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Taijiquan for dealing with sport pre-fighting stresses

Taijiquan and other neijia ‘internal’ arts (Baguazhang, Xingyiquan,) have helped me in my pre-fight stress for Lei Tai full contact fighting. Pre-event training went the following ways: Morning practice was centered on Xingyi’s 5 element boxing, Bagua’s single, double, 8 … Continue reading

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Taijiquan- orgins in Longfist and Shuai Chiao

What do you feel Taijiquan has taken from Long Fist and Shuai Chiao? According to some historians Taijiquan evolved from Shaolin and Chanquan (Long boxing). Even the founder Chan Sang Feng was recorded to have had this knowledge: Chang San-Feng … Continue reading

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Developing a ‘Tai Chi’ fighter to hang with Boxers, Kickboxers, BJJ and, and MMA fighters

Lets examine some BASIC features that some Tai Chi fighters might try to employ to “Hang” with fighters from other styles: Characteristics of Tai chi fighter, Tai Chi is a ‘Chuan’ which means fist and loosely translated as ‘Boxing’. These … Continue reading

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Explosiveness and high Intensity in Fighting

Advice from friends so far. 1. HIT training- Middleway 2. standing/mind training – san ti/wu ji- middleway 3. judo throw practice- middle way 4. Olympic snatches and Clean jerk- Ian 5. Xingyi full force- mass x speed. solo/shadow box and … Continue reading

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Lei Tai fight- Matt Stampe

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