6 Phases, 5 types of people in Traditional and Modern Chinese Martial Arts (CMA)

The spectrum of CMA is wide, practitioners are often are in one of the following phases:

1. Health phase- learning coordination of mind-body, get stronger from illness and disease, or preventative maintenance.
this would be basic qi circulation in 12 meridians. Beginner level.

2. Strength phase- training tends to get more martial and training level gets more higher with flexibility, stance work, endurance and stamina building training. Partner training.
qi fills 12 meridians and 8 extraordinary channels (jin in legs, arms, body). self defense becomes possible.

3. Sports/fighting stage: competitive athlete- forms competitions (empty hand and weapons: short/long), push hands competitions, sparring matches, Chinese wrestling, qi-na grappling, full contact fighting, etc.

4. Healer phase: learning of medical knowledge. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigongs. Massage, Herbalism, acupuncture, dietary therapy, diagnostics, etc.

5. Scholar warrior/expert stage: spiritual trainings begin (qi in special channels), meditation, intellectual sharing, philosophy, refining principles of the art, reaching a higher level of gong fu. Understanding techniques and applications.

6. Mastery/sagely phase: complete mastery of the arts traditions, the previous stages, weapons, fighting, healing, self defense. unification with Tao/Buddha/higher power.

5 types of people in CMA community:

1. Enthusiasts- maybe good or not necessarily good, but are highly motivated.
2. Veterans- might have done it for a very long time, but may have not achieved a high level, some may have.
3. Experts- might have made some significant achievements but still on the path to master-hood.
4. Master- complete linage holder and recognized by community in high esteem for high level ability and skills.
5. Grandmaster- has produced many recognized masters and champion athletes, head of lineage.

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Coach Matt Stampe is a Database Administrator and I.T. professional. In the world of Bodywork, he has been a Massage Therapist licensed under the Virginia Board of Nursing, and is currently a student at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine (VUOM.edu). He has taught hundreds of people Authentic Yang Tai Chi Kung fu for over 25 years. He was President of the Virginia Commonwealth Universtiy (VCU) Martial arts club, Secretary and Treasurer of USA chapter of Yongnian Association under Sifu He Weiqi. Experience includes: Kung fu schools: Omei Shaolin (Sifu Lu Xiaoling) 3rd degree Black Sash, Chinese Martial Arts Institute (Sifu Clarence Burris), United States Wushu Academy (Coach Christopher Pei), and Qi Elements (Sifu Nancy Bloomfield), Former Head Coach: Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation centers(Adults Tai Chi), Hope Chinese school (kids classes), NOVA MMA gym in Arlington (kids classes), and VUOM Martial Arts Tai Chi club (Fairfax). He has positively impacted peoples lives whether for health, sport, strength, combat, and spirit. As a true combat athlete, he teaches methods so people can be confident to defend themselves.
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