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Fighter vs Martial Artist

A martial artist goes through much more training than fighting. they usually start with some kind of test of character before being accepted as a student. In the old tradition a student might bow at the house of a master … Continue reading

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Muay Thai training 2-20-10

warm up and stretch- running, skip knees, hopping, punching, hooks, leg swings, push kicks, round kicks, push ups, v-ups, ect. glove work 1 -left round kick to body exchange -add low inside leg kick -add cross hook – add right … Continue reading

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Observation- 24 form vs. CMC form vs. Yang form

In my small 20 years of Taijiquan practice and recent observations with frustrated new students of Taijiquan (TJQ), I am seeing a breakdown of good fundamentals not taught by many veteran and expert teachers of Yang Taijiquan and its other … Continue reading

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2009 San Shou Worlds- KO’s and take downs

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Thoughts on Muay Thai Thailand visit and recent training

I really had a great time training this year in Thailand. I did some privates at Fairtex in Pattaya and regular classes at Kaewsamrith in Bangkok. The training is much different that how we do in America at Here … Continue reading

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