Just for Women- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) seminar/class notes

11/22/2014 Seminar notes: VUOM acupuncture school.


Uterus: regulates menstruation (transport) and houses the fetus during pregnancy (storage).
Conception and penetrating vessels flow through the uterus.
Conception vessel brings qi, yin, and essence to the uterus.
The Penetrating vessel brings blood to uterus.

Penetrating, conception, and governor vessels

Kidney is the origin of “tan gui” or menstrual blood. The heart governs blood, heart qi descends and meets kidney-essence to form tan gui. Heart Qi- descends to promote discharge of menstrual blood and eggs. Heart qi is responsible of the transformation of yang to yin and vice versa in menstrual cycle. The liver stores blood which fills the uterus. Spleen makes blood which supplements tan gui. Stomach is related to the uterus via the Penetrating vessel.
Channel from heart to uterus is Bao mai, channel from kidney to uterus is Bao lou.
Painful periods:
50% of all women experience painful periods.
10% of those women experience severe weakness for first 3 days of period.
-headaches, muscle spasms, low back pain, stabbing pain.
Some of these pains are caused by:
Uterus myonoma
Vaginal infections
Cold abdomen.

Things that can help:
1. Exercise
2. Tai chi or Yoga
3. Qigong (dan tien breathing) lower diaphragm breathing.
4. Avoiding junk foods, deep fried foods, fast foods, instant foods.
5. Avoid cold beverages, like ice water, ice sodas.
6. Avoid alcohol and coffee.
7. Sleep well and early, the internal organs start to store blood at 9pm for sleep.
If still active at night, the blood will not store.
8. Dress warm and keep belly covered. Do not walk around in belly cut shirts.
Excessive wind and cold to the abdomen can cause infertility.

TCM view on painful period:
Blocked Qi
Liver qi stagnation
Cold abdomen
Damp heat in pelvis.

Food and herbs that help period and menopause:
-Black beans, juju beans (herb)
-Cooked tomatoes
-Soups and stews

-Yi Mu Cao
-Raw ginger tea


Other notes from class that pertain to women’s health:
Western medicine views organs materially and anatomically.
Eastern medicine view is of a complex energy system.

Liver is a resolute organ.
Liver loathes wind.

Liver stores blood, regulates smooth qi flow, helps sinews, assists eyes, associated with anger.
Affects menstruation:
1. Liver blood is normal: menstruation is normal.
2. Liver blood deficiency: scanty or amenorrhea.
3. Liver blood stasis: painful period.
4. Liver blood heat: heavy period.

A healthy Liver ensures smooth Qi flow and the opposite is Liver qi stagnation (imbalance). Liver helps the other organs in supporting their qi direction. It helps spleen energy rise, heart descend, stomach down, kidneys up.
Liver rising up to head: red face, temper, stroke, repressed anger all affect liver.
Liver controls sinews. If liver blood deficient: muscle cramps, numbness, if liver blood stasis: muscles will be stiff.
Wind affects Liver, wind pathogen is pain that moves around not fixed in one place.

Ethereal soul (hun) resided in the liver and is responsible for planning, sleep, projects, life goals.

Master tong’s points for women. OB/GYN issues and more:


Pericardium (PC):
Xin zhu- envelop of the heart.
-protective membrane around the heart
-governs blood and houses the mind.
-points invigorate or cool the blood.
-points invigorate or calm the mind.

important acupoints:
Pc6- invigorates blood.
PC3- cools the blood.
PC5- reduces phlegm, “mist of the mind”.
Theory of “mist of mind”: Shen “mind” escapes heart, due to negative emotion (anger, worry, fear, etc.) it leaves a hole in the heart for phlegm to enter. The negative emotion will start to take over. PC5 will help this which in extreme cases causes manic disorders and delirium.

Mind/spirit and blood relationship of Pericardium:

PC Blood deficiency- depression/anxiety.
PC Blood heat- insomnia, agitation.
PC Phlegm- mental confusion. Emotional problems from relationships.

Bao Mai- “Uterus vessel” is part of Pericardium in women.
PC fire- causes heavy periods.
PC deficiency- amonorhea, scanty period.
Blood stasis: painful period, cramps.
Emotional issues: affects menstruation cycle.

3. Heart and Kidney- Essence (Kidney jing) is the basis of a stable mind, and mind (heart) influences the essence. Menstrual cycle: heart/kidney is essential. Kidney is the origin of menstrual bloods ebb and flow. Heart controls Yin/Yang, Yin to yang in ovulation, govern Qi, commander of blood storage. Tian gui is the name of kidney/uterus blood.

6. Liver and Kidneys: Liver, stores blood, Kidney stores the Essence (kidney jing). Stamina. Essence helps make blood. Gynecology- kidney is the origin of Tian gui and menstral blood, liver provides blood to the uterus. Liver and Kidney are close to Ren mai and Chong mai channels.

San jiao- triple warmer- separates body into 3 sections. Thought of as a type of organ in TCM that moves Qi.
A C-section birth cuts the san jiao, can cause san jiao dis-eases.
Ren meridian as well.

Men- are more Yang, body is warm and hot temperature.
Women are colder more Yin, because of blood loss monthly. Tend to cold limbs. This changes at menopause when menstruation stops. Body will begin to get warm, thus ‘hot flashes’.
Healthy women- adjust to menopause in weeks time and get used to the new internal system.
Unhealthy women- takes several years to adjust, have a hard time adjusting to new internal system.

Use common sense, listen to your body.
One thing is that in some western practices they may have mother who just gave birth take a cold bath. Taking a cold bath is not good after giving birth.
It is best to use warm. In Asian culture many new mothers are expected to stay away from cold 100 days after giving birth. Warm heals faster than cold.
Ice and cold are for pain, but if you do not feel a lot of pain and are just sore, use heat. Some women have a heat liniment rubbed on legs after giving birth.





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