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Chinese Thermal Diet explained: 4000 years of food classification

last update: 7-24-2016 Diet: log what you eat, and exercise copy and print out. Monitor your energy levels. “The most important thing is Qi” – Dr. Amy Tseng Traditionally the Chinese way of eating is based on ‘Qi’ energy (force … Continue reading

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Jinji Duli- “Rooster on One Leg” by Sun Jian-Yu interviewed by Bradford Tyrey

Bradford Tyrey Book at A: As I have said before, exceptional boxing masters of the past generations had most carefully and deliberately given exact names to each posture or set of movements as the basis of true instruction. Each … Continue reading

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San-t’i shi explained by Sun Jian-Yun, interviewed by Bradford Tyrey

Click here to get to Bradford Tyrey books on In the 1980s I asked Madam Sun Jian-Yun (Sun Lu-T’ang’s daughter) and Wang Xi-Kui (Sun Lu-T’ang’s disciple) many questions over the years. Here are two explanations provided by Madam Sun, … Continue reading

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Taiji Da Shou: 5 Hammers (punches) of Yang Taijiquan Gong fu

last edit 3/3/2015 5 hammers (punches) of Yang Taijiquan are: 1. Step, parry, deflect, and hammer strike (punch). 6x 2. Twist body hammer.3x 3. Unload, parry, deflect, and hammer.3x 4. Punch down hammer.1x 5. Punch crotch (bladder) hammer.1x Put together, … Continue reading

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