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Wushu reference page

Chinese Wushu Training exercises and forms learned between 1993-2004. running type of warm-up: 1. jogging lightly 2. jogging on ball of feet 3. normal jogging heel-to-toe 4. side ways skipping 5. running backward 6. Karoke running- side running twisting feet … Continue reading

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Thai Boxing Training

Covered some Thai Boxing training similar to the way we did drills in Thailand. Also added some good kick shield work in the end. Thai Boxing drills with thai pads and thai belly pad: 2 minute round each: 1. Call: … Continue reading

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Neijia combat de-mystified and proper training

The study of Neijia (Internal Art) boxing- prohibitions. 1. Do not attach to much theory into actual practice. When we practice Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan or Yiquan, it is useless to associate philosophy with what you’re doing. For example, many scholars … Continue reading

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Chen Zhen Lei’s Warm-ups, Basics, Silk Reeling, Fajin,and Tui Shou

Here are my notes of the Chen Zhen Lei warm-ups from a different seminar, but he always does these. Hope they make sense to you. I guess I should youtube them. He does them for a good amount of repetitions … Continue reading

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