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Bruce Lee said it best “take what is useful” when he figured that Wing Chun was not as complete as he thought and started taking what was useful from other martial arts. In many ways Bruce Lee is one of … Continue reading

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6 Phases, 5 types of people in Traditional and Modern Chinese Martial Arts (CMA)

The spectrum of CMA is wide, practitioners are often are in one of the following phases: 1. Health phase- learning coordination of mind-body, get stronger from illness and disease, or preventative maintenance. this would be basic qi circulation in 12 … Continue reading

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Kids Class cirriculum template

Wu de- martial code, martial virtue, martial morality. School Motto: USH !– ultimate strength and honor types of martial code- 1. Morality of deed: the teacher-student relationship 2. Morality of mind: self cultivation and discipline of emotional and wisdom mind. … Continue reading

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