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Recent video uploads- Linear Yang fajin, 88 two person set, Paired sword set, Yang Broadsword set 2

Linear Yang Taiji fast- Individual movements of the form practiced with fajin on a moving line- this can be pung- ward off, lu- rollback going backward, Ji- press, An-push, repulse monkey- backward, brush knee, ect. ect.. We learned it (Weiqi … Continue reading

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A Fighter’s Curriculum

Comprehensive training for martial artist who wish to be proficient in fighting- street, sport, self defense, life-death situations. -warm-ups and stretching to prevent injury 1. Joint loosening/range of motion 2. Floor, wall, and partner stretching. **long set Taiji song shen … Continue reading

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Strength circuit, solo medicine ball, Kettlebell for martial arts

Circuit Warm up: 1.Burpies 2. Clap Push ups 3. Mountain climbers 4. Thai Squats 5. V-ups 6. T-pushups 7. Horse stance squats 8. Lunge jumps 9. scissors, bicycles, elbow-knee 10. bouncy push ups 11. cherry pickers medicine Ball 1. Over … Continue reading

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