Cheng Man Ching’s students with permission to teach the “Yang short form”

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A Lighthouse for approved Cheng Man Ching’s Tai Chi Chuan instructors in USA*
Since I have lived in the Washington DC metro area, I have come across many folks who teach the “Yang Short form” that was designed by Cheng Man Ching. Robert W. Smith (RWS) is the main influence in this area. Mr. Smith taught a free Taiji class at the Bethesda YMCA parking lot on Saturday morning’s beginning in 1962.

He also offered a class near his home in Bethesda at Fleming Park where he started a group interested in Pa-kua Chang and Hsing-I Chuan . This group still meets to this day to practice every Sunday mornings at 8 am. Surprisingly, I recently re-read “Martial Musings” by RWS, his disdain for many folks he taught, whom either came to the YMCA a few times, or later became “teachers” without having spent significant time under his watchful eye. Nor had these folks have his permission to teach. This is completely understood in regards to developing real ‘kung fu’ since time, practice, and correction is needed for an art as sophisticated at Tai Chi Chuan (Grand Ultimate Boxing) to master in the early years of fundamental training. Often times students who are actually doing the work long term with a instructor are quite aware of who comes and who goes, who does the work and who doesnt. It is very much about who put in the time with teacher, who is progressing, and who is in the teachers inner circle. Practice‘Wu De’, “Martial virture”.

Here I will list some of the “approved” and well known students of Robert W. Smith, William CC Chen, T.T. Liang, “Abraham” Liu Chen Huan, Liu Hsi-heng, and Ben Lo as well as some others based on conversations with senior level students.

First lets talk about Cheng Man Ching’s early years Taiwan “Shr Jung” school and his students:
Some of these include: (no particular order)
Benjamin Lo,
Liu Hsi-heng,
Hsu I-chung,
Dr. Ping-Siang Tao,
Robert W. Smith,
T. T. Liang,
William C. C. Chen,
Huang Sheng Shyan,
“Abraham” Liu Chen Huan.
Wu Kou-Chong– Malaysia.
Hsu Fun Yuen,
Yi Chung Bo- Taiwan,
Cheng Hsing Yu- (deceased).
other Shr jung instructors list here at: 37Tai’s Instructor List

In 1964, Cheng Man Ching taught in New York city. (In no particular order)
Tam Gibbs (deceased),
Lou Kleinsmith,
Ed Young,
Mort Raphael,
Maggie Newman,
Stanley Israel (deceased), his student is Mario Napoli
Herman Kauz,
Victor Chin,
Y Y Chin,
Jon Gaines,
Natasha Gorky,
Wolfe Lowenthal,also list of CMC student links on Wolfe’s page
Ken VanSickle,
Jane and Bataan Faigao (deceased), Rocky Mountain Tai Chi Center
Don Ahn,
Carol Yamasaki,
Saul Krotki,
Liam Comerford.
Sifu Bill Phillips: Patience Tai Chi instructors
Judyth Weaver,
Robert Ante,
Lawrence Galante,
Robert Chuckrow.
Patrick Watson– School of Tai Chi Chuan

William CC Chen (WCCC): Is one of the longest students of Cheng Man Ching and has competed in full contact fight events. He is one of the most Senior alive today. His children Tiffany and Max Chen were also groomed and have competed in many nationally and internationally representing the USA team in various countries. WCCC has his list public on his website of his approved teachers: Link is here, click.
T.T. Liang’s known students:(unofficial)
Don Ethan Miller- Mastodon productions
Stuart Alve Olson
Gordon Muir
Paul Gallager
Jonathan Russell
Ray Hayward
Paul Abdella
List of Ben Lo’s approved disciples/students who teach:(No particular order)
Carol Yamasaki in Michigan
Pat Culotti in Wisconsin
Garret Chinn – Bay Area. SF Ca
Martin Inn
Bob Amacker
Dr. David Walls-Kaufman- Washington DC
Lenzie Williams- Berkeley CA
Kim Kanzelberger– Kansas
John Crouse- Richmond Va.
Julian Chu- Fairfax Va.
Scott Meredith- Tokyo Japan
Larry Mann (deceased),
Donald Davis- Tidewater Tai chi, Norfolk Va.
Bert Brown is teaching in Santa Cruz
Michael Hackshaw- Germany
Darin Henry- Phoenix AZ
Peter Kwok- San Francisco
Terry Li (deceased)- San Francisco
Kayo Robertson- Utah
Ed Chan – Los Altos, CA
Pak Chan – Cupertino, CA
Alan Kepner – S.F., CA
Don Gillaspie – Marin, CA
Cottie Morrison – Ukiah, CA
Tana Farnsworth – Las Vega, NV
Pamela Zilavy – S.F., CA
Nellie Donovan – Santa Cruz, CA
Lee Scheele– Coasta Mesa Ca.
Robert Davis
Wayne Abramson
Marvin Feldman
Michael Jang
Sam Edwards
Tricia Yu– Taos, NM
Arnold Lee– Rockville MD
Tom Krapu and Michael David- St. Louis MO (St. Louis Tai Chi Chuan Association)
David Chen (deceased), Joanne Chen (wife).
The top students of Robert W. Smith on the “list” to teach: (No particular order)
Note: There were originally 3 lists: one of students who teach Tai Chi Chuan, and a second of those who teach Pa-kua and Hsing-i, 3rd who teach all three.
Tai Chi Chuan
Warren Conner,
Len and Ellen Kennedy,
Michael Ward,
Pat Kenny
Rayned Wiles
Stephen J. Goodson
Pa-kua and Hsing-i
Bart Ingram,
Paul Cote,
Dainis Jergenson,
Kirk Talbott,
Stu Scantlebury,
Jay Falleson,
John Lang,
Stephen J. Goodson,
Jim Hill,
Billy Fox,
Russ Mason.

Huang Sheng Shyan (disciple of Cheng Man Ching)- Unofficial Link of instructors here.
(in no particular order)
Lau King, video
Patrick Kelly,
Choong Chi Pin,
Wee Kee Jin,
Yek Sing Ong,
Foong Choon Sang.
Master Henry Wang in Canada website and link to students
Liu Hsi-heng: (Official list no particular order)

Bill Tucker– Canada
Jeff Herrod– Catonsville, MD.
Daniel Pfister– Davis, CA.
Mark Lord – Reno, NV (deceased)
Rick Halstead – San Francisco, CA
Mike Moran – Chicago, IL
Danny Emerick – Tallahassee, FL
Michael Schnapp – Taipei, Taiwan
Yuan Wei-ming – Taipei, Taiwan
Mark Hennessy – Taichung, Taiwan
Lin Farley – Vista, CA
Barbara Davis – Minneapolis, MN
Stephane Moreaux – Taipei, Taiwan
Alex Makapa – Taipei, Taiwan
Daniel Altschuler – Seattle, WA

Abraham Liu- (Unofficial list)
Gene Walder
Bill Helm– San Diego, Ca.
Terry Dunn
Chris Luth
Ted Purpero
Jesse Tsao
Kip Leggett
Ted Kardash

Future Section: Links to other 3rd and 4th generation teachers of Cheng’s Yang short form (starting from CMC as 1st generation).
Nigel Sutton– U.K. and Malaysia
Diosdado Santiago- student of Lou Kleinsmith.
Michael Pekor– student of Bill Phillips.
Avi Schneier- student of Bill Phillips.
Lee and Beth Fife- students of Jane and Bataan Faigao in Colorado. Rocky Mountain Tai Chi
Patrick Kelly’s students network: List of students of Huang’s style International.
Patrick Watson schools- Tai Chi foundations International
Alan Pittman (former student of Mr. Robert W. Smith who authored Pa-kua and Hsing-i books with him in 90’s ).
Wilson Pitts in Richmond Virginia Tai chi in the Park.

Other Lineage tracing sites, points of interest:
Why so many Yang Styles? great list here from 1820 and on.
Thoughts on Ranking, testing, certificates, etc.– thoughts on Pros/cons by Sam Masich.
A CMC Family Tree- another listing attempt by someone else, cites emails, discussions.
Thoughts on Yang Family Lineage discussion on the Yang Sau-Chung 4th generation Yang Family.
Yang Jun accepts disciples
Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming discusses his lineage.
Yang Family online Temple
Northwest Tai Chi Chuan Association– Tchong Ta-tchen (Canada)- lineage from Yang Shao-hou to Hsiung Yang-ho
Guang Ping Tai Chi Association– Lineage info

Links to other sites with Certified Instructors of Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan
Yang Family Tai Chi Association International (Yang Zhen Dou and Yang Jun)
World Yongnian Tai Chi Association– Fu Zhong Wen/Fu Sheng Yuan/James Fu.
Dong Hu Ling– Honolulu, Hawaii, maintained by Dong Zhen Chen, Chip Ellis
Tung Family Taijiquan– Alex Dong’s list of instructors

Wu Family Tai Chi
Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan International (Wu Chien Chuan branch)

Wu/Hao Tai Chi chuan
Wu/Hao Taijiquan: Lineage in China and abroad.

Chen Tai Chi Chuan
The 4 Tigers are: Chen Xiao Wang, Chen Zhen Lei, Wang Xian and Zhu Tian Cai.
Chen Xiao Wong’s USA disciples- List of CXW cert. instructors.
Chen Zhen Lei– website here.
Wang Xian– website here
Zhu Tian Cai’s website here
other Chen, Xiaobao, Li, other:
Chen Yu’s Taijiquan– list of instructors

International Hunyuan association of Feng Zhiqiang. site in Chinese, English site not working last check.
Chen Practical method international– Chen Zhonghua

*sources: This list is as complete as I digged into research, it is to be a guide for new students. Be aware of who your teacher is and where they are coming from. Seek the right path. Some are disciples while others have “permission to teach”, buyer beware, based on conversations and emails with Danny Emerick, Bart Ingram, David Walls-Kaufmann, Scott Meredith, Daniel Pfister,, Paul Gallager, Terry Dunn, Tom Krapu, (sorry if I missed anyone), Lee Fife, and sources online CMC Wikipedia.

Follow the principles to the letter, do the work, relax, and get back to your martial discipline with diligence!!

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