5 Element Healing in Tibetan Bon Buddhism

5 element healing in Tibetan Buddhism Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Earth- secure. Wisdom of equanimity- stillness meditation or zhine
Fire- creative. wisdom of discriminiation. tummo- internal heat practice
Water- fluidity. Mirror-like wisdom. Guru yoga or heart opening or love practice.
Air- prana/chi. Ability to recognize and change to opposite. Tsa lung, trulkor, or pho wa
Space- awareness of balance- wisdom-like emptiness.

Purification and cultivation-
Purpose: Interrupt negative aspects of experience
Meditate on 4 virtues- love, compassion, joy, and equanimity.
Others- courage, stability, comfort, impermanence

Why practice? Ask yourself. What do you want to change about yourself? How can you change the way you act and react in life?

Ngon Dro- purification and preliminary practices of taking refuge in Buddha.

4 ancient schools of Bon Buddhism-
1. Cha shen- way of prediction. uses medicine, healing, astrology and diagnosis.
2. Nan ghen- way of visible world. Uses purification rituals, summon energy, prosperity, and well-being, suppress or liberate negative forces, make offerings and exorcism.
3. Trulshen- way of magical illusion. Astral projection for the subjecation of demons and spirits. Bind spirits.
4. Sri shen- way of Shen existence- for living- retrieve soul. For dead- help in death/bardo.

La, yee, sem
La- soul- depth of who we are, underlies our vitality and basic human goodness and life force, can be damaged by life circumstances.
Yee- movement of experience shaped by la.
Sem- Mind- active conceptual mind, affected by condition of la and yee.

La, Sok and Tse
La- same as above
Sok- life force enhanced by positiveness and appreciation for life and nature
Tse- life span

Meditation in Nature
Allow sun and natural elements clean channels and heart
Earth- brings stability
Water- brings peace
Fire- invigorates
Air- uplifts spirit
Space/clear sky- joy
Dedicate healing to all beings suffering

The path-
channels- gross- blood vessels, nerves, and lymph
subtle- accupunture meridians
very subtle- need sensitivity to feel

prana- the energy that flows in channels
charka- wheel of energy at various junctions of body, mainly along central channel
tigle- sphere of light- moves along central channel by mind will
armour- use the syllables, ex. OM, AH, or HUNG symbols, in charka to protect against negative forces.
Positive and negative- tantra is the ability to transform experience into bliss
Supporting positive qualities involves opening the channels and charkas, abiding in non-dual awareness, understanding the 6 realms of existence.

Chakra, negative aspect, positive aspect, Realm
Crown/3rd eye- pleasurable distractions, compassion, God (deva)
Throat – pride, humble/peaceful, Demigod (asura)
Heart- jealousy, openness, human
Navel – ignorance, wisdom/clarity, animal
Secret – greed, generosity, ghost
Sole of feet- hatred, love, hell

Tsa lung- Tibetan yoga
5 point posture-
1. cross legs- brings energy into secret charka and lower trunk building internal heat
2. hands in lap- keeps energy inside at navel
3. spine straight- opens channels and makes prana smooth
4. tuck neck- quiets the mind
5. open chest- allows more air and opens heart.

4 phase breathing-
1. inhale- inhale joy
2. re-inhale- fill to capacity
3. hold- generates internal heat
4. exhale- release

Holding and releasing = relaxing and opening
In life we are constantly holding and releasing food , air, prana, knowledge and experience. Example- holding urine for an amount of time can have a feeling of great pressure and tension. release after urination makes you feel relaxed and un-irritable. Same with crying (holding of emotions), orgasm (holding of sex energy), anger (released in fighting) and so on.

External, Internal and Secret meaning of elements in tantra.

Upward moving prana– activates senses and brain- throat, 3rd eye and crown along with central channel. Related to earth and ability to jump high/fly. Internally- rise above negative emotions and enter higher realms of existence.

Exercise- inhale and reinhale- rotate neck 5x both directions to circulate prana in throat and head and release breath.

Life force prana– heart and vitality of a person. Will power. Related to space element. Jewel of heart to fulfill desires. Develops memory. Negative is anger and positive is happiness and good perception. Ability to transfer consciousness at death.

Exercise- inhale, reinhale and circle chest 5x in both directions and release.

Fire-like prana- is the metabolism, navel area and digestion- ability to absorb food and heat of heat. Related to Fire and bliss energy of meditation. Subtle psychic heat of bliss.
Negative- drowsy, tired, forgetfull, poor digestion. Positive- invulnerable to elements, lucid dreaming, and clear light meditation.

Exercise- kumbaka- inhale stomach muscels in towards spine, hold sex organ and anus upward, circle body 5x both directions and exhale. * keep throat area open not locked. Abide in pure presence.

Pervasive Prana- Air and entire body vessels, nerves, and lymph. Related to how we extend our experience to others as positive or negative. Develops strong intellect. Those with strong pervasive prana are clairvoyant and psychic.

Exercise- inhale and reinhale, rub, face, body and limbs. Exhale.

Downward moving prana- gives us strength to eliminate what we don’t need in areas of our life. water Sex charka- union of bliss and emptiness. Negative- lust, positive- stability.

Exercise- inhale, reinhale, pull up on sex organ and anus ( as if holding it), rotate pelvis 5x both directions. Release.

video of exercises:

Internal method
Upward- for throat, crown, central channel- inhale, hold nose, fill head with air (as if popping ears) . release. Good when feeling “down”. Depression. Allow exhale to leave central channel at toop of head.

Life force-
hands on heart, hold breath to heart. Supports centeredness.

Fire like- inhale and pullin belly towards spine and hold. Good for scattered mind.

Pervasive- make body small, inhale, expand body and exhale letting feeling of pervasiveness pervade all cells of body.

Downward- inhale, pull in and up on sex and anus. Exhale and relax.


Using the OM syllable in each charka
Crown- yellow and compassion.
Throat- green- peaceful
Heart- wishfullfilling jewel- love
Navel- red- clarity
Secret- Dissolve fear, untie greed knots, radiate giving.
*use experience to develop positive qualities.

The book:

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