Kwoon Alliance: 2015 Winter Edition

We’re gonna make this Quarterly when I can get time to be creative between school semesters, this Winter we covered:

Sifu Alex Shpigel:
We had Chinese medicine Doctor and full contact Champion from San Diego Alex Shpigel:

We tried a podomatic version instead of using Soundcloud:

more on Alex here:

for acupuncture in San Diego:
San diego hsing-i:

Sifu Greg Pritchett
We tested the recording software with fighter and fight coach in Delaware Sifu Greg Pritchett: TURN UP the Volume our initial launches have sound quality issues.

Sifu Arnaldo Ty Nunez
We had special consultant of everything Kung fu with Kung fu writer and practitioner Sifu Arnaldo Ty Nunez

Sifu Michael Pekor
came aboard and gave us some insights into competition training, teaching kids, and tai chi kung fu.

more with Michael and other push hand competitors:

Michael’s website: Tai Chi Long Island NY

Sifu Troy Roy gave us an interview on Tai Chi “empty body skills” and some of his fight experience that was published here:

About Administrator

Coach Matt Stampe is a Database Administrator and I.T. professional. In the world of Bodywork, he has been a Certified Massage Therapist (CNT) licensed with the Virginia Board of Nursing, and has a “Master of Science in Acupuncture” (MSA) at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine ( He is a candidate with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). He has taught hundreds of people Authentic Yang Tai Chi Kung Fu for over 25 years. He was President of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Martial arts club, Secretary and Treasurer of USA chapter of Yongnian Association under Sifu He Weiqi. Experience includes: Kung fu schools: Omei Shaolin (Sifu Lu Xiaoling) 3rd degree Black Sash, Chinese Martial Arts Institute (Sifu Clarence Burris), United States Wushu Academy (Coach Christopher Pei), and Qi Elements (Sifu Nancy Bloomfield), Former Head Coach: Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation centers(Adults Tai Chi), Hope Chinese school (kids classes), NOVA MMA gym in Arlington (kids classes), and VUOM Martial Arts Tai Chi club (Fairfax). He has positively impacted peoples lives whether for health, sport, strength, combat, and spirit. As a true combat athlete, he teaches methods so people can be confident to defend themselves.
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