Tai Chi in the park 6/4/2011

Tai Chi with David Walls-Kaufman:
We had a newcomer so David taught his 1st lesson for beginners, but it is always a great lesson no matter how long you have been learning Taijiquan and you should always feel something new every time coming full circle on this lesson.

1 hour class: first lesson is on Taiji standing as exercise, meditation, and martial art.

Standing meditation: wuji
1. Stand feet parallel
2. Raise head as if pulled from string from above- (pull from toward back
of head, down spine, feel heels.)
3. Feel skin merge with outside, focus on nothing outward.
4. Feel what is happening inside.
5. Hands at side and flat.

1. Physical exercise aspect: reductionistic in no movement.
2. Meditative: knowing, awareness , enlightenment.
3. Martial: understanding.

5 standing postures:
1. Wuji
Wu Ji
2. Left bow stance- ward off left.
ward off left
3. Right bow stance- ward off right.
ward off right
4. Left empty stance- lifted hands.
Lift hands
5. Right empty stance- play pipa.
Play pipa

Differentiation of solid and empty after #4 left leg comparing to right

3 important factors:
1. Relax
2. Sink
3. Dan tien.
Relax being most important.

1st 1/3 of form 3 times.
Push hands

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