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Eastern/Western Medicine Essentials

Acupuncture: Warrior-Acupuncturist Network

Diet: Intro to Chinese Diet Therapy with Wilson and Amy

Intro to Qigong: 8 brocade and longevity set

18 Taiji Qigong: set for health

Medical Qigong: Goulin Walking

Tai Chi Health Functions


Fu Zhongwen talks in USA

Fu Shengyuan interview and more

Coach He Weiqi, Shanghai Master.

10 Essence of Taijiquan

Yang Baduajin

Fa Jin, Paired sword, paired Taiji san shou

5 Books coming out soon:
Study guides for acupuncture students:
1. Lifestyle of chinese medicine
2. Foundations
3. Acupuncture
4. Herbs and formulas
5. Western Medicine

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Intro to Qigong and Taiji for students and patients

Follow along videos. Enjoy.


6 syllable formula

8 form Taijiquan
This is a form of Yang taiji from Yongnian, guangfu town (guangping), it was taught by Yang Zhaopeng, Yang Banhou’s son in the village as a warm-up for push hands. It is repeated 8 times and then students would practice tui shou aka push hands.

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Talks on Yang Family Taijiquan with Fu Zhongwen and James Fu

A young Fu Zhongwen with Yang Chenfu

Fu Zhongwen was a chief inheritor of Yang Chenfu’s Taijiquan. He was one of the closest disciples, a lineage-holder, and in-law to the Yang Family. He spent his earlier days in Guang Fu town as neighbor and student of Yang Banhou’s son, Yang Zhaopen in Yongnian county. He was sent to Shanghai to help with efforts there and become disciple to Yang Chenfu. Some of his training brothers included Chen Weiming, Cui Yishi, Niu Chimming, Li Yashuen, Chu Guiting, and Tian Zhaolin.

Opening words by Fu Zhongwen: Origin Taiji is One style.

On Yang Luchan taking a fight:

On the various generations and Learning the Authentic and Original Taiji:

Persevere through practice: as a martial art, for health: spine, stomach, sleep, fighting disease like cancer:

Words of encouragment

Group photo

Fu Shengyuan passed away this year. Slantedflying.com wrote a nice detailed piece here. Though I was not a direct student of him, I was part of the 50th anniversary of the Yongnian Association in Shanghai China in 1994. There we did train in long form, single push hands, rou shou, double hand push hands, moving step push hands, and Da Lu. It was a very friendly and open experience, the complete opposite of what I had experienced in America with many of the secretive 3rd generation proponents of Cheng Man Ching. Overall, I was very blessed by the eye opening experience. People were asked to come up and speak. I spoke on how important it would benefit Americans to have more martial arts like Taijiquan introduced into public schools at a younger age to improve health, encourage sports, and other extracurricular activities.

Fu Zhongwen form

Taiji ‘One Family’ commentary on Yang Taijiquan in Shanghai China.

You can read the unofficial edition here: Yang Taiji One Family across the straits.

Before 1949: Fu Zhongwen started Yongnian Taijiquan Association in 1944.

After 1949:

50th anniversary Yongnian Association 1994:

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Protected: Western Medicine for National Acupuncture students

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18 Taiji Qigong Shi Ba Si

Dan Tien is the way we breath in qigong. It is a space below the navel and can be very unusual at first.

First steps:

Dan tien breathing promotes the circulation of Qi up the spine and down the front channel as seen in this diagram.

This is for the development of the 3 treasures in Taoism: Jing, Qi, Shen.
Jing is our essence “hormones”, Qi is vital like oxygen and heart and internal organs working harmoniously, shen is spirit and consciousness.

So it all begins at dan tien.


18 Taiji Qigong
Consciousness training
1. Raising hands- heart smiling, breathing rises and falls like a fountain
2. Expanding chest- opening arms, looking far in distance from a mountaintop
3. Waving Rainbow- free will with rainbow between palms
4. Dividing clouds- dividing the clouds with joy
5. Circling Arms- (repulse monkey)- arms lubricating at joints
6. Rowing on a Lake- rowing with joy
7. Raise the ball- play with ball like a child
8. Turn to view moon- Moon of mid autumn festival with family reunion happiness
9. Push the palm- inhale health air for inner energy
10. Wave the cloud hands-carelessly watching the clouds
11. Scoop sea view the sky- scooping water to sprinkle on the body
12. Pushing the wave- rush forward like a wave
13. Open doves winds- feel like a flying dove in fresh air
14. Punching fists- breaking thru barriers
15. Flying wild Geese- fly freely
16. Flying wheel- body turning a giant wheel
17. Stepping and slap ball- happy, relaxed, feel childish like bouncing ball
18. Settling breath- end well adjusted.

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Protected: Foundations OM: Diagnosis and Internal Medicine in TCM

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