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13 Energies in your Taiji Combat research

104 possible (Basic 1-2) simple combinations you can explore using the 8 energies and 5 steps: peng+ forward step peng+ backward step peng+ left step peng+ right step peng +centered rooted peng+ peng Peng +Lu Peng+ ji peng+ An peng+ … Continue reading

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Duan Systems: Black belt is a white belt that didnt quit

There are alot of Duan systems out there. the Chinese government has a ranking system called “Duan” for top athletes and coaches in Mainland China. The Yang Family created their own Duan system within their own ranks from Eagle to … Continue reading

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3 fight training sets to train with at Home

Warm up with – run in place series and shake down series Stretch series- legs-standing and sitting, arms and shoulders SET 1- Pro Thai SET: five 3.min rounds 3 min. round 1- 30 sec. neck drill up/down, 30. sec. slip,slip, … Continue reading

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Post workout meditation anyone?

In the old Taoist monastery’s I heard there was a method that a abbot might teach where the monk might do tai chi and then meditate for a few hours on microcosmic orbit taoist yoga. what are some of the … Continue reading

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Testimonial on my experience with my first Acupuncturist Amy Tseng

5/5/2010 This is my experience with two great people I’ve met on the path. Wilson Pitts and Chinese Dr. Amy Ballons (Tseng, Ching Ying). Amy came up from North Carolina to give acupuncture to her group of patients in early … Continue reading

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