirth, redface, feeling of heat, thirst, irritability, insomnia. SP10 Xuehai Qing Re Gu Jing Tang Clear heart and consolidate the menses decoction
Tongue: Red with yellow coating Ren3 Zhongji Jie Du Huo Xue Tang Expel poising and invigorate blood decoction
Pulse: Radid-overwhelming full in middle level. Liv3 Taichong Jing Fang Si Wu Tang 4 substance decoction
SP6 Sanyinjiao Womens Treasure remedy:
Drain Redness.

Empty heat in the Directing and Penetrating Vessels, Gynacological: early cycle, long periods, tricking after period, mid-cycle bleeding LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Liang Di Tang Two Di decoction
scanty or heavy periods. Other: feeling of heat in afternoon, malar flush, night sweating, five palm heat Ren4 Guanyuan Yi Yin Jian One yin decoction
insomnia, mental restlessness, dry throat at night. KD2 Rangu Women Treasury remedies:
tongue: red w/o coating SP6 Sanyinjiao Clear empty-heat and cool menses
pulse: floating-empty or fine and rapid.

Damp heat in the Directing and Penetrating Vessels, Gynacological: Excessive yellow or red sticky vaginal discharge with offensive odor LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Zhi Dai Wan Stop vaginal discharge pill
midcycle bleeding/pain, heavy periods, painful periods, long periods. Ren3 Zhongji Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Draining liver decoction
Other: adbominal pain, feeling of heaviness in abdomen, pain on urination, mucus in stool ST28 Shuidao Women Treasure Remedy:
feeling of heat, low grade fever, cloudy urine Ren9 Shuifen Drain Redness
tongue: sticky yellow coating SP9 Yinlingquan
pulse: slippery and rapid SP6 Sanyinjiao
LI11 Quchi
BL22 Sanjiaoshu.

Stagnant Heat in the directing and Penetrating Vessels, Gynecological: early cycle, scanty or heavy period, PMS, stopping and staring period LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Dan Zhi Xiao yao san Free and easy wandere powder
red clots. SP4 on right, PC6 on left if wiry pulse Hua Gan jian Transform liver decoction
Other: abdominal distention, breast distention, ittirability, propensity to outburst of anger Liv3 Tai chong 3 treasures remedy: Freeing the sun
feeling fo heat, dry throat Ren6 Qihai
Tongue: red Sides KD14 Siman
Pulse: Wiry Liv2 Xingjian
Liv14 qimen.

Full cold in the Directing and Penetrating gynecological: delayed cycle, painful periods with severe cramping pain and pronouced cold feeling. LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Shao fu Zhu Yu Tang Lower abdomen elimate stasis decoction
Vessels bright red blood with small dark clots, infertility, abdominal pain after childbirth Ren4 guanyuan Wen jing Tang warm the menses decoction
other: abdominal pain aggrivated by pressure and alleviated with heat, feeling cold, cold limbs, Ren3 Zhongji Suo gong Zhu Yu Tang contract the uterus and eliminate stasis decoction
brigt white complexion. ST28 Shuidao woman treasure remedy:
Tongue: pale or bluish-purple KD14 Siman Warm te menses
Pulse: deep, slow, tight Zigong
ST36 Zusanli
SP6 Sanyinjiao
KD5 Shuiquan
Moxa must be used.

Uterus Deficient and Cold Gynacological: irregular cycle, scanty period, painful period with dull pain alleviated by heat LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Ai fu Nuan gong wan Warm the uterus pill
excessive vaginal discharge, infertility, miscarriage, threatened miscarriage, abdominal pain Ren4 guanyuan Wen jing Tang warm the menses decoction
during childbirth, retention of lochia after childbirth KD13 Qixue Nei bu Wan Inner tonification pill
Other: chronic dull lower abdomial pain alleviated by preeure or heat, feeling cold, cold limbs BL23 shenshu Sheng Hua Tang Generate and resolve decoction
loose stools, frequent and pale urination Zigong Shou Jiao Ai Teng longevity decoction
tongue: pale moxa must be used Women Treasure remedy:
pulse: deep and weak Warm the menses.

Dampness and Phlegm in Uterus gynecological: delayed cycle, amenorrhea, scanty or heavy periods, excessive vaginal discharge LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Cang Fu Dao Tan Wan Conducting phlegm pill
infertility, ovarian cysts, myomas, polycystic ovary syndrome, phantom pregnancy. Ren3 Zhongji Wei Ling Tang Stomach ling decoction
Other: abdominal pain, feeling heaviness in abdomen, oppresion in the chest, sputum in throat ST28 Shuidao Wan Dai Tang ending vaginal discharge decoction
heaviness in body, weariness, loose stool, dull pale complexion, overweight. Zigong Qi gong Wan arousing uterus pill
Tongue: swollen with sticky coating Ren9 Shuifen Tiao Zhen San Regulating the upright powder
Pulse: slippery SP9 Yinlingquan Women Treasure remedy:
SP6 Sanyinjiao Clear the palace
BL22 Sanjiaoshu.

Stagnant Cold in the Uterus Gynecological: delayed cycle, painful periods with severe cramp, dark menstral blood w/clots LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Wen Jing Tang Warming the Menses Decoction
brown spotting before period, period stop and start, abdominal pain after child birth SP4 on right, PC6 on left if wiry pulse Shao Fu zhu Yu lower abdomen eliminate statis decoction
white vaginal discharge, feeling cold in vagina, inferitlity ST36 zusanli Sheng Hua Teng Generate and resolve decoction
other: abdominal pain helped by heat and pressure, cold in abdomen, cold limbs, feeling cold. KD14 Siman Ai Fu Nuan gong Wan Warming uterus pill
Tongue: bluish purple and wet ST29 Guilai Hei Shen San Black bean spirit powder
Pulse: deep-wiry-slow or deep-choppy-slow Ren6 Qihai Woman Treasure Remedy:
SP10 Xuehai Warm the menses
SP6 Sanyinjiao Stir field of Elixer
Liv3 Taichong
Moxa should be used.

Fetus heat gynecological: vaginal bleeding puring pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, mental restlessness LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Bao yin Jin Protecting the Yin decoction
during pregnancy, history of miscarriage. LI11 Quchi Gu Tai jian Consolidating the fetus decoction
other: red face, feeling of heat, thirst, abdominal pain, insomnia, mouth ulcers. SP10 Xuehai qing hai Wan Clearing the sea pill
tongue: red w/yellow coating KD2 Rangu Qing Re An Tai Yin clear heat and calm fetus decoction
pulse: rapid and over flowing Liv2 xingjian
PC7 Dalig
PC3 Quze.

Fetus Cold gynecological: threatened misscarriage, fetus not growing, miscarriage, history of miscarriage LU7 on the right KD6 o the left Li yin Jing Regulating yin decoction
other: feeling of cold, cold limbs, sour regurgitation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loose stool ST36 zusanli chang Tai Bai Zhu San long Fetus powder
tongue: pale BL23 shenshu Bu Shen Gu Chong Wan tonify kidneys and consolidate penetrating vessel pill
pulse: deep and slow KD9 zhubin Bu shen An tai Yin tonify kidneys and calm fetus decoction
moxa must be used.

Blood rebelling upward after childbirth gynecological: retention of lochia SP4 on right, PC6 on left if wiry pulse Duo Ming San Seizing Life powder
other: mental restlessness, manic behavior, nosebleed, vomiting of blood, red face KD14 Siman Sheng Hua Tang Generating and resolve decotion
coughing blood, abdominal pain, dark complexion. Stiff joints, clenched teeth SP10 Xuehai Wu zhi san 5 citrus powder
Tongue: purple ST29 Guilai Di Sheng Tang Support Sage decoction
Pulse: wiry Liv3 Taichong Fo Shou San Buddha hand powder
SP6 sanyinjiao
Ren3 Zhongji
Liv1 dadun
SP1 yinbai
PC7 Daling.

Girdle Vessel (Dai Mai) Feeling cold and pain in middle and lower back radiating to abdomen GB41 Zulinqi and TB5 Weiguan Astringnet herbs that infuse lower burner
Abdomnal pain radiating to middle back, weak lower back, abdominal distention Herbs that consolidate Uterus and lift qi
chronic vaginal discharge, prolapseof uterus, weakness and atrophy of lower limbs, Gan Jiang Ling Zhu Tang
miscarriage, cold feet, amenorrhea, irregular periods, cold in genitals Dan gui Shao yan san
infertility, nocturanl emission, umbilical pain, painful period from dampness Liang Shou Tang
feelingof sitting in cold water, heaviness of body, hernia, Shou Tai Wan
pulse- wiry in both middle positions.

Yin Stepping Vessel (Yin qiao Mai) Sleepiness, epilepsy, pain in hip and back radiating to groinand genitals KD6 Zhaohai and LU7 lieque Si wu tang
hypogastricpain, tremorsof the legs, foot turning inward, abdominal pain, Ban Xia Tang
tight muscles of the inner leg while outer are flaccid, abdominal masses, myomas,
difficualt deleivery and retention of placenta.
Wiry pulse in rear positions.

Yang Stepping Vessel (Yang qiao Mai) Insomnia, epilepsy, pain and redness of the inner corner of the eye, backache BL62 Shenmai and SI3 houxi Sheng YangTang
sciatica with pain along lateral side, tremor of the leg, foot turning outward,
tight outermuscles, loose inner musces, wind-stroke, hemiplegia, aphasia
facial paralysis, severe dizziess,, chills, fever, headache, stiff neck, manic behaviour,
manic depression, seeing ghosts/fright, inability to raise leg
wiry pulse on bothfront positions

Yin Linking Vessel (Yin Wei mai) Pain in the heart region, full and pain of chest and Hypochondrium, pain in kidney region, PC6 Neiguan and SP4 Gongsun Dang gui si Ni Tang
dry throat, anxiety, insomnia, pensiveness, obsessive thoughts, lack of will, Wu Zhu Yu Tang
loss of self control, depression, knot in chest, melancholy, crying, forgetfulness, Si Ni Tang
mental cloudy, palpitations and shock. Li Zhong Tang
Pulse: wiry on lateral side of rear position.

Yang Linking Vessel (Yang Wei Mai) Alternation of chill and fever, weakness oflimbs, dizziness oneye movement, TB5 Weiguan ad GB41Zulinqi Dang gui zhi tang
earache, stiff neck, hypochondrial pain, pain in lateral sides of leg, tinnitus, deafness
Pulse: wiry on medial sideof the rear position extending toward thelateral side of the front

Point selections:





Headaches, Vertigo, Dizziness


Sinus, Cough, Common Cold


Emotions, Depression, Anxiety






Bleeding: cough, urine, stool, etc.






Epigastric Pain


Patterns of Disease: Chest, Abdomen, Gall stones, Diarrhea, Constipation, etc.

Painful Obstructions, Back Pain, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Parkinson’s, Stroke (Cerebral Accident), Atrophy, Multiple Sclerosis:


Internal medicine for acupuncture spring 2018

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