Fast forms of Taijiquan on Youtube

My first exposure to Fast form was at “A Taste of China” tournament’s Master Demo. Wei Lun Huang demonstrated a Yang fast form, but it was in the sequence of the Yang form. It did however look very powerful and the first section done in just under 10 seconds.

In 1996 on our trip to Shanghai, in the park next to our hotel, we met Dr. Li Li-Qun who is a disciple of Ma Yueh Liang. We were shown parts of the Fast frame and plenty of push hands. This was my first training in a fast set.
Wu Fast form by Dr. Li-Li-qun

Wu fast form by another Ma yueh Liang student:

Around 1998 Forest Chang and CP Ong began to bring Chen Xiao Wang to the Washington DC area. Chen Xiao Wang eventually did a seminar of Lao Jia Er Lu around 2001. Chen Zhen Lei did a Xin Jia Er Lu around 2007. Both form I had learned but did not pursue to master them. I felt that Wu fast frame was enough and closer to the Yang Taijiquan I had studied since late 80’s. My view at the time was that Yang Lu Chan learned from Chen Taijiquan originally, so why not find out from the source some of the training he may have done before he modified it.
Chen Lao jia Er lu “pao chui” aka “cannon fist”

Chen Xin jia Er lu “cannon fist”-

Wu tunan/Yang shao hao/li lian:

Gin soon (small frame)/yang shau ching:

Gin soon long fist: chang chaun:

Imperial yang xiao jia:

Dong fast: by Lim Bo yan:

Chen Wei ming chang chuan– no video

Fast taiji Li sun Po:

Nui Chunming fast:


Master Pei Chang,
Yang Shao-hou’s small frame (Xiao Jia) of Yang Tai Ji Quan

Zhong ding USA

Yang fast variation:

Zhao Bao Taijiquan-

Yang style Fajin form (Fu Zhong Wen family)

Fu Sheng Yuan- Fajin drills-

James Fu – Yang Fajin Form

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