TCM points in relation to Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda medicine.

Image is a synopsis of a kundalini method with TCM points added. Inspired from India Guru Sri Mataji’s Sahaja Yoga Kundalini meditation which is much more longer and complex. This yoga is instructed to be free, we cannot charge money for the essence, nature, and energy that is already inside of you. It is up to you to unlock its power and vibration.

The steps are: (click on image below for more details)

1. Practice Pranayama: alternate nostril breathing to balance the Pingala, Ida, and Sushumna channels. These relate to the humors of Wind, Bile, and Phelgm in Ayurveda medicine.
2. Raise the kundalini
3. Secure a boundary with Bhanda
4. Grounding with the Earth- release emotions (anxiety, worry, fear)
5. Opening up with the Sky- release anger and aggression.
6. Connect with Lower Dan Tian- Pure intention to cultivate self knowledge and wisdom.
7. Releasing Attachment to others: Becoming your own true master.
8. Middle Dan Tien: Letting go and being one with the Spirit: release ego, cultivate compassion.
9. Release Guilt: True Self, confession, and return to innocence.
10. Upper Dan tien: Opening 3rd eye and forgiveness.
11. Mantra recitation: mentally whispering “Hum Sum” 108x to balance brain hemispheres.
12. Unification:Realization in the present moment, feeling kundalini above head.
13. Chakra massaging: guiding hand over chakras 7x.
14. Closing: repeat 2. and 3.




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