Tai Chi Fighter Essential Links

Eastern Medicine Essentials

Diet is everything!! Chinese Diet therapy

Chinese Medicine and Psychology

Warrior Healer Network of Acupuncturists, etc.

Just for Women: OB/GYN information

Pediatric Tui-Na Massage

Chinese Herbs I

Chinese Herbs II

Herbal Formulas using Chinese herbs

Diagnosis and other TCM notes, Nei Dan.

General massage points for health

Face Reading in Oriental Medicine

Acupoints in relation to Kundalini Yoga

Chinese Channels and Vessel acupoints

Korean Sa Sang Constitution Medicine

SaAm acupuncture: 5 element system

Master Tong’s acupoints

Pulse/Palpitation areas in Eastern medicine

Taiji and Qigong structural alignments

Massage therapy: from a Tai Chi master

Combative: Tai Chi pugilist methods and how to train a fighter

Universal principles in fighting

Da Shou in Taijiquan Combat training

A fighter’s curriculum

Tai Chi Combat training

Developing a Tai Chi fighter that can hang with other combat sport fighters: MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ.

Da Shou: 5 hammers

Chinese Tai Chi “classics” for fighting

Standing Gong Essentials

10 Essentials of Taijiquan with images

Jin Lu “force path” demystified

Building a daily practice to develop Taiji Gong Fu

Ti-Fang: Tai Chi chuan’s secret training

Recommended Teachers World Wide

Cheng Man Ching’s student network

Tai Chi parks in DC/VA/MD metro area

Wushu Reference page

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Formulas Study Guide II

This is the beginning of formula study for 2016 for students. Now that all the herbs have been covered, they are to be combined with other herbs to create balance and produce specific effects for the body to restore health. This is for students and licensed practitioners of TCM. WARNING: DO NOT SELF PRESCRIBE HERBAL FORMULAS WITHOUT GUIDANCE FROM QUALIFIED PRACTITIONER.

Got to know Diet first: 3 links are here: Our Dietary therapy Info

Herbs part 1 study guide

Herbs part 2 study guide

Formulas Study Guide I is here Formula Study guide 1

Study sheet: download . Right click “Save As”.


References/recommended reading: Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas and Strategies. Sneid, Bensky, Ellis, and Barolet.

Formulas that Drain Downward

Formulas that Purge Heat


Formulas that Moisten the Intestines



Formulas that Harmonize


Formulas that harmonize- Shao Yang disorder






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Scientific studies: links for Health of Mind, Body, Spirit

Exercise as best medicine:

Runner’s brains may be more connected:

Differences in Resting State Functional Connectivity between Young Adult Endurance Athletes and Healthy Controls:

Aerobic exercise preserves brain volume and improves cognitive function

Cancer and high fat diet:

Exercise boosts men’s sperm count

Eating nuts to keep the doctor away

Disruptions in bio-rhythms and our internal clock cause depression in mice.

Depression in young people affects stomach, anxiety, and skin

Exercise keeps depression at Bay

Nutrition protects against the impact of stress on the brain in early life

Why napping is good for you

Protein supplements may cut risk of heart disease

Soy may help women against later bone loss

Exercising while angry may triple the risk of heart attack

Exercise release hormones that help shed and prevent fat

Sensing your body may be harder than you realize

The Enteric nervous system in the gut is a second brain and control more than you realize

Oxytocin enhances spirituality new study says:

Staying fit can cut your medical bills

Gaining weight as you age has nothing to do with metabolism

Why are we stiff in the morning:

Acupuncture may stop memory loss that precedes dementia

Lack of exercise causes world 67.5 billion and 5 million lives a year.

Mental and physical exercises may boost cognitive ability, memory, problem solving skills in just 12 weeks

Skipping your workouts for 10 days reduces blood flow to brain regions, MRI scan shows

Certain carbohydrates do not make you gain weight, research says:

Consciousness: The Mind messing with the Mind

Heavy exercise induces intestinal permeability

Higher muscle mass associated with lower mortality risk in people with heart disease.

Americans have never been fatter and it is getting worse

Dietary fiber intake tied to successful aging research reveals

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Matthew Stampe Martial Arts Resume

Intro: My name is Matt Stampe and I am interested in teaching children wushu kung fu and adults Tai Chi. I’ve been doing this 26 years now ‘off and on’ over the years and have taught hundreds of people. I am currently studying to be an acupuncturist, and had an active massage therapist license at one time. I’ve done everything from teaching, to training athletes for martial arts competitions. I’ve been a full contact fighter, push hands (tai chi grappling) and forms competitor. I have many awards and many people know me in the Chinese martial arts community.

Matthew Stampe

Martial Arts: Interested in teaching at a recreation center.

Full Time IT professional: Network Engineer. Currently Oracle Database Administrator.



Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU):
Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Northern Virginia Community College– classes in Graphic Arts, Web Design, Computer Technology.

Virginia University of Oriental Medicine: Currently: 2013-present. Year 3 of a Masters program in Oriental Medicine (acupuncture).

Other I.T. certifications:
Microsoft Certified Professional: 2000 Workstation and Server.
Network+ Certification
A+ Certification

Massage therapist. Qi Elements School of Massage: Swedish/Deep Tissue, Reiki Level 2 with Sifu Nancy Bloomfield. Passed National Examination. License expired in 2013.

NCBTMB National Certification (USA)

NCBTMB National Certification (USA)


2015 Yang Family Tai Chi Association: Rank 3 level “Gold Eagle”.



2009- Level 4 Team Lloyd Irvin fight Team – MMA, BJJ/Submission grappling, Muay Thai/San Shou Fight Team.

Virginia Board of Nursing License

Virginia Board of Nursing License

2006- Massage Therapist and Body worker License with Virginia Board of Nursing.

2002- Black Sash Level 3- Omei Wushu and Taijiquan- Sifu Lu Xiao Ling.
1996- Coach Xu Qigong Institute: Koulin Qigong Certification.

1994- Yang Taijiquan Saber Certification, Shanghai Branch Yongnian Association. Fu Zhong Wen and James Fu.
1994- Yang Taijiquan Certification, Shanghai Branch Yongnian Association. Grandmaster Fu Zhong Wen and Fu Sheng Yuan. 50th Anniversary.



President VCU Martial Arts Club 1994-1995. Taught 24 Taijiquan, Tui Shou (sensing), and Applications. Organized demos and seminars: Judo Club, Aikido Club, 18 Taiji Qigong with Sifu He Weiqi.

Secretary/Treasurer Richmond Va. Chapter of Yongnian Taiji Association- 1994-1996, Sifu He Weiqi

U.S Delegation member to study and compete in Mainland China at the International Wushu Festival Shanghai China. 1994 and 1996.

Member in support for the Chinese Physical Cultural Heritage and “Spirit of Competition” Organizations: United States Chinese Koushu Federation (USCKF), “A Taste Of China” (AToC) All Taijiquan Championships , United Stated Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF), United States Wushu Union (USWA), United States Chin Woo/Taiji Legacy. 1993 to present

1994-1996 Richmond Parks and Recreation- Assistant Coach for Children Wushu and Adults Taijiquan

1996-1997 Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation- Head Coach Adults Taijiquan.

1996-1997 Dragon Martial Arts Academy- Head Coach Adults Taijiquan- Virginia Beach

1997-1998 Virginia Beach Martial Arts center- Head Coach children’s Wushu and Adults Taijiquan

1999-2001 Assistant to Sifu Zhou Jianhua Seminars Dragon Martial Arts Academy, Virginia Beach

2001-2003 Hope Chinese School. Fairfax Virginia Head Coach: Childrens Wushu

2002-2003 Assistant Coach and Sash Test Judge- Omei Wushu School- Fairfax, Virginia.

2003-present: Member of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.

2003: Hope Chinese School- University of Maryland Chapter- Assistant to Coach Zhang Anji.

2004-2006: Assistant Trainer Qi Elements School of Taiji, Qigong, and Massage. Sifu Nancy Bloomfield and Roger Blough.

2007-2010:Massage Therapist for Fighters and Staff at Team Lloyd Irvin Northern Virginia Mixed Martial Arts (Novamma.com).Pro fighters: Lloyd Irvin, Dave Kaplan, Jeff Ruth, Ryan Hall, Derek Sierra, and more.

2010-2011: Kids Instructor at Novamma: Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, and Boxing for kids.

2011-2012: Head instructor Boxing and Muay Thai at Mainstreet Crossfit.

2012: United States Wushu Academy(USWA) Yang Taijiquan and San Shou fight team member.

2015: Tai Chi instructor at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine.


1993 and 1994 Richmond’s Childrens Festival- Yang Taiji and Taiji sword.

1995- Chinese Spring Festival- Virginia Commonwealth University.

1995- VCU Intercultural Festival

1995- Taste of China Opening Ceremony- Group Yang Taiji sword .

1995-Richmond Health Awareness Day, Byrd park. 5/95

1995- Taiji reunion performance. Humphry Calder community center, Richmond Virginia.

1996- Taste of China Masters demo- Richmond team- Yang taijiquan.

1997- Virginia Beach Recreation Center open house- Changquan and Yang Taiji demonstration.

1998- Omei wushu school 4th of July festival wushu and taijiquan demonstration, National Mall, Washington D.C.

1998- Chinese New Year- Year of Dragon wushu and taijiquan demonstration, Omei wushu team, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

1999- Chinese New Year of Rabbit- Omei Wushu School performance. Northern Virginia Community College, Fairfax Virginia, Annandale campus.

2001- Chinese Year of Snake- Omei Wushu School performance. Northern Virginia Community College-Fairfax Virginia Annandale campus.

2001- Omei wushu school 4th of July festival wushu and taijiquan demonstration, National Mall, Washington D.C.

2001- Omei wushu school- USA/China Adopted Childrens Festival, Chinese Embassy, Washington, D.C.

2002- “Ode to Peace” US and China relations celebration. National Mall, Washington, D.C.

2002- ‘End of school year’ performance, Hope Chinese School, Fairfax High school.

2003- USAWKF Nationals Opening Ceremony- group 24 Yang taijiquan, Fairfax Virginia.

2003- End of Year performance, Hope Chinese School, Fairfax High school.

2004- Spring performance at Camelot Elementary, Fairfax Va.

2004- “The Walk for Life” Cancer fundraiser. Demonstration of Goulin qigong for Cancer. George Mason University in Fairfax,Va.

Other Accomplishments-

1997 to present: Webdesigner-



Blogs:Fighter’s Journey blog and Tai Chi Fighter’s Blog
Fighter’s Journey: China, Thailand, USA
Tai Chi fighter’s Blog

2004: U.S. Wushu Union E-Zine. Articles: Li Ying, Beijing Wushu Professional. IMAC, International Martial Arts Competition.

First competition medal- 3rd place Cheng Man Ching form in Shanghai China 1994. Our team got 2nd place in Group 24 form.

1994-a fifth place in bagua at “A Taste of China”- Winchester Virginia.

United States Chinese Koushu Federation (USCKF) Medals early 1990’s- Yang Taiji form and Tui Shou (push hands)

1994-third placing in taiji push hands – Kuoshu tournament- Baltimore Maryland.

1996 Shanghai China- gold for baguazhang, silver in Yang taijiquan and taiji broadsword, and bronze for xingyi and team received a gold for group yang taiji.

Shanghai 1996 International Competition-first gold medal.

1996-5th placings in Yang taiji and Chen style and a 6th place in baguazhang- Taste of China- Winchester Virginia

1996- 3rd in Chen taijiquan, second in baguazhang and a second in xingyi.quan- Koushu- Baltimore Maryland .

1998 USAWKF Nationals tournament were two fourth places: in Yang taijiquan and Baguazhang. Baltimore Maryland.

1999 Taste of China- 4th place 42 Taijiquan and 4th place Baguazhang.

2000-USAWKF Nationals resulted in a 3rd place Intermediate Changquan, 3rd place Yang Taiji saber, and 5th place Yang Taijiquan- Baltimore Maryland.

2001- USA team trials- 42 taijiquan, 42 taijisword, wushu spearplay- Baltimore Maryland.

2002- Gold- Taijiquan, 2 silver and for wushu sword and taiji sword, 2 bronzes wushu spear and taijispear. Taiji Legacy and Chin Woo championships- Dallas, Texas.

2002- 2nd in wushu straight sword, 3rd in Yang taiji and 3rd in other taiji forms. US wushu Union Nationals-Orlando Florida.

2003 USAWKF Nationals-2nd place in 42 taijiquan and 3rd in Taiji weapon, 4th in wushu straightsword and 4th in taijisword, Fairfax Virginia.

2003 – 2nd in taiji spear, 4th in 42 sword, 5th in 42 taiji and taiji saber Wushu Union Nationals, Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

2004- IMAC (International Martial Arts Competition)1st place Yang Taijiquan, 1st place Yang Taiji sword. 1st Place Other taijiquan, 2nd place taiji saber, 2nd place Northern Longfist

2004 USAWKF Pan Am’s and USA International tournament- 2nd in Yang taijiquan and 3rd in Yang saber.

2004 International US Koushu tournament in Baltimore MD- 1st in Longfist, 1st in spear, 2nd in straight sword, 2nd in Cheng Man Ching Taiji, 3rd push hands

2007- DC Metro Showdown 2- Sanda Fight

2008- United States Chinese Koushu Federation- 4th place Yang Taijiquan and 4th Place in Sword out of 10 competitors.

US Capitol Classics ‘China Open’- 1st place Taiji broadsword, 2st place Yang Taijiquan, 3rd place Taiji sword, 3rd place Chen taijiquan.

2010- Lei Tai full contact fight competitor. Koushu Baltimore.


Coach He Weiqi- Yongnian Taijiquan- Seattle Washington.

Coach Zhou Jianhua- Richmond Wushu. Richmond, Virginia.

Coach Jang Ban Jun- chinese Martial Arts Institute

Coach Lu Xiaoling- Omei Wushu School. Fairfax, Virginia.

Sifu Clarence Burris- Chinese Martial Arts Institute. Fairfax, Virginia.

Sifu Xianhao Cheng- Hangzhou chapter Yongnian taijiquan- Philadelphia Pa.

Sifu Pat Rice- Taste of China, Yang family Taichi. Winchester, Virginia.

Coach Zhang Anji- former Head Coach Zhejian wushu team �VBethesda, Maryland.

Coach Li Ying- Beijing Wushu team, Chinese Martial Arts Institute. Fairfax, Virginia.

Sifu Park Bok Nam- Pakuachang School Richmond Va.

Joe News- Humphrey calder community Center, Richmond recreation department.

Mo Bruner- Princess Anne Recreation Center, Virginia Beach, Va.

Sensei Dave Taylor and Sensei Robert Orr- Dragon Martial arts Academy Virginia Beach Virginia.

Sensi Dan and Sensi Karen Montgomery-Virginia Beach Martial Arts Academy. Norfolk, Virginia.

Shawn Wang- Hope Chinese School. Fairfax, Virginia.

Sifu Wilson Pitts and Cas Overton- Tai Chi at VCU Dance Department. Richmond Va.

Dr. Jonathan Shear and Patricia Shear. Wu style Tai chi, Richmond Va.

Sifu Nancy Bloom and Sifu Roger Blough. Qi Elements School of Tai Chi, Herndon Va.

Jeff Ruth – Muay thai/Brazilian Jujitsu. Nova Martial Arts (novamma.com) in Arlington Virginia

Dave Carter- Muay Thai. Dynamic Concepts www.DC-athlete.com

Derek Sierra- Pro Boxer at Novamma.com

Dr. David Walls-Kauffman: www.capitolhilltaichi.com

Khemeran Ing- Mainstreet Crossfit- Fairfax Va.

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5 Elements songs!

My choices of music if you are going through a particular emotional stress and need some attitude adjustment. These are my personal picks for songs, but hopefully you get the idea, and can find songs that soothe your soul and help you find emotional and mental balance.



Earth: the organ here is Stomach and Spleen. the positive emotion is feeling “centered” which is where you can be at your upmost intelligence. The negative is Worry! No better song for worry is Bob Marley’s “Don’t worry about a thing”!

Bobby McFerrin’s song “Don’t Worry Be happy” comes in second place.

Music that is supposed to improve intelligence, IQ, memory, and concentration.

Metal Element: Organ is the Lungs and Large Intestines. The positive aspect of the Joy while the negative emotion is sadness and grief. Excess joy and pleasure can be a imbalance as well. Songs I choose for this element are:

For Sadness: Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World”

A good song for Joy is Steve Windham’s “Finer things”:

Water Element. Water dominates the Kidneys and Urinary bladder. When strong we have courage, but when weak, we are prone to fear.

A great song for courage is Queen’s “We are the Champions!”

Fear, we all fear death, a song I think is good for fear is Blue Oyster Cult’s “The Reaper” in the lyrics he says: “Seasons do not fear the reaper, nor the wind, sun, and rain!”

Wood Element. Wood organs are the Liver and Gall Bladder. The negative aspect is Anger, while Kindness is a expression of a healthy Liver and Gall Bladder.

Songs for when angry: Craig David’s “I’m walking away” this is a good song to step out of a situation and contemplate.

Songs for Kindness: “Try a little kindness” from Glen Campbell:

Fire Element:
Organs: heart and small intestines. All emotions affect the heart! Patience is the positive and Cruelty, is the action of anger, which is the negative.

Need patience? Here is some Gun’s and Roses, “Patience”

been cruel to others? try some Elvis! Don’t be Cruel to a hearts that true!

Hope you enjoyed.

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Stress, Addiction, and Acupuncture

Work in progress 11/19/2016

Need Addiction Help? First seek professional treatment, counseling, and rehab. You can call the hotline here:
Drug Abuse Hotline
Suicidal? Call the National Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Acupuncture makes a great adjunct to professional rehabilitative treatment and detox plan. Find a acupuncturist here: My personal friends or Nation wide database

Some basic facts:

At the acupuncture school they say that stress first attacks the Lungs and Weiqi “Defensive Qi” or in the west, the respiratory system and Immune system of the body. Lungs in Chinese medicine touches the outside world, and is first organ vulnerable to external pathogens like wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, allergens, and viruses.

My first TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor Amy says The number #1 cause of health issues is stress, and it is important to reduce it. There are several ways she says we can reduce stress:
1. Diet: a diet low in salt, low in fat, low in sugar, good carbohydrates, protein, and anti-oxidants.
2. Acupuncture: acupuncture to open blocked channels from the stress and dis-ease.
3. Nutrition and herbs: these repair the channels.
4. Healthy Lifestyle: exercise, including meditation, Qigong, Taijiquan (Tai chi), proper sleep, good bowel movement, etc.
Amy says to maintain your roads (acupuncture channels), reduce the stress that damage them. She compares disease as to a avalanche that blocks the road. Diseases like ulcers, cancer, and others affect different people in different ways. Certain types of food are more suitable to different body types.
So in order to help the different issues, a person needs to identify their body type and avoid certain foods.




Stimulants: Caffeine, Amphetamines, Speed, Meth, etc.


Tobacco Use

As of 11/19/2016 the movement is growing to legalize marijuana. In California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Washington D.C., Nevada, and Maine, it is recreational. It is legal for medical use in 17 other states. Its uses should be cautioned. It is our view that taking one herb in excess continually builds toxins. It can create many unwanted symptoms and can make you lethargic. Please consult a herbalist on how to use other herbs to balance the side-effects if you decide to use for recreation. There is a fine line between use and abuse. Example product “Balance the Herbs”. for instance was designed for users of marijuana to counter the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana. Chinese formulas like Bu fei Tang can help tonify the lungs from the drying effect smoke does to the lungs, and Gui Pi Tang, a spleen formula can help the spleen and blood. Many folks who have Liver Yang feel relaxed from marijuana as they are highly productive, use movement, and action. Something like Xiao Yao San, or Liver formula can be used for stress and smooth out Qi stagnation in those with Liver Yang. Talk to a Chinese herbalist about it.



Hallucinogens and PCP


Heroin and Narcotic medications


As part of treatment, but let’s not forget, it can be addictive as well.

Drugs to Spirituality:

Coping with Stress

Other Addictions: Sex and Porn addictions, Gambling Addictions.

Chinese medicine and Marijuana

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