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My Network of Martial Arts instructors Chinese Tai Chi, Kung Fu, also MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, and other friends in DC metro area and abroad.
Older MMA, boxing, Muay Thai links


Leo Dalla: Premier fight center: BJJ, MMA.
Brooks Miller: Khun Kao gym in Alexandria Va. Muay Thai of Master K.
Dave Carter: Relentless MMA in Chantilly Virginia.
Ryan Hall: 50/50 BJJ and MMA in Falls Church Va.
Asher Wilner: Fighters Garage, BJJ, Krav Maga, MMA.
Annandale Boxing: Coach Leo Rossiter in Springfield Virginia inside the beltway.
MiKiDo: Mike and Bret Hess
Vivek Nakarmi: Pentagon MMA
Khemeran Ing: Mainstreet Crossfit and MMA, Boxing, BJJ.
Gold Medal Grappling: Elijah Harshbarger
Douglas Esposito : Vanguard Gym in Manassas Virginia.
Vu Tran: Alexandria BJJ
Novamma: Muay Thai, Crossfit, BJJ, Krav Maga
Fairfax BJJ: Matt Nielson and Bill Easlick
Yamasaki Academy: multiple locations: Mark Deluca and Joe Cummingham
Kaizen: Nima Mazhari, Toney Waldecker, Najim Wali: MMA and Karate.
Chris Aboy: T.A.G. Muay Thai in Sterling and Herndon Va.
Disciple MMA: Scott Howard and Chase Walden: MMA, Muay Thai, and more!
Pat Trey: Trident MMA in Woodbridge Virginia.
USWA- Chris pei and Zhang gui Feng/Zhang gui Feng- Taiji in (Fairfax and Gaithersburg)
Omei Wushu– Xiaolin Lu in Fairfax- taiji, bagua (Fairfax and Chantilly schools)
Mark Li- Xingyidao currently unavailable.
George Wood/ Herndon Va- Gao bagua/xingyi
CMAI- Clarence Burris, Willi Lin, and Li Ying in Fairfax- taiji, bagua
Jow Ga in Herndon, Dr. Hon Lee– Taijiquan, Mitsung, southern fist.
Stephen Berwick- Chen taiji in Arlington
Matt Stampe San shou and Taijiquan in Springfield Va.
Qi elements in Herndon- taiji qigong
Shaolin Cultural center in Herndon- kung fu
Nick Masi– Shuai Chiao: Herndon
PMAA Jang ban Jun- Sterling Va. wushu: bagua, taiji
Warren Conner– Mclean Va. Taiji
Julian Chu- Taiji at Annandale
Edward Ng- kung fu and taiji in Northern Va.
Tai Chi of Arlington– Patrick Watson
Larsen Wing Chun in Lake Ridge Va.- kung fu
Canton Wing chun in Fairfax Virginia.
Running Dragon– kung fu, taiji in Sterling va.
One Heart- Hung Ga kung fu in Falls Church va.
Peaceable Dragon school in Burke Va- taiji
Still water tai chi in Fairfax Va. Dante Gilmer
Justin Flinner- Fu style Bagua and Tai Chi, Wushu.
Samuel Martinez: Yang style of H.Won in NY a Chu, Gin Soon school.

Urban Boxing: Boxing, MMA, and BJJ with Jeff Ruth, Mike “The Hulk” Easton, and Isaac July Jr.
Beta Academy: Nakapan Phungephorn
C.C. Liu- Tien Shan Pai, taiji.
Stephen J. Goodson– Cheng man ching style> The ‘ti-feng’ man of
David Kaufman– taiji in DC– Scott Rodell- Taiji
Wong’s– kung fu and Taiji
Hung Tao Choy– kung fu
Alexander King WudangDC– Internal kung fu
Larry Hawkins- Wu style Tai Chi DC

Lloyd Irvin: MMA in Camp Springs Maryland.
Bowie Maryland MMA
Willy Lin– Tien Shan Pai Kung fu
Anthony Goh: USWKF- Wushu in Baltimore Maryland
U.S. Koushu Academy: Koushu– Huang chien Liang, Tien Shan Pai kung fu
Lu Xiaoling- Wudang-longmen Xingyiquan and Wudang in Silver Spring/Takoma Park
Paul Ramos- Wu shen Tao– xingyi/bagua
Paul Cote- New Market, Maryland- xingyi/bagua, karate.
Fleming Park: Xingyi and Bagua group is lead by Stephen J. Goodson
Nick Gracenin– Bethesda xingyi/bagua
Dr. Ken fish– Gaithersburg: xingyi/taiji
Anji Zhang– Rockville taiji/bagua
Chung Jen Chang– Chen taiji
C.P. Ong- Chen Taiji
Tai Yim- Kensington- kung fu and taiji
Little Creek Kung Fu– Bill and Alex Bechtold in Chester Maryland. Wudang Tai Chi and Kung fu.
Dennis Brown- Rockville- taiji
Sean Marshall: New school Wulin Institute in Glen Burnie Maryland.
Alexander King– Wudang DC, Internal arts: Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and herbal apothecary.
Sun and Moon Taiji One– Potomac Maryland and Falls Church Va. Melody and Mickey Lee.
Jing Ying Institute– Billy Greer, Chen Taiji and Tian Shan Pai Kung fu in Annapolis MD.

Dancing mountain school– Taiji in Gaithersburg
School of Martial Science– Bowie MD
TCCii- Shawn Cartwright, Li Zhi Su- Xingyi in Bethesda
Michael Ward- taiji in Silver Spring
Daniel Pfister– Taiji in takoma park
Wu Wei Tai chisite of David Chen, Joanne Chen.
Echo Park Tai Chi– Len and Ellen Kennedy
Joshua Peters: MMA pro who does San shou, BJJ, MMA.
Aaron Green– Applied energy arts. Wu Taiji.

Ching-Yin “Bee” Lee in College Park Maryland

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