Call it “Kung Fu” or “Wu-Shu”, yet it is highly misunderstood.

Wushu (translation “War Arts”) covers all aspects of Chinese martial arts both Traditional and Modern.
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Wushu is:
1. Wu De- martial honor, code, and ethics.
philosophy: Shamanic: (spirits and animals), Taoist: (I-Ching, Qi, Yin-yang), Buddhist (Shaolin, Meditation, Enlightenment) Confucius (Virtues, Ancestry, Order), Muslim (Allah, Acrobatics), Scientific (sports, medicine, measurement), Traditional Chinese medicine- (acupuncture, herbs, massage) orgins.

2. Taolu (the study of traditional and modern external forms and internal forms like chanquan and taijiquan) ,

3. Internal partner training: Tui Shou (push hands) Rou shou (bagua push hands), An shen pao (Xingyiquan) and other sensing methods in traditional arts example: Chi sao in Wing Chun.

4. San Shou (fighting) , both Internal and External, example “Taiji san shou”. San Da, San shou, “Pakua san shou”, etc.

5. Weapons- Tao lu forms and sparring. there are over 100 known Chinese weapons.

6. Shuai Chiao (Wrestling),

7. Qin-Na (seize and grapple).

8. Fighting sets (barehand and weapon), two people or more.

9. Qigong and Meditation (training qi and mind)

10. Strength and stretching training: various devices to stretch and build muscles, endurance, etc.

Wushu is mistakenly judged as the more modern Taolu sport recognized forms. This is false and misleading.

There is nothing more hypocritical than a traditional kung fu or Traditional taijiquan player that criticizes and puts down wushu, since traditional is within it definition.

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