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These exercises were first used by military generals of ancient China along
with the hard weapon training regimens. These calisthenics were used to
balance and heal the body from over training their troops. There are classical and modern variations of Ba dua jin. I will share both.

The very first Chinese exercises I learned before Taijiquan was Ba Dua Jin as preparation for training. This was back in 1990 at a free “Taiji in the park” class taught by Wilson Pitts in Richmond’s Maymont Park.
This was a classical Taoist variation with influence from Huashan a sacred mountain region in China.
8 Piece Brocade
1. Complete Breath- hold up heaven
2. press hands- yin yang palm
3. hold ball- twist upper body
4. Roll like a wave.
5. Twist the spine, look back, and press palms out.
6. Tilting the Scale
7. Clasp hands, bending waist, finish with raise hands.
8. Swing arms to loosen body.

The 8 Section Qigong is a more modern variation from Hangzhou
China from one of my early Taiji teachers Xianhao Cheng. It is performed more so as a Qigong. Xianhao taught this to me around 2002.

The sections are as follows:
1. Hold heaven and adjust internal organs
2. Open the bow, Shoot the Eagle.
3. Hold up Arms to adjust spleen and stomach
4. Watch Behind to heal many hurts.
5. Get power by watching and punching
6. Hold the Feet to strengthen the kidneys.
7. Turn head and tailbone to extinguish the heart fire.
8. Raise the toes.

more details at: www.polariswushu.net/8sectionqigong

This classical variation of
Ba Dua Jin comes from Gao Baguzhang.
This is however something I learned back around 2006 when I trained with
Luo DeXiu’s student George Wood in Arlington Virginia. This is complied from
notes as the BaDuaJin was mixed in with the warm-ups.

Exercises are as from notes:
Warm up:
Neck, Wrists, and open the kua drill.
Ba Dua Jin:
1. Hold Heaven- stretch the thumbs version.
2. Pull Bow- continue with thumb stretch.
3. Side stretch- gently open the rib.
4. Twisting Spine stretch
5. Spinal Wave
6. Bear Gazes backward
7. Hold the ball and twist, ball gets bigger each time and smaller.
8. Climb the mountain stance.

more info at: www.zongwumen.com

This particular modern version was taught by a Chinese Wushu teacher under direction of the organization that collects, studies,
and standardizes many of the ancient qigong practices for health preservation. It is now considered the “Standard” in Mainland China.
This newer modernized method has a “Taiji” flow to it. Flowing to link each exercise to exercise. A qigong specialist from Beijing Qigong Institute taught this in 2012 at USWA in Fairfax Va.

The Ba Duan Jin translates as “8 Piece of Brocade”.
These 8 pieces are:
1. Two hands hold heaven.
2. Draw the Bow
3. Separate Heaven and Earth.
4. Wise Owl Looks back.
5. Sway Head, Shake Tail.
6. Two Hands Hold feet and strengthen kidneys and waist.
7. Punch fist and Widen the eyes.
8. Raise up on Toes/half way come down/drop the Heels.

We start with a bow, followed by “holding the one” standing posture. Close with a bow and salute.

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Chinese kung fu strength conditioning common in many sports and martial arts http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/08/09/chinese-kung-fu-strength-conditioning-common-in-many-sports-and-martial-arts/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/08/09/chinese-kung-fu-strength-conditioning-common-in-many-sports-and-martial-arts/#comments Tue, 09 Aug 2011 18:47:22 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=997 Continue reading ]]> Worked on the following yesterday working from solely Wushu (Chinese martial arts) strength and stretching exercises from memory:

Running 1.5 miles
20 leg raises
20 knuckle push ups
20 horse stance squats jumps
20 hindu push ups
20 v-sit ups
20 single leg squats aka pistols (10 each leg)
20 burpees (up-downs/squat thrusts without push up)
20 count back bridge
20 lunges (left and right side)
20 count bow stance hold
20 count hold Horse stance.
20 count hold Drop Stance and Toe up drop stance.
Balance stance with knee to chest.
Balance Stance with Quad stretch.
Balance Scale both sides.
Neck bridge.
Neck bridge with leg extension.
Bicycles abs
Tiger stretch (yoga up dog)
Leg swings (front and back)
Leg swings (side to side)
Elbow to Toe stretch with twisting elbow strike.
Floor stretches: straddle front, left, right, side stretches, front bend, single leg bend.
Arm stretches: shoulder (across body), triceps (overhead).
Arm circles: single arm, double arms: both directions for each.
180 Horse stance jumping.

http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/08/09/chinese-kung-fu-strength-conditioning-common-in-many-sports-and-martial-arts/feed/ 0
Full body strength and conditioning http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/07/23/full-body-strength-and-conditioning/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/07/23/full-body-strength-and-conditioning/#comments Sat, 23 Jul 2011 14:27:36 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=991 Continue reading ]]> 5 x 5 min. rounds

5 air squats and 5 hindu push ups for 5 minutes.

DB half get up and 5 one leg bent over row 10lb.

R3- 30 sec. each x3
1. DB piston- squat/military press
2. squat thrust
3. DB sumo high pull
4. DB narrow push up

R4- 10 lb. DB 30 sec. each x3
1. Lunge knee
2. DB Y-press (alternate arms)
3. DB internal/external curl 9wave hands like clouds)
4. back step ‘carry tiger to mountain’

R5- 20 lb.
1. DB prone row from push up
2. DB power clean
3. DB push press
4. last 2 min. combine all 3 into one exercise.

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Abs and core workout http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/07/23/abs-and-core-workout/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/07/23/abs-and-core-workout/#comments Sat, 23 Jul 2011 12:30:57 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=985 Continue reading ]]> 5x 5 minute rounds

Round 1- 1 min each
1. one leg DB squat L+R
2. DB upper cuts twist L+R
3. sit up with DB
4. windshield wipers
5. bicycle abs

Round 2
1. DB swing rt. arm
2. diagonal wood chop- twist left
3. DB swing left arm
4. diagonal swing-twist right
5. side oblique with weight (t-push up)

Round 3- 30 sec. each x2
1. power sit up
2. glute bridge right
3. leg lifts
4. glute bridege left
5. v-up

Round 4-
1. opposites supermans 2 min.
2. lateral plank 2 min.
3. straight up sit up

round 5
1. Back bend
2. navasana/sit thru/hindu push up/sit through
3. mt. climbers
4. repeat 2 and 3.

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Building a Daily practice with Tai Chi Chuan http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/05/09/building-a-daily-practice-with-tai-chi-chuan/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/05/09/building-a-daily-practice-with-tai-chi-chuan/#comments Mon, 09 May 2011 01:24:45 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=922 Continue reading ]]> Building a Daily practice with Tai Chi Chuan-

The style of Tai Chi Chuan you will be learning is the Yang style. It comes from the lineage of Yang Chen Fu from his disciple Fu Zhong Wen to Sifu Wei Qi He, who was my teacher.

5 Tai Chi principles to remember:

1. Relax- daily decrease of stress, we are not trying to gain strength or added tension.

2. Keep spine straight- do not lean back or fourth, left or right.

3. Separate Yin and Yang- shift weight, turn waist in the stepping exercises.

4. Continuity- keep the movement at same pace and speed.

5. Palm/hand- do not tense hand to much or make to relaxed.

Warm-ups: opening the joints.

1. Neck rotations-3

2. Shoulder rotations-3

3. Wrist rotations-3

4. Elbow rotations-2

5. Waist rotations-2

6. Waist twist-2

7. Spine flex and extend-2

8. Hip circles-2

9. Knee circles-3

10. Ankle circles-2


Floor sitting stretches:

1. Straddle front, left and right

2. Single leg left and right

3. Forward bend with two feet

Standing/wall stretches:

1. Leg swing back and fourth (both legs)

2. Leg swing sideways(both legs)

3. Touch toes

Standing meditation:

Relax crown, relax facial muscles, relax sides of neck, relax shoulders, relax arms, relax hands, relax chest, relax upper back, relax abdomen, relax waist, relax hips, relax lower back, relax legs, relax feet.
-Visualize favorite color.

1. Dan tien breathing.
2. Open and close palms at dan tien.
3. Hold cup and vertical circle hands at dan tien.
4. Raise hands.
5. Raise hands and Open and expand arms
6. Repulse monkey
7. Wave hands like clouds.
8. Closing qigong.

Tai Chi stance work-
1. Open and closing hips in Tai chi front stance.
2. Vertical circle with hips.

Tai Chi walking (5 directions/elements)
1. center (stillness and centered when starting and finishing).
2. forward step
3. backward step
4. left side step
5. right side step

Stepping with hand:coordinate upper and lower body as one unit
1. Part horse mane (similar to ward off) forward stepping.
2. Repulse monkey- backward step w/ hand.
3. Wave hands like clouds- sideways stepping.
4. Grasp Bird Tail- ward off, roll back, press and push (4 core movements of Tai Chi).

Tui Shou/Push hands: partner- yield and push exercises.
1. Ward off circle left. (same hand and foot)
2. Ward off circle right.
3. Brush knee circle left.(opposite hand and foot)
4. brush knee circle right.

Tai chi warm down/self massage
1. Outside of legs
2. Inside of legs
3. Lower back/kidneys
extra: swinging arms hitting body- abs, shoulders, etc.
4. Outside of arms
5. Inside of arms
6. Face massage
7. Scalp massage- wake brain.
8. Ear massage
9. Stomach massage
10. Reverse breathing.

Background History-

Tai Chi Chuan (pinyin: Taijiquan) is practiced by millions of people daily in Asia and around the world as a means of exercise for health and healing. Tai chi chuan is often associated with myths that it was studied by monks in the temples at the sacred Taoist mountain of Wu Dang. It created by a legendary martial artist name Chan San Feng who had studied some Shaolin boxing, but having a dream of a crane and snake fighting, came up with the idea of a boxing style that would use principles of yin and yang, softness and hardness in execution. Tai Chi is the classic Taoist term for Yin and yang. It is also the name of the Taoist constellation of the North star Polaris which is in line with the axis of the earth. The human body also can rotate on its own axis and center of gravity. Historians point out that the orgin is Chenjiaogou a village in Henan province of China. This martial art was eventually studied by a Garrison Commander, Chen Wan ting. Chen family hid their art for many generations. Yang Lu Chan, was a servant to the Chen family, he was able to study with Chen Changxing a 9th generation Chen family. Yang Lu chan learned to fight with the art. He was invited to teach for the Emperor’s Imperial guard in Beijing’s Forbidden city. Later his sons Yang Pan Hou and Yang Chien Hou became famous teachers in Beijing and Shanghai for their fighting prowess. Yang Lu Chan’s grandson, Yang Chen Fu had the most impact on the growth of Tai Chi Chuan teaching to many cities in China. He standardized the form and wrote several books. In 1956, the Chinese Communist government’s sport and health department created a short form using the Yang’s style of Tai chi called 24 step Tai chi, so that it would be easier for people to practice. Tai chi was studied by several different families and the movements are expressed differently, so we have many styles of Tai Chi today. Some Tai chi forms are using small circles, other large circles, some use a low stance, while others might use high or medium level stance, some focus more on power while others try to relax inside. In China the different styles are classified in several ways- Old frame, New frame, Big frame, Small frame, High frame, Low frame, Fast frame, Long frame, etc. Here are some styles of Tai Chi, ‘Wu Dang’ Tai chi, that is from the Wu Dang temple. There is the ‘Chen Tai Chi’ practiced by the Chen family descendants. Yang Tai Chi is from the Yang family which we talked about. Wu Tai Chi is from Wu Quan Yu and his son Wu Chien Chuan who studied with Yang Lu Chan were Manchurian Palace guards.. There is another Wu style from Wu Yu-Hsiang from Yang Lu Chan’s home town of Guang Ping, in Yongnian Prefecture, who also studied with Yang Lu-Chan and Chen Ching Ping. There is Hao style Taiji and Li style Tai Chi that evolved from Wu Yu-Hsing’s nephew Li Yi-Yu and his disciple Hao Wei Zheng. Lastly there is Sun Tai Chi from Sun Lu-Tang a student of Hao Wei Zheng. Cheng Man Ching helped develop Tai Chi in the USA in the 1960’s. He ghost wrote books for Yang Chen Fu and his variation on Tai Chi chuan is very popular in the Taiwan, Malaysia, USA, and Europe. It is often called the ‘Yang 37 Short form’. Cheng Man Ching’s student Robert Smith, who wrote many books on Tai Chi Chuan in English, taught and lived in the DC metro area and is pivotal to the development in America as well. There are a few other rare styles of Tai Chi, but those are typically the most popular and well known.

Tai Chi salute and motto: diligence, perseverance, respect, sincerity are ingredients for Tai chi kung fu.

Diligence- Hard work and effort is prerequisite for skilled development. Daily practice on a regular basic will ultimately be rewarded by beneficial results.

Perseverance-It is important that a long and enduring sense of purpose be cultivated. A sense of purpose combined with regular daily practice will serve to achieve that purpose.

Respect- Respect for your master, teacher, and fellow man is paramount. Deal with others in taking consideration their backgrounds and in the light of their expectations. Mutual respect serves to enhance a sense of community and solidarity in a society where individuals treat each other with respect.

Sincerity- Sincerity in attitude or motivation is a prerequisite for learning Taijiquan. In order to achieve, a genuine resolve to pursue your goal must exist. Deal with others sincerely if you want them to reciprocate. Maintain sincerity in the fore of your dealing with others and you will achieve a smooth flow in relationships.

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MMA World Class conditioning 10 week pre fight training from “Train Hard, fight Easy” http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/27/mma-world-class-conditioning-10-week-pre-fight-training-from-train-hard-fight-easy/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/27/mma-world-class-conditioning-10-week-pre-fight-training-from-train-hard-fight-easy/#comments Sun, 27 Mar 2011 13:46:50 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=915 Continue reading ]]> World class conditioning

10 week system

Week 1-2- general preparation

Workout 1:

3×10 box jumps

Swiss rollouts

Dynamic stretching set

Power circuit-

Snatch or clean and jerk 3×5

Ladder drills 5 x straight and side runs

Anti- rotary-3 sets of 8.

Strength circuit-

8,6,5 chin ups

16,14,12 walking lunges w/weights

8,6,4 dumbbell press


12x 20 sec sprints 10 sec walks.


Track day with medicine ball

1. 800m run

2. 400m 3x rest as needed

3. 200m 3x

4. 100m 1x

Medicine ball chest pass 3×8

Med ball rotational pass 3×6

Workout 3

power and fitness

1. 3x 16,14,12 lateral bounds

2. 3×8 trx jack knife push away (knees to chest)

Power circuit

1. 3×5 single arm snatch

2. 3×12 anti-rotary

3. 3×10 wall slides


1. 10,8,6 x3 TRX inverted rows

2. 8,6,5 x3 single leg squats

3. 16,14,12 x3 alternate overhead shoulder press.


Push a sled with 2x body weight. 8 reps 20 sec rest between each.

Weeks 3-8

Workout 1: power, strength endurance circuit:

1. hurdles to box jump 8x

2. medicine ball- rotational pass 3×6

3. wall slides 3×8


1. barbell snatch

2. swiss ball jackknife push ups 3×8

3. external rotation 3×12 (on crossover cable)

4. weighted chain dips 3×5

5. Bulgarian split squat- 3×6

6. Barbell bench press 3×5


2x body weight sled push add 20% more weight that first phase. 4 reps 20 sec each. Reduce 20% weight, another 4 reps. Remove 20% and do another 4 reps.

Workout 2

Track day with medicine ball:

400m 3x

200m 3x

100m 1x

Medicine ball chest pass 3×8

Med ball rotational pass 3×6

Workout 3- full body power

1. hops: 5 hops each direction (left, right, back , forward) on each leg.

2. Plank series: plank, side plank, plank, side plank. 30 sec each.

3. lat stretch- hang on trx or pull up bar.

4. Iso neck drills drills- yes/no.

Weighted vest circuit:


1. TRX inverted row

2. incline push ups

3. single leg squats

4. towel hamstring curls

weighted sled- 8x one minute, ground and pound drill, 8x one minute.

Weeks 9-10.

Power move

1. jump 4 hurdles and sprint 100m.

2. swiss ball rollouts 3×12.

3. dynamic stretching.

Strength circuit: 4x

1. power snatch 5,3,2,2.

2. wall slide 10x

3. TRX jack knife 8x

4. weighted chin ups 5,4,3,2

5. medicine ball slams 5x

6. Dumbell bench press (5,4,3,2)

7. Clap push ups 5 x

8. walking lunges 12,10,8,6.

9. jump lunges 8x.

Workout 2:

Full body endurance: 3x 1 minute rest.

1. heavy sled pushes 2x

2. burpess 6x

3. clap push ups 6x

4. medicine ball slams 6x

5. agility ladder sprints 4x

6. stationary bike sprint 30 sec

7. 20 sec pummeling drill

8. heavy sled pushs 2 reps

9. burpees 6x

10. clap push ups 6x

11. medicine ball slams 6x.

Week 11-12
(getting close to fight same intensity but less volume, fighter needs to lose weight) avoid injury of over training. More technique training.

Putting it all together


am- sparring, grappling

pm- strength and condition (S&C)


Am- boxing, pads, sparring

Pm- wrestling techniques and sparring


Am- S&C

Pm- MT pad work, punching and kicking techniques


Am- bjj

Pm- wrestling


Am- track workout

Pm- bjj


Am- sparring

Pm- S&C, ground and pound bag

Sunday – RESt

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Conditioning Circuits to try http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/18/conditioning-circuits-to-try/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/18/conditioning-circuits-to-try/#comments Fri, 18 Mar 2011 15:26:41 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=904 Continue reading ]]> Wrestling circuit:

1. Exercise ball balance on knees

2. Burpies

3. Resistance band: Switch 180 jump elastic band pull to foot.

4. Bench pistols

5. Exercise ball dumbbell press and roll to side

6. Resistance band balance pull- connect to foot and pull and extend leg.

7. Exercise ball push ups (more vertical like a hand stand push up)

8. Two dumbbells in arms: squat and rise, alternate twist to side.

9. River hops- lateral hops with dumbbell, (hold dumbbell with both hands).

10. Exercise ball- balance on knees and do dumbbell curls.

Set 2- body exercises

11. V-up

12. Superman holds

13. Plank

14. Neck bridge

15. Hindu push ups

16. Push back/push up

17. Diamond push up

18. Pull ups

Quick Set 3- 3x 30 sec. each

1. Medicine ball slams

2. Resistance band twist pulls

3. Kettlebell swing with band

TLI circuit:

1. Medicine ball (MB) push ups

2. Circle legs together abs

3. Circle legs up and out abs

4. Single arm MB push ups

5. Medicine ball wrestler take down walks

6. MB back rolls to stand up

7. MB spiderman circles (chest on ball and circle, side mount too)

8. Feet on MB and alternate hand hops

9. Mb slams on knees

10. Partner circling, sprawl or mt. climber push ups.

11. Lunge jump up knee

12. Push ups

http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/18/conditioning-circuits-to-try/feed/ 0
Starting Strength Training 2011 http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/14/starting-strength-training-2011/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/14/starting-strength-training-2011/#comments Mon, 14 Feb 2011 02:48:13 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=877 Continue reading ]]> Changing my Strength training for 2011- starting slow, 5 sets of 3, but with heavy weight. Based on Starting Strength, Basic Barbell Training by Ripptoe and Kilgore. Detailed, slow and exact, Barbell lifting using: Squats, Bench Press, military press, push press, Bent over rows, Dead lifts, power clean, romanian deadlift, good mornings,barbell rows, arm curls, and using some basic body weight drills like pull ups, dips, back extensions, roman chair,etc.

jump rope 150
kettle bell sumo high pull- 8x
75# push press 3×8
75# power cleans 3×8
75# bench press
kids class: stretching. push ups, abs.

jog to gym
800m run

Explosive Circuit round:
20x box jumps
20x 20# wall balls shots
20x box step: jab cross muay thai knee style.
20x 20# wall balls shots
20x table level jumps
10x 20# wall ball shots

round 2
35# kettle bell-
20x swings
20x sumo dead lift
3×10 diamond push ups
20x sumo high pulls

abs-150 total using:

15 it ups
10 crunches
10 leg lifts
10 cherry pickers
10 supermans
10 sit ups
10 crunches
10 toe reaches
10 hip ups
20 triangles
10 superman #2
10 ankle grabs
10 cherry pickers.

Arm curls
30#x2, 40#x10 total of 30.
25# dumbells 3×3 each arm.
800m run.

weekend 2/11-

running- 200′s mile.
2000m row, (jab row and cross row as well).
bench press 115#
Squat- 135#
15 pull ups.
3×10 roman chair sit ups.
boxer stretches.
True stretch 27.

Sat. 1 mile run 8:30.
15 min. skip rope, work stepping techniques, sprint with double unders, high knees, skip feet.

pvc stretches- sampsons, dislocates.
Dead lift 185#
Military press- 95#
Bent over Rows 3×10 each side,
30×3 sit ups
back extensions with weight.
True stretch 27.

boxing class.

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September 2010 training log http://polariswushu.net/blog/2010/09/01/september-2010-training-log/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2010/09/01/september-2010-training-log/#comments Wed, 01 Sep 2010 18:57:15 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=668 Continue reading ]]> Sept 7-
morning- hill walking, taijiquan, standing meditation, walking.

evening- boxing 20 rounds. 2 min. work, 30 sec. rest
1- shakedown hopping/warm up
2. rail stepping drill
3. fast feet drill
4. jump rope 30 sec explode 30 sec. normal
5. shadow boxing
6. crazy monkey defense
7. thai elbow and knees
8. mirror box
9. punches in bunches
10. hand weight punching
11. neck exercises and slip-slip bob-weave drill
12. hand weight body shot- uppercuts
13. resistance band punches in bunches
14. medicine ball drills: hitting abs, throw up and catch
15. boxing abs
16. kettle bell legs
17. kettle bell arms
18. double jabs/level change drill
19. upper cuts and straights
20. stretch out

Sept 4 to Sept 6: Saturday/Sunday/Monday
Saturday- running and Taiji in park, teach kids class.
Sunday- running in mountains, punching bag buddy shadow boxing.
Monday- running 3 miles

Sept 3 Fri.
25 sit ups, 25 slap palm in horse stance, 25 push ups, 25 side sit ups, 25 lunges, 25 push ups, 25 side sit up.
Shadow box 2 minutes.
gong fu:
hsingyi 5 elements
rise-drill-overturn-fall, both sides.
Pakua fan chang and tien fan chang
Taijiquan form
Taiji squat drill.

Sept 2 Thurs
20 min. walking
pakua free form
taijiquan- Dao-yin intent
sahaja yoga/meditation
squat drill
taijiquan- low stance/kua intent
hill walk

teach kids class:
wall punches and kicks, stretches, circle game,
testing: pad work, kick lines, bag circuit, judo throws and sparring, juijitsu submission and sparring.

Sept. 1 Wednesday
Pakua 3 pole combat freestyle play.
Hsingyi- 5 element slow and exact
taijiquan- Yang form

combined Cross-fit
punch run in place
high knees
butt kicks
plyo jumping- left, right, front, back
squat hops
30 renegade rows (15 each arm) 20 lb.
run in place
high knees
ski jumps
1-2-3 heismans

Dead lift 4-4-4-4-4
-135lb and last 4 is 235 lb

50 squats
40 sit ups
20 hindu push ups
box drill- stepping right-left, stepping left-right, jump
20 pull ups
line drill- bob and weave
20 pull ups
20 push ups
40 sit ups

1 mile run.

http://polariswushu.net/blog/2010/09/01/september-2010-training-log/feed/ 0
Training Journal August 15- Aug. 22, 2010 http://polariswushu.net/blog/2010/08/15/training-journal-august-15-aug-22-2010/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2010/08/15/training-journal-august-15-aug-22-2010/#comments Sun, 15 Aug 2010 21:42:49 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=610 Continue reading ]]> Aug. 22 Sunday
Taiji tui shou:
single hand- ward off and brush knee both sides with stepping.
single Diving hand- with step both sides.
single hand yanking- left and right both sides.
single vertical circle- with step both directions.
joined hands: diving hand- two hand with step both side.
joined hands- horizontal circle- “yield and push”.
drill- raise hands and counter push.
1. structure set (Yang basic) – both sides.
2. flow set (Yang/Chen)- both sides.
3. CMC set (will teach next time)
Body condition:
1. relax and push body drill- yielding push.
2. rooting practice- side pushes, back pushed, front pushes.

jogging 800m
heavy bag- rounds
1. Relaxed structure punching- jab, cross, hooks, uppercut combos.
2. closing distance stepping with swinging bag.
3. separating distance with swinging bag.
4. Thai boxing- swinging bag rhythm- knee block-jab-cross- rt. kick
5. Thai boxing- swinging bag rhythm- knee block- cross- jab- left kick
6. Power hitting and combining- jab-cross- rt. kick w/cross- jab- left kick and vice verse.
6.5 Double round kicks left and right. double push kicks left and right.
7. Mexican boxing rounds- covering and hitting in the pocket.
8. condition out: 1 or 2 to the body uppercut

boxing Abs- 200 sit ups
Kettlebell: (32kg) 3x 15 swings
Tricept drips

Aug 21 Saturday
2.5 mile walk with new pedometer- 30 min. 5000+ steps.

kids class- knee basic, interval, round kick catch and kick basic.
stretch kicks, double kicks, partner drill, sparring, triangle, ethics.

box running- forward, side ways, box stepping, other.
2000m rowing.

Fight gone bad- 3 x 5 min. work, 1 minute rest. 1 min each:
1. wall ball 20 minimum- 5 lb.
2. kettlebell sdhp- minimum 20- 24 kg
3. push press with hand weights- minimum 20- 20lb each
4. box jump and/or box step thai knees- minimum 20
5. Bent over rows with hand weight- 10 each arm minimum

Post crossfit:Boxing
-jog/punch in place
-jump rope steps
-rail step
-boxing step shadowbox
-neck drills
-jump rope
-medicine ball

Aug. 20
shadow boxing- momentum power hitting (study of Jack Dempsey’s book)
Long fist basics- kicks, stance work
Pakua circling
taijiquan form and standing.

Rest and Rehab
spa visit- sauna, steam room, cold jacuzzi , hot jacuzzi, skin scrub.
Korean dinner

Aug. 19, Thursday-
Long fist:
warm-ups: neck-wrist-ankle, arm circles in bow stance, spine twist, circle hips, wrapping arms, circle arms sagittal, smash fist, wheel arms, circle knees, front bend, drop stance, ankle and wrist again.

Lines: bow stance punch, 3 punch bow stance, swallow skims water, 8 stance drill, Tan tuei lines 1 and 2, front kick, inside kick, outside kick, side kick, slap kick, toe kick, toe kick-side kick, run jump.

Taijiquan lines: brush knee, repulse monkey, wave hands, standing pipa.

Heavy bag work
Thai station hitting- rhythm hitting. in/out style.
focus mitts- speed/mass stepping: jab, jab cross, jab cross hook, jab cross hook cross.
thai pads- 4 3 minute rounds: punching and kicking combos, hard kicking, push round, multiple round, etc.

kids class: stamina-endurance lesson. circle game, thai pads, juijitsu- triangle and sparring.

Aug. 18, Wed
rest day- morning rained out
evening- 1 hour massage, sauna, steam room

Aug. 17, Tuesday
yang short form

boxing stepping lines- jab, jab cross, jab cross hook, jab cross hook duck.
Dave and Khameron: hand sparring- tie-up and clinch work.

teach kids class- stretch kicks, wall stretching.
-lesson- humility, courage, bravery.
-6 station circuit, dummy tug of war, jujitsu sparring.

post kids class:
road work running- 2 mile.
wall: thai push kicks, chinese side kicks.
sprints running up hill 4x
boxing foot work- back and angle, side, circle, sprinter stepping.

frozen fruit protein shake
Yipman MOVIE! woot woot.

Aug. 16 Monday
Hsing yi- 5 element.
pakua- 8 animals
joint opening exercises
37 taiji form
5 zhuan zhang
37 taiji form
pat massage.

crossfit- warmup: 1200 m run
work out: rope 3:1 singles to double.
50 double unders
25 sit ups
40 double unders
25 sit ups
30 double unders
25 sit ups
20 double unders
25 sit ups
10 double unders
25 sit ups

3 times:
10 deadlifts 95lb.
10 hindu push ups

Sunday Aug. 15-
5 Taiji Zhuan Zhang postures and Yang form.

sparring class-
150 boxer abs- (jab, cross, crunch, bob/weave, etc)
Defense drills-
shadow boxing- 3 rounds of circle, level change, 4 punches, in/out punches, change direction
(using footwork as defense to stay out of range)
1. slip-slip-duck (3) defense drill off a jab cross hook.
2. slip-slip-duck-duck (4) defense off a jab cross hook hook.
2.1 – “3 point coverage” drills-
A. block the jab cross with one or both hands
B. 3 point cover vs jab cross hook
C. 3 point coverage vs. jab cross hook hook
D. 3 point coverage vs- body hook and head hook
E. 3 point coverage vs body hook head hook both sides.
3. person A: jab cross, person B: defense. switch roles.
4. kick defense drill- left or right round kick- to leg, body or head, defense- raise leg, shield, or k-block.
5. jab spar. switch roles.
6. jab cross spar. switch roles.
7. one person all defense. other person 1-6 punches. switch roles.
8. 3 and 3: counter punch system: body: return 4 punches off coverage with uppercut hook cross hook, head: return cross-hook-cross-hook, or hook-cross hook-cross.
9. back and fourth rounds: one person attacks 1-6 punches, other person attacks 1-6 punches.
10. Boxing rounds- sparring boxing only.
11. Mexican rounds- sparring up close range gloves/head touching.

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