Tao of Health: Philosophy, Principles, and the Transformation Equation: Brandon Gilbert

Review of Brandon Gilbert’s “Transformation Equation” series. During my study of Chinese Medicine, I found this lecture series on Youtube, and I feel Brandon Gilbert presents some very intelligent material to improve your life with some philosophy based on simple principles used in Taoism. It is nothing religious, but based on people who observed nature, mind, life, and adapted to change.– Matt Stampe

Ideas shared by Brandon Gilbert of Hyperionherbs.com, he touches on philosophy, principles of harmony, nature, relaxation and flowing. We are intelligent learners!

Video 1: Guiding principles.
Video 2: Deconstructing the Human Game.
Video 3: How to live a more Natural Life
Video 4: Harmonizing the cycles with the Rhythms of Nature.
Video 5: How to build the Fire of Health.
Video 6: Cultivating Compassion and Saving the world.
Video 7: Getting past the laws of Attraction.
Video 8: Drug Addiction of Spiritual Seeking.
Video 9: Transform the 3 Treasures: Jing, Qi, Shen.

Playlist of the videos here or watch from bottom of this page.

Brandon’s Web page: http://HyperionHerbs.com & http://HyperionAcademy.com

Video 1 he calls the ‘guiding principles’:

Brandon explains that we live an a excessive world and we need to develop some daily diminishing and reprogramming to get to the results of success.



Video 2: Deconstructing the Human Game

Brandon talks about how Religion, Society, Parents,School, Jobs, Relationships all have Hierarchy and how to understand rules to the game.


Video 3: How to live a more Natural Life

Here is the beginning of more of the Taoist and Chinese medicine view, True and Fake definitions, perceiving the correct direction, preparedness.


Video 4: Harmonizing the cycles with the Rhythms of Nature.

Brandon talks about the Dualistic Nature and polarities of life: Day and Night, health, vibration and state of being in our levels of existence. Big Taiji: universe, Small Taiji: our body.


Video 5: How to build the Fire of Health:

Brandon talks about what is Health, touching on diet and exercise, power circulation and Flow. Health is our make or break us. Over exercising and tightness, lack of exercise and looseness.



Video 6: Cultivating Compassion and Saving the world

Brandon here talks about shen and consciousness, not to be sold in the lie of striving for enlightenment and thinking we are so spiritually enlightened. Deal with mind and presence, people who are vacant in their mind.


Man follows Earth.
Earth follows heaven.
Heaven follows the Tao.
Tao follows what is natural.
Tao De Ching 25


Video 7: Getting past the laws of Attraction:

Brandon talks here about the law of attraction and your true self.


Video 8: Drug Addiction of Spiritual Seeking

Brandon talks about those who are spiritual seekers often show the same signs and behaviors of drug addicts, spirituality as a escape mechanism, signs of spiritual immaturity. Stay away from cultsand organized religion.


Video 9 Transform the 3 Treasures: Jing, Qi, Shen.

Brandon here talks and explains about Jing, Qi, Shen and its affects on other of your life, releasing fear, finding true self, and controls that weaken the three treasures.




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