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Kwoon Alliance: 2015 Winter Edition

We’re gonna make this Quarterly when I can get time to be creative between school semesters, this Winter we covered: Sifu Alex Shpigel: We had Chinese medicine Doctor and full contact Champion from San Diego Alex Shpigel: We tried a … Continue reading

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Wushu Kung Fu- Taolu, Weapons, San Shou. The hardest training in the world.

Wushu (catch-all name for all Chinese martial arts)Kung Fu is generally misunderstood, often to the point that it gets a lot of ignorant statements from many traditional stylist in Chinese Martial Arts. It is one of the hardest and most … Continue reading

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Coach Weiqi He- Shanghai Martial Arts Master

I have found some old video footage that I transferred from old VHS tapes to digital of my Coach Weiqi He. Coach Weiqi was President of the USA Yongnian Taiji Association founded by Taiji Grandmaster Fu Zhong Wen. by John … Continue reading

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Tai Chi in the park 6/4/2011

Tai Chi with David Walls-Kaufman: We had a newcomer so David taught his 1st lesson for beginners, but it is always a great lesson no matter how long you have been learning Taijiquan and you should always feel something new … Continue reading

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Call it “Kung Fu” or “Wu-Shu”, yet it is highly misunderstood.

Wushu (translation “War Arts”) covers all aspects of Chinese martial arts both Traditional and Modern. Wikipedia Wushu definition Wikipedia on Sport Wushu Wushu is: 1. Wu De- martial honor, code, and ethics. philosophy: Shamanic: (spirits and animals), Taoist: (I-Ching, Qi, … Continue reading

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