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“Old School” boxing school

I was checking out a old school boxing gym in my area. I was goggling boxing and found a school very close to my home. The school has been there for 30 years and the owner is a promoter. he … Continue reading

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Shuai Chiao- study of chinese wrestling

As a practitioner of CMA (Chinese martial arts) I have been digger deeper into the mystery of the ancient practices. Shuai Chiao is the oldest of all chinese martial arts dating back several thousands of years and many martial styles … Continue reading

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Thoughs on Yang Hai Xingyi spear seminar

We did a warm-up with san ti standing. Discussion on different spear styles and why hsingyi evolved the way it did- 1. Shaolin spear uses longer stances and holds spear at a higher angle towards head/throat. 2. Xingyi spear however … Continue reading

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