Boxing and Shuai Chiao day training 6/19/2011

Boxing: 3 minute rounds:
1. shadow box
2. shadow box
3. shadow box
focus mitts
4. freestyle
5. fade out, double parry down/trap, cross-hook-cross.
6. parry jab- cross-hook-cross
7. parry jab, elbow block cross, cross-hok-cross-hook.

circuit:30 sec each-
1. kettlebell snatch
2. hindu squat
3. heavy bat circle
4. hindu push up
5. kettlebell swing
6. hindu squat
7. heavy bat circle
8. hindu push up

Shuai chiao:
6/19: tyson and nick.

Warm up running and rolling.

Belt cracking

1. Twist left and right

2. Down and up

3. Lunge left and right

4. Stepping forward

5. 3 cracking stepping forward

6. 3 cracking forward, steal step, and twist

Jacket throws:

1. From grip: across the face control and sweep heel.

2. When countered, elbow control and side toss.

3. Work off jab with parry jab/ shoulder control and sweep.

4. Parry jab and ankle pick.

Conditioning: 3 rounds.

Throw dummy/heavy bag

to do:
1) work on body conditioning using leg kicking
2) body hitting practice
3) more aggressive “hurt the guy” fighting strategy. ex. dump/throw guy during “break up” of clinch. be last guy standing.
4) think less, damage more.

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