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Mind boxing, Long boxing, Shadow Boxing, Sparring

Morning workout: -5 elements Hsingyi –Long fist- kicks- stretch, inside, outside, slap, circle slap plum flower blocking bow stance punches, side kick, snap kick, snap-side kick. -shadow boxing Evening: teach kids class. Sparring- running warm up- high knees, butt kicks, … Continue reading

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Chinese Internal Arts ”Hall of Fame” of fighters historical and living

work in progress

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Fighting Cancer and Healing self with Goulin Qigong

INTRODUCTION OF GUO LIN QI–GONG by Coach Xu The new Guo Lin Qi-Gong (GLQG) is a type of self control Qi-Gong therapy consisting of a combination of both slow movements and peaceful meditation. It was initially developed by the late … Continue reading

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7 principles of training in relation to Neijiquan “Internal Arts’

I didnt have time to elaborate how this article might be useful to IMA (i’ll use Tai chi for example) so here it goes… SAID- Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands principle If we take the physical stress of trainin hard … Continue reading

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DC metro area T’ai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) in the park

DC metro area T’ai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) in the park This is an article inspired by many of the people I have met on the T’ai Chi (Taiji) path in parks and other gatherings. I started learning when I was … Continue reading

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