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Coach Matt Stampe is a Database Administrator and I.T. professional. In the world of Bodywork, he has been a Certified Massage Therapist (CNT) licensed with the Virginia Board of Nursing, and has a “Master of Science in Acupuncture” (MSA) at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine ( He is a candidate with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). He has taught hundreds of people Authentic Yang Tai Chi Kung Fu for over 25 years. He was President of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Martial arts club, Secretary and Treasurer of USA chapter of Yongnian Association under Sifu He Weiqi. Experience includes: Kung fu schools: Omei Shaolin (Sifu Lu Xiaoling) 3rd degree Black Sash, Chinese Martial Arts Institute (Sifu Clarence Burris), United States Wushu Academy (Coach Christopher Pei), and Qi Elements (Sifu Nancy Bloomfield), Former Head Coach: Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation centers(Adults Tai Chi), Hope Chinese school (kids classes), NOVA MMA gym in Arlington (kids classes), and VUOM Martial Arts Tai Chi club (Fairfax). He has positively impacted peoples lives whether for health, sport, strength, combat, and spirit. As a true combat athlete, he teaches methods so people can be confident to defend themselves.

2018 Chinese Medicine Orthopedics and Microsystems

Books for this semester: Disorders: Qi and Blood, Blood and Qi, Ying Qi, and Wei Qi. Fractures, Dislocations, Sublaxations, Sprains, Strains Neck: Cervical spine Exercise, Qigong, and Health Maintenance. spurling’s test for neck injury Elbows, Wrists, Fingers Tests Shoulder Elbow, … Continue reading

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Talks on Yang Family Taijiquan with Fu Zhongwen and James Fu

A young Fu Zhongwen with Yang Chenfu Fu Zhongwen was a chief inheritor of Yang Chenfu’s Taijiquan. He was one of the closest disciples, a lineage-holder, and in-law to the Yang Family. He spent his earlier days in Guang Fu … Continue reading

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Western Medicine for National Acupuncture students

last update 1/3/2019 To add: more diagnostic tests notes, more pharmacology notes. Everything to add will be based on NCCAOM requirements. Added CNT, HIPPA, OSHA, Ethics, CPR, Communications I, II, Practice management and billing. etc. Books used in this blog/University/lectures: … Continue reading

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Ma Dang Yang’s 12 Star acupuncture points and Taoist herbs

work in progress (need to add more herb pictures). commentary on the points and herbs of Taoist Ma Dang Yang. More details that explains the Taoist tradition of Ma Dang Yang please go here: MA DANYANG’S TWELVE ACUPOINTS Valuable Points … Continue reading

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Constitutional Acupuncture

*from Clinic Internship Spring 2017 Virginia University of Oriental Medicine (VUOM) Dr. Pyo supervisor. last update June 2017 Constitutional acupuncture is not well known in the west but it is taking a hold in our clinic here at VUOM. From … Continue reading

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