Yang style Taijiquan


Yang’s Saber, Spear, Double edged sword, Long form. Shaky ground due to mole hills in the flat. Also modified some stepping to accommodate the camera viewing field.



Straight sword

Long form


What to know about Yang Taijiquan: Info


Certifications, Ranks, and Sash tests: Level 3 Black Sash Omei Wushu Kung fu School

Competitions Medals and Awards: Competitor from 1993 to 2010.


Push Hands- some basic patterns.

All these guys have won championships in one way or another . I’ve competed but usually got second place. I test some of my pushing with them. Though I took a lot of pushes, I’m seeing some of the things that worked for me. Many teachers will not put themselves out there in free pushing against a high level person. They will lose face. They tend to show only beating their students and other silly demos not under pressure and many are suspect. No showboating here, just testing under duress.

Matt Full Contact fighting:



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Coach Matt Stampe is a Database Administrator and I.T. professional. In the world of Bodywork, he has been a Massage Therapist, and is currently a student at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine (VUOM.edu). He has taught hundreds of people Authentic Tai Chi Kung fu for over 25 years at places including: Kung fu schools, Parks and Recreation centers, Chinese schools, Martial arts clubs, MMA/Boxing gyms, and Acupuncture Universities. He has positively impacted peoples lives whether for health, sport, strength, and spirit. As a true combat athlete and fighter, he teaches realistic methods so people can be confident to defend themselves. (without all the woo-woo mystical BS.)
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