MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Boxing schools in the DC metro Area

Leo Dalla BJJ and MMA
Pedro Sauer
Pentagon MMA- Vivek Nakarmi, Issac July Jr.
Nova MMA: Derek Sierra, Dave Carter, Greg Saunders
50/50 juijitsu: Ryan Hall and Seph Smith
Fairfax Juijitsu: Dave Jacobs, Mark Jones, Abmar Barbosa, Bill Easlick, Matt Nielsen, Yara Corderio.
MiKiDo: Mike and Bret Hess
Trident MMA: Pat Tray (former Navy Seal Team)
Vanguard Gym: Douglas Esposito
Gold Medal Grappling: Elijah Harshbarger
Capital MMA and Elite Fitness
Brooks “Khun Kao” Miller
Viet Le MMA
Kaizen MMA: Nima Mazhari, Kamal Shalorus, Najim Wali
Warrior Gym: Aaron Riley, Kru Danny Prawatsrichai
Krav works
First Defense Krav Maga and Shuai Chiao: Nick Masi
T.A.G. Muay Thai– Chris Aboy
Fight works a Relson Gracie School (Dustin pauge UFC& Neil Jonhston Bellator)

L.A. Boxing– Clarendon, Old Town, Tysons, Chantilly, etc.
Olympia Boxing
Arlington Boxing at Barcroft Rec Center: Coach Willy Taylor
Alexandria Boxing Club at Charles Houston Recreation CenterDennis Porter and Kay Koroma.

Lloyd Irvin BJJ and MMA
Evolve – Mike Moses
Jeff Gordon MMA
Yamasaki Mario and Fernando Yamasaki
CPMMA (Capitol Punishment) Joshua Peters
Bowie MMA
Sugar Ray Leonard boxing
Maryland Thai Boxing– Kru Scott Anderson Black belt Stuart Ramos 2 degree Black belt Toney Waldecker and Brown belt Jim Thrift

District of Columbia (DC):

Beta Academy: Nakapan Phungephorn
Downtown Boxing
Georgetown Boxing
RelsonGracie Dc Black belt Jim Hannan.

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Coach Matt Stampe is a Database Administrator and I.T. professional. In the world of Bodywork, he has been a Massage Therapist, and is currently a student at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine ( He has taught hundreds of people Authentic Tai Chi Kung fu for over 25 years at places including: Kung fu schools, Parks and Recreation centers, Chinese schools, Martial arts clubs, MMA/Boxing gyms, and Acupuncture Universities. He has positively impacted peoples lives whether for health, sport, strength, and spirit. As a true combat athlete and fighter, he teaches realistic methods so people can be confident to defend themselves. (without all the woo-woo mystical BS.)
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