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Gallery 2015-2016

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穿掌 Chuan Zhang ~ Piercing Palm : complied by Bradford Tyrey

穿掌 Gao Yi-Sheng Branch ~ Cheng Style Baguazhang Part 1 of 7. 穿掌 Chuan Zhang ~ Piercing Palm : Compiled by Bradford Tyrey Below is a compilation of Cheng style ~ Gao branch baguazhang information that came from Liu Xing-Han, … Continue reading

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“Jin Lu” and “Jing Luo” Demystified for Taijiquan, Tui shou, Da Shou, and San Shou

Two very different Chinese terms: “Jin Lu” is path of Power for “fa jin” “emitting force” and “Jing Luo” is the qi paths used in acupuncture. 勁 Jin/Chin is intrinsic strength The chin [intrinsic strength] should be rooted in the … Continue reading

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