2015 Year of the Sheep- Feng shuai meditation. Colors Red, Blue, Yellow.

Year of the Sheep- Feng shuai meditation.*
*excerpts from the chapter on Year of Sheep from the book- “Universal law of cosmic cycles” – by Robert A. Ferguson

This is the year to work with color and vibration to set miracles in your life.

Psychic “Rainbow laser” of color towards others and objects. Color is nothing but a reflection of light and power, light with a unique vibration and frequency.

Red- Physical being.
Yellow- mental self.
Blue- Spirit energy.
White- Absence of colors, universal perfection and absolute power.
Black- combination of all colors, represents a negative force humans create.
Black and white are used together to draw positive and repel negative from you.

Part 1:
Get two full glasses of water- set them 18 inches apart. Gaze (don’t stare) between the two glasses. Visualize a Rainbow between the glasses. Fill your being with courage and love.

Part 2:
Relax in a dimly lighted room seated comfortably.
Place right hand on heart and say, “ I dedicate myself to the compassion of the sheep. As I am freely blessed, so shall I bless those less fortunate than myself.”

Place left hand on forehead and say, “My spirit and my conscious are now filled with the perfecting power of the zodiac sheep. No power but good may enter my world. “

Ending- “I am truly thankful for the perfecting spirit of the cosmic rainbow has blessed me with power to make my life healthy happy and whole.”

Chant of the Rainbow Red.
Visualize your Cosmic rainbow, direct the Red energy towards person or object you want to influence, repeat, “ The mystic power of the cosmic sheep is now directing to ________. I now command the red of my cosmic rainbow fulfill my desire now. (Express your desire).

Chant of the Cosmic Blue
Direct the Blue color of the rainbow towards a person or object you wish to influence. Repeat, “I come to the altar of the sheep to declare an injustice that has been done to me. (State the injustice), Justice is now done and so it is!”

Chant of the zodiacscope Yellow
Visualize the Rainbow and direct the yellow at yourself or another person you wish to invigorate in a mental or psychic way. Repeat, ‘My mind (or name of person) is filled with knowledge now. My desire is to _________. And so it is!”

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