Palpatation areas in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Polarity Massage Therapy

In my continuing education course on Polarity Massage Therapy several years ago, it was discussed to palpitate and feel for pulses under the neck, and at Taixi (Kidney 3 area). These are the same places as pulses in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I will share what I have learned this year with some of the pulse and palpitation areas of the body. I will not go in-depth about the pulses of the wrist as many articles like this already exist.
The lessons are in the images so click to enlarge. Enjoy!

Traditional Chinese Medicine Palpitation Areas:


Polarity Massage CEU training course notes:


Polarity Exercises: Wood Chopper and Pyramid/Sumo squat

Classical Wrist pulses used in diagnosis:


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