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Tai Chi Fighter Essential Links

Eastern Medicine Essentials Acupuncture: Warrior-Acupuncturist Network Acupuncture: Chinese Channels and Vessel acupoints Acupuncture: Korean Sa Sang Constitution Medicine Acupuncture: SaAm: 5 element system Acupuncture: Master Tong’s acupoints Acupuncture: Constitution acupuncture Chinese Medicine: Diagnosis and Internal medicine Chinese Medicine: Psychology Chinese … Continue reading

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Tai Chi chuan’s Ti-Fang with Stephen J. Goodson of

Ti-fang (Lift and Place) is a critical component in Tai Chi Chuan. The video and text below is an interview with Stephen and he and I discuss and give some samples of ti-Fang usage in Form, Push hands, Da Lu … Continue reading

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Martial Arts and Medicine Talk: Justin Flinner, L.Ac., M.Ac. in Washington D.C.

Justin Flinner is a champion level martial artist, veteran competitor in both Modern Wushu and Traditional Fu Style Gong Fu. I caught up with him at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine where he was teaching Qigong. His practice of acupuncture … Continue reading

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