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It is training at Annandale boxing club, with Leo Rossiter, a old school boxing only gym with an old school fighter (under Mack Lewis in Baltimore) and coach. He has a few pros currently and had taught many pros. Link to ABGC Boxing

So basically he recommends for Morning workout-
Get your running and road work in. Early AM running to get your legs strong. He says in his prime he was running 5 miles 6 x a week under 1 hour.

1 month: mold the shit out of your basics until it is permanent.
1st month he had me start from scratch after watching me shadow box. I had to make corrections to the hook and uppercut mostly, his version of body shot was new.
Beginners have to do the following:
Stretching: bar stretch forward and sides, loosen hips, stretch quads, drop stance stretches, limber up type of work. Loosen neck, stretch shoulders, etc. etc.

fight stance test- you can test a guys stance and structure by pushing on them. have them in boxing stance w/arms crossed at chest and then quickly push them when they are ready. they will move off balance. adjust the posture and try again. they should be stable.

All workouts are done to the timer of 3 minute rounds.
1. Forward moving step-jab/Backward jab step-back. Step jab are timed together. Be sure to jab long with chin tucked and protected by shoulder. Do this across the room going forward. Then next drill repeat going backward.
Move backwards after going forward- do: jab then step back. The reason for this is that if opponent is moving forward with punches, you jab at his chest or center line to off balance them while you have a solid connection to the ground. After you punch and hit the guy (in the critical distance), then step back. This is done for a few rounds 3 to 4 rounds and be sure you have good fight stance and crouching. Your legs should burn from this.

2. Cross/straight right- practice the cross only for a few rounds working mechanics of the weight shift, hips open and close, back foot pivot, chin tucked and protected by shoulder, punching with two main knuckles and extend arm long (jab and cross arms should be like steel bars from forearm to knuckle). No stepping just yet. Practice in place.

3. Lead Hook- this hook is a ‘short inside’ hook. Study the way ‘Mickey Ward’ throws the hook. In our style there is a sight shift to left leg (if you are orthodox stance) , hook to opponent chin, then hand does not drop down coming back to chin. It almost does a blocking move coming back to chin. Do this for a few rounds, no stepping.

4. Left and right Body shots- this is very much like Chinese Hsingyi “Heng” or “crossing fist”. The right hand drops to waist level (elbow is a fist away from rt. Hip) and punch straight (not round hook) to opponent’s center line. Switch the hands (right hand comes up to cheek, left hand is lowered with left elbow a fist away from left hip) shift weight and drive left body shot to opponent center. Add a little power at the end of the hit. Be sure to be shifting weight with the body shots. Do this in place for a few rounds.

5. Upper cut- uppercut uses the legs doing a quarter squat and allow the legs to drive the uppercut. Sink down and fire the right hand from the chin straight up as if an opponent has a clinch around your head and you are connecting with his chin. Repeat for the left uppercut. Do that in place for a few rounds.

End workout with calisthenics/push up/ab set: start with 10 add one each practice up to 20.
1. Jumping jacks
2. Toe touches in wide stance- bend down left hand touch rt toe. Come up and repeat for left tow touch. That counts as one. Do 10.
3. Standing elbow to knee. Opposite elbow to knee. Both sides counts as 1. Do 10.
4. 10 air squats with hands up like a boxer.
5. Feet together touch toes, hit abs with both hands hard, reach for sky, hit abs hard again and touch toes. Repeat.
6. Feet parallel- twist spine and punch behind your opposite shoulder, twist to other side and repeat.
7. Flat hand push ups. 10.
8. Knuckle push ups on hard floor.
You can take two deep breaths to rest between each ab exercise.
9. Sit ups
10. Sit ups with legs in a diamond, feet flat against each other.
11. Crunches with knees up.
12. Crunches with legs up in diamond.
13. Crunches with legs raised up.
14. Crunches with legs out.
15. Crunches with legs out rt. Leg over left foot.
16. Crunches with legs out left Leg over rt. foot.
17. Leg lift with extra lift of hips off the ground.

2 month- after coach thinks you have basics correct and down the workout changes.
1. Continue with doing #1 from above a few rounds. Jab step forward across room, jab step backward across room. (Do for a few rounds)

2. Double jab step forward across room. Jab, step back- add cross- lead hook, quarter squat-uppercut. Repeat combo going backward. (Do for a few rounds)

3. Triple jab step forward across room. Jab, step back- add cross hook, quarter squat uppercut. Repeat combo going backward. (Do for a few rounds)

4. Ring area (square area size of ring)- jab step, cross follow step, hook step. You are doing jab-cross-hook but each with a 3 to 6 inch step (varies on your height). This is a bit hard to describe on paper, but the purpose is to keep closing in and have that hidden cross. The punches are like pushes that can offset/unbalance opponent. Step is like this: left foot steps about 6 inches with jab, rt. Foot follows about 6 inches, left foot steps about 6 in. with left hook. This stepping and punch pattern works to a beat and rhythm. (Do for a few rounds)The ring area jab-cross-hook #4 is done counter clockwise the outer rim of the ring. you move forward then pivot 90 degrees and continue moving forward. this will get you to practice pivoting.

5. After #4 jab-cross-hook is correct: add left body shot, rt. Body shot, left body shot, left hook using the same rhythmic stepping pattern. (Do for a few rounds)

6. You can add 3 lb. hand weights or resistance bands to #5.

Finish with the calisthenics/push up/ab set.
Add: pull up/ab station set: 10 dips, 10 leg ups/knee ups, 10 bicep pull ups, 10 leg ups/knee ups, 10 wide grip pull ups, 10 leg ups/knee ups, 10 wide grip pull up behind the neck.

3rd month- after the boxing test (which is the jab-cross hook on focus mitts for 3 four minute rounds non-stop to the stepping rhythm)

1. Shadow box for 3 rounds.

Heavy Bag work: 2 rounds each drill
1. Double jab and triple jab on heavy bag. Keep moving right. (this is because a majority of people are orthodox stanced fighters). Double and triple jabs should take no more than 2 seconds. Hit hard and make the guy respect you on those jabs. (jab and cross arms should be like steel bars from forearm to knuckle).
2. Cross only on heavy bag: hard ass cross- weave right, cross again step right.
3. Left hooks- head can touch the bag: 4 quick hard hooks to body, 1 hard hook to head, move right.
4. Body shots- two really hard body shots (center line style) step right, 4 quick and hard body shots, move right. body shots on heavy bag- your head should be touching the bag like in #3 hooks to the bag. those are inside techniques.
5. Freestyle on bag- keep using proper mechanics as previously done.
6. Speed bag- 2 rounds using the X style.
7. 1 more round of shadow boxing after all the bag work.

Do previous:
1. calisthenics/push up/ab set.
2. pull up/ab station set
3. add: incline bench press and regular bench press. Style is as follows: do not use sets. Just blast 10. Next time you train blast 11 so on and so forth. When you get to blast 20, add 10 lb. and repeat. Idea here is to get strong but not buff which is counter productive to boxers.

medicine ball work like hitting abs with medicine ball, dropping medicine ball to abs, etc.

Jump rope rounds

Focus mitt rounds

Sparring 4 minute rounds.

pad work with student
1. long reaching jab cross.
2. 4 punch/4 step punching
3. look at eyes: jab cross duck while hitting body
4. add slip to #3.

Heavy bag: pro fighter bag hitting- move in hitting, inside hitting (head and body combos), move out.

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MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Boxing schools in the DC metro Area http://polariswushu.net/blog/2012/07/22/mma-muay-thai-and-boxing-schools-in-the-dc-metro-area/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2012/07/22/mma-muay-thai-and-boxing-schools-in-the-dc-metro-area/#comments Sun, 22 Jul 2012 15:44:33 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=1191 Continue reading ]]> Virginia:
Leo Dalla BJJ and MMA
Pedro Sauer
Pentagon MMA- Vivek Nakarmi, Issac July Jr.
Nova MMA: Derek Sierra, Dave Carter, Greg Saunders
50/50 juijitsu: Ryan Hall and Seph Smith
Fairfax Juijitsu: Dave Jacobs, Mark Jones, Abmar Barbosa, Bill Easlick, Matt Nielsen, Yara Corderio.
MiKiDo: Mike and Bret Hess
Trident MMA: Pat Tray (former Navy Seal Team)
Vanguard Gym: Douglas Esposito
Gold Medal Grappling: Elijah Harshbarger
Capital MMA and Elite Fitness
Brooks “Khun Kao” Miller
Viet Le MMA
Kaizen MMA: Nima Mazhari, Kamal Shalorus, Najim Wali
Warrior Gym: Aaron Riley, Kru Danny Prawatsrichai
Krav works
First Defense Krav Maga and Shuai Chiao: Nick Masi
T.A.G. Muay Thai- Chris Aboy
Fight works a Relson Gracie School
disciplemmaacademy.com (Dustin pauge UFC& Neil Jonhston Bellator)

L.A. Boxing- Clarendon, Old Town, Tysons, Chantilly, etc.
Olympia Boxing
Arlington Boxing at Barcroft Rec Center: Coach Willy Taylor
Alexandria Boxing Club at Charles Houston Recreation CenterDennis Porter and Kay Koroma.

Lloyd Irvin BJJ and MMA
Evolve – Mike Moses
Jeff Gordon MMA
Yamasaki Mario and Fernando Yamasaki
CPMMA (Capitol Punishment) Joshua Peters
Bowie MMA
Sugar Ray Leonard boxing
Maryland Thai Boxing- Kru Scott Anderson
TeamMarylandBjj.com Black belt Stuart Ramos
Calvertmma.com 2 degree Black belt Toney Waldecker and Brown belt Jim Thrift

District of Columbia (DC):

Beta Academy: Nakapan Phungephorn
Downtown Boxing
Georgetown Boxing
RelsonGracie Dc Black belt Jim Hannan.

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Sparring at Mainstreet Crossfit 2012 http://polariswushu.net/blog/2012/05/27/sparring-at-mainstreet-crossfit-2012/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2012/05/27/sparring-at-mainstreet-crossfit-2012/#comments Sun, 27 May 2012 00:14:31 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=1184 Continue reading ]]>

march 31

Class started with doing warm-ups: shakedown hopping/footwork drills, light running with foot work drills, various leg stretches , and some other strength and flexibity drills with boxing attributes.

3 rounds of shadow boxing.

Partner work:
flow drills:
1. slip slip weave weave
2. 3 defense drill- parry, slip, or duck/weave, off the jab, the cross, and the jab-cross combo.

defense conditioning drills: one for one trade off.
1. covering 4 punches to head.
2. covering 4 punches to headand body.

Pre-sparring rounds: changing partners. one for one trade off.
1. jab.
2. double jab.
3. triple lead (jab, lead uppercut, lead hook.
4. jab-cross.

Sparring rounds:
1. jab/double jab round. (head and body jabs)
2. jab cross round.
3. full sparring rounds (all punches)

suicides on heavy bag.

april 7
15 minutes jump rope
400m run with foot work drills- side step, forward step, back step, karoke, backwards.

3 round thai pad work or focus mitt work for boxing:
1. jab, cross, jab cross, jab cross hook, upper cuts, push kick-round kick, low kick body/head kick.
2. drill kicks- 1,2,3,4,or 5 round kick: Thai style moving forward with skip step.
3. combine 1 and 2.

-foot work drills:
1. in-out step left and right
2. forward duck/weave
3. backward duck weave
4. cuban angle step
5. cross over steps (forward, backward0
6. box step (forward, right, back left and back, left, forward, right.
7. box step in a circular motion.
8. circle side step with add 4 punches/change of direction.

pre-sparring drill: 1 for 1
1. jab cross hook attack: other person defense.
2. 5 punch attack: other uses defense.

sparring: 3 two minute rounds with 30 sec. rest, spar different person each round.

close out with a heavy bag round.

april 14
some things we did today:
jump rope
running with boxing foot work drills.
shadow boxing.
3 rounds on thai pads.
flow drills- slip slip weave weave.
slip/duck/parry: jab, cross, jab-cross.
Sparring rounds.

April 21
Today we worked on:
warm up:
-running with footwork drills
-jump rope
- 3 rounds shadow boxing with some mitt work in the mix.

-two person attack defense drills: move around and work with different person,
1. jab cross hook vs. defense
2. jab cross hook hook vs defense
3. jab cross hook hook- cover jab cross and counter with cover and two straights to chest.

sparring rounds

closeout heavy bag circuit.

April 28
warm-up: running/footowrk drills.
jump rope and shadow box.

flow drills:
1. slip jab, slip cross, weave hook, weave hook
2. jab cross- 2 cover/counter drill (punch chest)

Pre-sparring: round robin (switch partners 3x)
1. jab sparring
2. cross sparring
3. lead hook, jab, uppercut spar
4. 5 for 5 offense /defense trade off.

Sparring round robin- swtich partner during rounds (go two straight rounds).

close out-
heavy bag 2 min.
speed bag 2 min.

5/5/2012 workout:

Running, jump rope, stretching, boxing attributes warm-up.

3 round rounds shadow boxing with body shots on the guy holding the medicine ball.

Technique of the day: leap frogging with counter straight, and J-hook.
3 rounds with technique using leap frogging (LF) and j-hook.
1. Jab (LF)
2. Cross (LF)
3. J-hook

3 rounds pre-sparring:
1. jab spar,
2. cross spar,
3. jab cross hook: one and one.

5 rounds of sparring: round robin (3 guys)
-4 rounds regular sparring.
-1 round Mexican sparring (up close).

Speed bag round
Heavy bag round.

May 20-
boxing went well yesterday we did the folliwng:

foot work drills after running
partner stretching;
various warm ups with boxing attributes:
1. hip rotations (circling waist in guard/drunken boxing)
2. slip slip weave weave drill
3. twist spine- elbow strike behind.
4. neck work- turn head yes, turn head no.
5. knee to check, twist spine.
6. in-out step with jab and jab-cross.

5 round shadow box/bag/jump rope/o r hold medicine ball for punching.

5 rounds mitt work with holder using jabs.

round robin sparring

close out: partner pulling massage/body work
stretch neck, legs, arms, etc.

Today we worked on:

warm up- running with foot work drills:
running, sideways run, backward, Curb: toe touches, switch lunges., karokes.

partner stretches: wall stretches.
1. front kick leg
2. knee to chest
3. side kick leg
4. back kick leg

boxing attribute drills:
1. waist circles
2. neck drills yes/no.
3. slip slip weave weave switch stances.
4. box step and reverse box stepping.

4 medicne ball/shadow boxing rounds.

3 straight rounds with working off jab glove/focus mitt.

3 straight rounds sparring for each 4 guys.

close out: station training:
circuit: focus mitt, speed bag, heavy bag rounds.

partner stretching: neck, legs, arms and neck drills.

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Boxing training 3/23/2011 http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/24/boxing-training-3232011/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/24/boxing-training-3232011/#comments Thu, 24 Mar 2011 13:48:49 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=911 Continue reading ]]> footwork/stepping drills on the Line:
1. Crossing step forward
2. Crossing step backward
3. Angle switching step (slip and angle) left and rt sides
4. Angle switch step forward
5. Angle switch step backward
6. Foot swiching 50x
7. 180 jumping 30x
8. Shadow boxing w/ stepping using combined #6 and # 7.
9. puerto rican hook (180 jump hook) escape corner situation.

Pad work:
1. Getting hit with mitts and cover
2. Getting hit then blast 4.
3. Getting hit and adding combos: jab, cross, jab cross, jab cross hook.

1. Ball balance
2. Mt climbers
3. Punching sit ups
4. Medicine ball wrestling belly spin
5. Med ball alternate arm push ups
6. Med ball lunges or wrestler walks
7. Med ball roll on back stand up.

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Boxing Training: Slip, Weave, and Cover defense day 4/8/2011 http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/09/boxing-training-slip-weave-and-cover-day-482011/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/09/boxing-training-slip-weave-and-cover-day-482011/#comments Wed, 09 Mar 2011 00:08:08 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=895 Continue reading ]]> Warm-up:
running, sideways, karoke, backward, hopping, high knees, swing stretch, Frankensteins, buttkicks, leg swings, etc.

focus mitt rounds-
2 min work 30 sec. rest.
1. slip jab- counter cross, slip cross- counter hook. jab, double jab, cross, jab cross, blast 4.
2. add slip jab- counter cross hook cross, slip cross- counter hook cross hook.
3. add weave: counter hook cross hook, weave: cross hook cross.
4. add counter punch system- cover and return 4.
5. combine all freestyle.
6. combine all freestyle.
7. combine all freestyle.

power condition out:
round 1:
15 jab cross hook jab cross.
15 body shot and upper cuts
50 drill jab cross.
15 2 count power stikes (uppercut hook, jab cross, hook cross, etc.)

round 2:
upper cut and straights drill: random numbers (2-20)

Round 3:
15 jab cross uppercut cross
15 counter body shots: uppercut cross hook.
15 KO jab cross
15 KO Cross
100 drill jab cross
10 jab cross hook cross.

http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/03/09/boxing-training-slip-weave-and-cover-day-482011/feed/ 0
MT training notes 2/25/ and 2/28, 2011. http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/26/mt-training-notes-2280111/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/26/mt-training-notes-2280111/#comments Sat, 26 Feb 2011 00:45:59 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=887 Continue reading ]]> 2/25:
running, high knees, push ups,knees, punching- jab cross, jab-cross-hook, side ways, backwards, push kick, left right, round kicks- left right, push kick round kick left and right, runing, etc.

Knee day:
rt. up knee, switch step left knee.
-add freestyle- jab, jab-cross, left knee, right knee, blast 4, double jab, jab cross hook cross, jab cross upper cut cross.
- add left or right round kick.

Jab step drill: 3 jabs vs cover, slip, and back step.
combo drill 3 n 3:
1. cover jab: counter jab cross-left knee, left round kick to leg.
2. slip jab: counter cross-hook, rt. knee, rt. round kick to leg.
3. back step the jab: counter 2 long then 2 short punches to neck tie-up, 4 knees, push and rt. kick to body.

Strength out:
push ups
sit ups
push ups
push ups.

running, high knees, scales, front kicks, side ways, backwards, butt kicks, etc.

Thai pad work: 3 rounds each. 2 min. rounds.
Round 1: jab, , rt knee, cross, left knee, jab cross rt. knee, blast 4 left knee, jab cross hook, rt. knee.
round 2: same above, add left kick, rt. kick, push kicks.
Round 3: same above, add cover/counter kick (same leg) and cover punch- 4 counter punches.

Jab step drill: 3 jabs vs cover, slip, and back step.
combo drill 3 n 3:
1. cover jab: hook-cross, rt. knee, rt. round kick to leg.
2. slip jab: counter cross-hook, rt. knee, rt. push kick.
3. back step the jab: counter 2 long then 2 short punches to neck tie-up, 4 knees, push and rt. kick to head.

Heavy Bag work: power and aggression.
50 drilling punches (jab cross)
15 KO jab cross,
5 double rt. kicks,
5 double left kicks,
15 KO cross,
50 drilling jab cross.

Dynamic Stretch out/ warm down:
lower back
spine twist,
side twist
yogic twist,
up knees,

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Feb 2011 Training Log http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/08/feb-2011-training-log/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/08/feb-2011-training-log/#comments Tue, 08 Feb 2011 02:26:55 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=872 Continue reading ]]> Feb. 5:
running sprints: 200′s, Mile.
PVC warm ups- squat, bench, military press
Squat: 135# 3,3,3,3,3.
Bench: 135# 3,2,2,2,2.
Dips: body weight- 5,5,5,5,5.
Push Press: 45# 10,8,8,8,10.
Back extensions: 3×10
Yogic stretches/boxing stretches.

Kids class: wall and kick stretches.

running sprints: 200′s, Mile.
200 abs, bench and floor variations.
jump rope 15 minutes.
bench knees

Feb 7:
Morning 36 liang gong, 42 Taijiquan.

Evening: Sparring.
warm up- running steps, jump rope
Dead lifts- 135 lb. 3,3,3,3,3.
Shadow boxing.
Thai pad rounds:2 min. work, 30 sec rest. (three person round robin, everybody goes twice.)
1. use following:
-jab, rt. elbow
-jab-cross rt. elbow.
-jab-cross-hook, rt. elbow.
-Cross, left elbow.
-cross-hook-cross-step out-cross.
-4 punches, step out, cross.
- rt. elbow, cross.
2. add kicks, single or double rounds kicks, Theep kicks.
3. add double knees.

Sparring drills:
2 minute rounds, 30 sec rest.
2x: double jab spar: emphasis quick footwork as defense, hands covering second defense.
2x: body hook-head hook- cross: use foot work, cover.
2x: Shin conditioning:
10 x- left side: give kick, take counter kick.
10 x- right side same.
10 x- left side: take kick, counter kick.
10x- right side: same.
2x: K block high kicks:
10 x- left side: give high kick, take counter high kick.
10 x- right side same.
10 x- left side: take high kick, counter high kick.
10x- right side: same.
2x: 5 and 5 sparring: trade off 5 combination’s of punches and kicks.

focus mitt-condition out:
15x jab cross hook cross hook
15 x KO cross
15 x counter body shot with: uppercut-hook-cross.
50 x- drill jab-cross.

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Boxing class 2/2/2011 http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/04/boxing-class-222011/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/04/boxing-class-222011/#comments Fri, 04 Feb 2011 17:02:58 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=869 Continue reading ]]> Warm up:
Partner stepping/distance drill- following partner front, back, side, side.
Push ups, squats, sit up circuit x3.

Partner glove work: stepping forward with Jab. (I go, you go)
1. Step jab, step jab, jab-cross.
2. Step jab, step jab, jab-cross-hook.
3. Step jab, step jab, jab-cross-hook-cross.

Focus mitt work: 2 rounds each.
-left mitt: is jab, rt. Mitt: is jab-cross, angle mitt: jab-cross-hook-cross, down mitt: jab-cross-uppercut-hook.

Focus mitt knock out drills-
10 ko jab cross.
10 ko cross.
10 ko cross hook.
10 ko cross hook cross.
100 drill jab cross for speed.

Kick shield:
-body shot on forward moving kick shield: body hooks, body upper cuts, body straights and cross with evade stepping.

Strengthen out:
Medicine ball burpies
Push ups
Medicine ball burpies
Sit up with medicine ball.
Push ups.

http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/04/boxing-class-222011/feed/ 0
Muay thai training 1/30 and 1/31 http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/01/muay-thai-training-130-and-131/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/01/muay-thai-training-130-and-131/#comments Tue, 01 Feb 2011 01:42:54 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=864 Continue reading ]]> 1/30-
focus pad work elbow: 2 min rounds.
3 rounds incorporating the following techniques:
-jab rt elbow
-jab cross rt elbow
-jab cross hook rt elbow
-4 punches out-cross
-cross hook cross out-cross
-rt. elbow -cross
-up elbow-horizontal elbow

conditioning out rounds:
1. numbers
2. knock out – jab cross, cross, cross hook cross, upper cut -cross-hook.
3. body shot -upper cut (left and right.)

jump rope
3 rounds muay thai shadow boxing

2 minute rounds:
1. back step and lean out of high kick, counter with rt. kick
2. Right round kick 1,2, or 10 with blast stepping.
3. Left round kick 1,2, or 10 with blast stepping.
4. punches and elbows with 1/2 clinch up knees.
5. add parry jab counter kick, parry cross counter kick.
6. add 4 clinch knees with push and kick.
focus mitts:
7. numbers (drill straights)
8. numbers- upper cuts and straights.
9. knock outs: counter body and uppercut-hook-cross, counter body uppercut-cross-hook, jab-cross, cross, cross-hook-cross.

stretching: shoulders, tricpts, splits, hips, etc.

http://polariswushu.net/blog/2011/02/01/muay-thai-training-130-and-131/feed/ 0
3 fight Boxing workout 2 minute fight rounds, 45 sec. rest http://polariswushu.net/blog/2010/12/21/9-round-boxing-workout-2min-work-45-sec-rest/ http://polariswushu.net/blog/2010/12/21/9-round-boxing-workout-2min-work-45-sec-rest/#comments Tue, 21 Dec 2010 03:25:39 +0000 Administrator http://polariswushu.net/blog/?p=842 Continue reading ]]> Fight 1: First 3 rounds:
freestyle focus mitt work:
1.counter punch system with, jab, double jab, cross, jab-cross, 4 punches, 6 punches and stepping.
2.counter punch system with, jab, double jab, cross, jab-cross, 4 punches, 6 punches and stepping.
3.counter punch system with, jab, double jab, cross, jab-cross, 4 punches, 6 punches and stepping.

Fight 2: Second 3 rounds:
4. add jab cross hook, bob and weave/level change and 4 counter punches w/counter punch system with, jab, cross, jab cross, 4 punches, 6 punches.
5. add jab cross hook-jab cross, bob and weave/level change and 4 counter punches w/counter punch system with, jab, cross, jab cross, 4 punches, 6 punches, jab- step out jab-cross.
6. add jab cross hook, add jab cross hook-jab cross, bob and weave/level change and 4 counter punches w/counter punch system with, jab, cross, jab cross, 4 punches, 6 punches, over hand right.

Fight 3: Last 3 rounds
7. 7′s (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)drill and all of above combos freestyle.
8. numbers drill (10, 7,9,8 punches) and previous combos freestyle.
9. knock out sets (cross, jab-cross, hook-cross, cross-hook) and all the above drills freestyle.

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