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Wudang Exercises for health

Warm ups- shaking body/arms- front, sides, up clasped hands wrist circles wrist circles with palm to inside/outside elbow circles with palm, hand to inside/outside shoulder rolls with thumbs at L1 rotate arm- both directions left arm then right arm with … Continue reading

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Teaching a beginner chinese martial arts

Taught a total beginner on Sunday. My guest and I both train in boxing and Muay thai boxing, but he doesn’t feel he has enough stretching techniques and other fundamentals. We do almost no stretching in muay thai and boxing. … Continue reading

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Clip of my last fight in 2007

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Hong Kong San Da youtube notes

Hong Kong Sanda youtube has instructional videos, alot of stuff I learned back in the old days of training. Warm up training: Arm circles in bow stance Whirling arm-drop stance slap Standing heel stretch Drop stance L+R Stand toe touch … Continue reading

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