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Questions on Taijiquan

Q: Can you Talk about Zhong ding? A: Zhong ding is central equilibrium in Taijiquan. What are we centering with? We are centering with the ‘Taiji pole’ that runs through the body from the top of the head at ‘bai … Continue reading

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2018 Yang Taijiquan

Warm-up: long pole: thrusts Saber: Long form Sword What to know about Yang Taijiquan: Info Certifications, Ranks, and Sash tests: Level 3 Black Sash Omei Wushu Kung fu School Competitions Medals and Awards: Competitor from 1993 to 2010. Push Hands- … Continue reading

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Talks on Yang Family Taijiquan with Fu Zhongwen and James Fu

A young Fu Zhongwen with Yang Chenfu Fu Zhongwen was a chief inheritor of Yang Chenfu’s Taijiquan. He was one of the closest disciples, a lineage-holder, and in-law to the Yang Family. He spent his earlier days in Guang Fu … Continue reading

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Structure and 3 Dan tien: alignments for Taijiquan training from a TCM perspective

Some Mindfulness for structural alignment based on some TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concepts and Tai Chi Classics: The ideas come from 3 Dan Tien, , simple body alignments, and upright spine and what to do to achieve this in Taijiquan … Continue reading

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Wu Ji posture, Yu Bei, and Gall Bladder 31 point: Feng Shi : “Wind Market”

last update 1/20/2016 As we stand in Wuji posture prior to the first movement in Taijiquan, we lightly touch the point at the side of the leg. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this point is called Feng Shi or “Wind … Continue reading

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