Kids Class cirriculum template

Wu de- martial code, martial virtue, martial morality.

School Motto: USH !– ultimate strength and honor

types of martial code-
1. Morality of deed: the teacher-student relationship
2. Morality of mind: self cultivation and discipline of emotional and wisdom mind.

Mortality of deed- humility, respect, righteousness, trust, loyalty
Morality of mind- will, endurance, perseverance, patience, courage, bravery.

Humility- be humble, control pride and you will better yourself.
Respect- foundation of relationship with everyone, it builds harmonious relationships.
Righteousness- a way of life of setting out to do the right things.
Trust- self trust is root of confidence, being trust worthy builds respect.
Loyalty- it lets mutual trust grow, be loyal to family, teacher, and friends.
Will- a strong will is determined by the commitment to your goal.
Endurance, Perseverance, patience- are manifestations of strong will that lead to success.
Courage and bravery- courage comes from wisdom mind and bravery is action courage.

Wu De- Chinese for “martial ethics”
Mind: Humility, Respect, Trust, loyalty, diligence, discipline, sincerity, courage, wisdom, benevolence, perseverance.
Action/body: will, endurance, stamina, bravery

Magic words:
Yes sir, no sir, yes mam, no mam, please, thank you, your welcome, excuse me.

Knock out points:
Back of head at base of neck,
Center of face
body: liver, stomach, kidney

Basic History:
Muay Thai comes from Thailand
Judo comes from Japan
BJJ is from Brazil.
The Gracies are the family that started BJJ.
Qi/Ki/chi- energy used in martial arts.

Warm-ups/strength training:
Jumping jacks
Side ways run
High knee run
Ankle touch run
Bear crawling
Tuck jumps
Push ups
Sit ups
leg raises
judo push ups
wall sits
thai skip knees
jog/boxing punching in place
punching combos
touch and go kicking- push kicks, round kicks, combos.

Other limbering up and joint warm ups:
Bending, circle, and twist Neck
Circle arms at Shoulders
Circle Elbows
Circle Wrists
Twist Spine
Circle Waist
Bending Back
Side bending waist
Circle Hips
Circle Knees
Circle Ankles

Traditional stances:
Horse stance
Bow stance
Kneeling stance
Cat stance
Balance stance
Drop stance
Half sit stance
Full sit stance

Basic tumbling and falling:
Back fall
Front fall
Side fall
Front roll
Back roll
Log roll/barrel roll
Tiger roll (diving roll)

3 reasons why we stretch
1. Strengthen muscle
2. Flexibility
3. Endurance of muscle

Floor stretches
1. Straddle forward
2. Straddle left
3. Straddle right
4. Straddle side stretch left
5. Straddle side stretch right
6. Butterfly stretch
7. Forward bend both feet forward
8. Forward bend right leg
9. Forward bend left leg
10. Hurdler stretch left leg
11. Hurdler stretch right leg
12. Hurdler stretch both legs
13. Split left
14. Split right
15. Middle split

Wall stretches
1. Front stretch right leg
2. Front stretch left leg
3. Side kick right leg
4. Side kick left leg
5. Back kick right leg
6. Back kick left leg
7. Drop stance right leg
8. Drop stance left leg

Partner stretches
Front stretch
Side stretch
Back kick/scale

4 basic stance/foot work: guard and stance, step/slide: forward, back, left right
4 basic defense- cover, duck, slip, bob and weave.
4 basic punches- jab, cross, hook, uppercut

Basic punch combos- 2 count
Jab cross
Cross jab
Jab uppercut
Jab hook
Double jab
Hook uppercut

3 count-
Jab cross hook
Double jab cross
Cross hook cross
Hook cross hook
Jab cross uppercut

4 count:
Jab cross hook uppercut
Cross hook uppercut hook
4 punches drilled
Jab uppercut hook cross

Muay thai:
Muay thai rhythm stepping
Kick defense and blocks: leg raise, k-block, distance
Kicks: push kick, round kick (leg, body, head)
Knees- skip knees, up knees, clinch knee, side knee
Kicking: thai pads: single, double, triple kicks and punches
Kicking: kick shield combos
Kicking: wall punch and kick combos
Kicking: bag circuits and interval/station training
Moving kick combinations- moving forward on line.

Chinese kicks:
Front stretch kick
Outside stretch kick
Inside stretch kick
Front kick with toe
Front kick with heel
Low sweep/hook kick
Side kick (low, middle, high)
Combination kicks: low-high, high-low, sweep-side kick, inside-outside
Jump kicks- front, tornado, lotus, butterfly, aerial.

Judo throws:
Single arm throw
Major hip throw over back- ippon seo nagi
Major hip throw with body under hook- o goshi
Double leg sweep- ashi guruma
Front foot sweep- de ashi barai
Single leg split/Snake throw- hane goshi
Front foot sweep – harai tsuri komi
Fireman carry throw- kata guruma
Neck throw- koshi guruma
Leg reap- kosoto gake
Basic Leg sweep- Ba tane
Single leg lift and sweep- huchiki taoshi
Double leg- morote gari

Judo sparring

BJJ- jujitsu
Back mount
Full mount- low mounts, technical/triple attack mount, s-mount.
Side control- north/south, scarf hold.
Knee mount/control- reverse knee mount.
Guard- open, closed, high, butterfly, spider.
Half guard- half butterfly, deep half guard, x guard.

Position training:
Demonstrate postures
Half guard escape drill
Back mount escape drill
Turtle roll
Escape guard drill
Knee mount drill
Swinging armbar drill
Guard pass drill
Top armbar drill

High percentage submissions:
Arm bar
Guillotine choke
Triangle choke
Omo plata arm lock
Cross-collar choke
Ankle lock
Knee bar
Rear naked choke

BJJ sparring rounds

Hand skills- parry and counter from Chinese martial arts:
1. Parry/pak- open palm parry
2. Pak and punch #1- parry and punch lead hand
3. Pak and punch #2- parry and punch rear hand
4. Parry and spiral slap/punch (j hook in boxing)- parry and slap
5. Parry/punch and move around
6. Other combinations and hand skills

Cover drills from boxing- crazy monkey and 3 point coverage
1. Cover jab
2. Cover cross
3. Cover hook
4. Cover body shot
5. Cover combinations- jab cross, jab cross hook, jab cross body shot
6. Other combinations and pre-sparring drills

Boxing and kick boxing sparring: safety equipment only.

Strength training and condition:
Push ups
Sit ups
leg raises
judo push ups
wall sits
squat kicks
burpies/squat thrusts
squat jumps
back bridge
hand stand against wall
lunge jumps

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