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In the lecture below, my first Chinese Doctor (Amy Tseng) compares her job as a acupuncturist and herbalist to a traffic cop and road repair crew. She talks about acupuncture will keep “unblock traffic jams and keep traffic flowing” and diet and herbs to “repair the roads and bridges” aka channels/meridians of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


Lecture at University of Richmond with Dr. Amy Tseng

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The number #1 cause of health issues she says is stress, and it is important to reduce it. There are several ways she says we can reduce stress:
1. Diet: a diet low in salt, low in fat, low in sugar, good carbohydrates, protein, and anti-oxidants.
2. Acupuncture: acupuncture to open blocked channels from the stress and dis-ease.
3. Nutrition and herbs: these repair the channels.
4. Healthy Lifestyle: exercise, including meditation, Qigong, Taijiquan (Tai chi), proper sleep, good bowel movement, etc.

Amy says to maintain your roads, reduce the stress that damage them. She compares disease as to a avalanche that blocks the road. Diseases like ulcers, cancer, and others affect different people in different ways. Certain types of food are more suitable to different body types.
So in order to help the different issues, a person needs to identify their body type and avoid certain foods.

Food and body types:
1. Han (Cold)- a person with cold body type will have cold hands and fear the cold. They will need to avoid cold foods like cucumber, melons, tropical fruits like banana and pineapple.

2. Liang (cool)- this body and food type is not seen as an extreme like the cold type. Foods that are cool are safe to eat: apple, pear, green tea, mushroom.

3. Wen (Warm)- this is a healthy body type. Warm foods are safe to eat for everyone. Best foods are steamed or boiled vegetables like kale, collard greens, spinach, cabbage, and shallots.

4. Re (hot)- this is an extreme body type- person usually has a red face, dry lips, strong personality. Oily/greasy, deep fried, and BBQ food needs to be avoided along with sugar, caffeine, smoking, and alcohol.

5. Fa (expanding)- a 5th category of body type and foods.
There are also other body types depending on the school of TCM. For instance someone who is Damp body often feel tired, heavy and bloated. A person with “stuck” body type often feel irritable and get tension headaches. Whatever the case, Chinese Dietary therapy will help.

What is important to know is that Warm foods are suitable for all body types and are seen as the pivot or middle between Cold and Hot extremes.
The cooking style is simmered, boiled, soups, and stewed.
Warm meats include fish, chicken, turkey, pork and beef.
Warm herbs include: ginger, sweet basil, thai basil, shallots, onions, and garlic. Ginger tea is great. Just peel the skin and have a cup in morning or lunch, however it is not advised for night.

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and hypertension, you fall into Hot category.
Hot foods that need to be avoided: fruits: pomegranate, tangerines, dates.
Hot types should not eat these meats: lamb, duck, and venison.

Chinese Diet Chart with Cold , Cool, Warm, and Hot foods in both Chinese and English:

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