Wushu Notes Sampler for Richmond Wushu peeps

Here is a sample of notes I wanted to give you guys so maybe you can get a better idea how to teach through writing.

Zhou’s class 5-28-1997

Today we went through standard warms ups:
1. neck loosening
2. arm/shoulder arm circles
3. waist and spine twists
4. bow stance- ballistic stretching
5. horse stance with punching
6. drop stance/pu bu- ‘ou long pan dao’ (black dragon down.)
7. circle knees
8. circle ankles and wrist
9. wall stretches

Wushu lines- today we started with xinyi basics then Wushu long fist.
warm ups- hopping across line, fast stepping,
1. beng punches moving forward
2. beng punches moving at angle
3. beng and hook punch
4. cross step three elbow attach
5. elephant palm
6. fast grab/yank left side
7. fast grab/yank right side
8. fast grab/yank left and right side (double)
9. pao in low front stance (knee almost touch ground)

Wushu lines-
1. straight leg stretch kick
2. outside stretch kick
3. inside stretch kick
4. slap kick
5. circle arms/cross step side kick
6. front kick punch left and right
7. jump slap kick
8. outside jump kick
9. inside jump kick
10. cartwheel
11. butterfly kick

Form- section training basic long fist form

Close out- 24 Yang short form.

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