Yang Family Taijiquan and the Authentic Tradition

The Yang Taijiquan I practice comes originally from Grandmaster Fu Zhongwen starting around 1992. Three years prior, I was a practitioner of Cheng Man Ching’s Yang short form. Fu Zhongwen calls his Taijiquan the “Authentic Taijiquan” and claims it is unchanged prior to the standardization of the form that Yang Chenfu later taught publicly and what is taught by Yang Zhendou and modified further by current standard bearer Yang Jun. Fu Zhongwen was also influenced and knew several teachers and top students including Cui Yishi, Tian Zhaolin, Tung Ying Chieh, and Xu-Yusheng. It is believed that some of these students and Fu Zhongwen attained a very high level.



My teacher Weiqi He and her husband Xu Jengheng both taught the Yang Taijiquan Long Form, Yang Taiji straight sword, and Yang push hands for Richmond Virginia’s Parks and Recreation department. I spent 4 very diligent years with them and helped with classes before they moved to New York. James Fu taught me the Yang Taiji Saber form, and Fu Shengyuan taught more Yang moving step push hands and ‘Da Lu’ at the 50th anniversary of Yongnian Association.

Shanghai China Spring 1994



What is very important to me is being with the right people who represent the art and to maintain an ongoing relationship with those people of true skill. I’ve been a member of first the USA chapter of the Yongnian Association and also a ranked member of the Yang Family Association.


I’ve never stopped to go deep into Yang Taijiquan details with teachers. Before he moved to Philadelphia, I spent over 2 years with Sifu Xianhao Cheng, learning Yang Long form, Saber, Straight sword, push hands, Tai Chi san shou fighting, and spear. Xianhao is disciple of Zhu Liang Feng whose teacher Jiang Yukun was a disciple of Yang Chengfu. I went to Qi Elements School of Massage for 2 years and did Yang Zhendou’s version of Long form. Qi elements also did the 88 two man Tai chi ‘san shou’ set and Tai Chi massage training. 2 years with Coach Chris Pei of USWA. He taught Yang Zhenjie’s push hands, form, Da Shou- “strike hands” and Tai chi San Shou fighting. I’ve continued seminars and training with Yang Jun and Yang Family teachers Pat Rice and other high ranked Yang family instructors for over 10 years. However, I believe that the Fu Zhongwen family and Tung family have a high degree of knowledge and skill. People I have met like Damon Bramich is at a much higher level than I am currently at. Chip Ellis is a long time student of Tung family style. Bradford Tyrey also spent a significant amount of time in Shanghai with Fu Zhongwen and have regular talks with him. Lastly, some of the best people I have worked with in push hands in the parks and local meet-ups belong to the Cheng Man Ching branch. They are very good friends and athletes. Scott Rodell’s school “Great River Taoist Center” also had San shou sparring invitationals and “open sparring”, as well as Sifu Clarence Burris at “Chinese Martial Arts Institute”.


I consider some of the following people the best to know in regards to Yang Family Authentic Taijiquan:

Videos of some of Fu Zhongwen and family: Authentic Yang Taijiquan

13 Taiji warm-up with James Fu

Fu Zhongwen Long form:

Fu Sheng yuan Taiji Saber

James Fu Taiji Straight sword

Fu Sheng Yuan Fajin training

Fu Zhongwen Taiji Spear.

Some of Matt’s accomplishments in Taijiquan have been:
25 years of continual training in Yang Taijiquan.
Black Sash level 3 from Omei Wushu Kung Fu School in Fairfax Virginia under former USA Team Coach Lu Xiaolin.
Form, Weapon, Push hands, and Full contact fighter in various organizations including:
-1994 and 1996 Shanghai Wushu Invitational,
-AToC (A Taste of China All-Taijiquan Championships,
-United States Koushu Federation,
-United State Wushu Kung Fu Federation,
-United States Wushu Union,
-U.S. Capitol Classics,
-Chin Woo Championships in Dallas Texas,
-Wushu Nationals in Orlando Florida,
-US Team Trials for Taijiquan, Taiji Sword, and Wushu spear in 2001.

More details on medals and awards can be found here: link to achievements

Testing and Certifications with Yongnian and Yang Family of Taijiquan.

Lastly and most importantly I’ve spent many years testing my Taijiquan skills by attending various schools and going to “open sparring” at Kung Fu, Boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and MMA gyms. Tui Shou and Full contact competition combat events and training like a combat athlete. In USA, and overseas in both Mainland China and Thailand.



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Master Tong’s Acupuncture

work in progress come back for more:
last update 11-16-2015

Master Tong’s Acupuncture differs from Classical acupuncture in the aspect that is uses various area’s of the body and less on the channels and collateral’s. However it does have relationship to the channels and collateral’s by way of Zhang-Fu correspondence.

Areas include:
12 areas:
11 area: fingers,
22 area: hand,
33 area: forearm,
44 area: upper arm,
55 area: plantar,
66 area: dorsum of foot,
77 area: lower leg,
88 area: thigh,
99 area: ear,
1010 area: head,
1111 area: Ventral(anterior) trunk area, and
1212 area: Dorsal(posterior) trunks area.

















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Chinese Herbology Study Guide II

come back again. Work in progress. last update: 10-14-2015

Part II in a series for self-study:

Part I of Herbology Study Guide

**Please do not use these herbs without guidance from a licensed practitioner.**
These are only for study. For instance Ma Huang is illegal in the USA and was used in diet pills and thus someone had to take a lot and died. Herbs are used in FORMULAS with other herbs to balance the potency. Some are used in cooking however. Please use caution. This is my online guide for students of Chinese Medicine.

Herbs that cool and transform Phlegm-Heat

These herbs are used in cases where there is phlegm heat, and dry-phlegm patterns. Coughs are key indicators, but also goiters, convulsions, scrofula as well.

Chuan Bei Mu- Tendrilled Fritillaria Bulb
Dan Nan Xing- jack-in-the-pulpit Rhizome
Fu Hai Shi- pumice
Gua Lou- Trichosanthes fruit
Gou Lou Pi- Trichosanthes peel
Gua Lou Ren- Trichosanthes seeds
Ge Qiao- Clam shell
Hai Zao- seaweed
Kun Bu- kelp
Pang Da Hai- Boat sterculia seed
Qian Hu- Hogfennel root
Tian Hua Fen- Trichosanthes root
Tian Zhu Huang- siliceous secretions of bamboo
Zhe Bei Mu- Thunberg Fritillaria Bulb
Zhu Li- Dried Bamboo Sap
Zhu Ru- bamboo shavings
Hou Zao- macaque Bezoar
Ze Qi- euphorbia
Huang Yao Zi- Dioscorea Bulbifera Tober


future categories:

• Herbs that Relieve Coughing and Wheezing
• Herbs that Relieve Food Stagnation
• Herbs that Regulate the Qi
• Herbs that Stop Bleeding
• Herbs that Invigorate Blood and Remove Stagnation
• Herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold
• Herbs that Tonify Qi
• Herbs that Tonify Blood
• Herbs that Tonify Yang












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T’ai Chi Massage: the Inner structure of Bones, Muscles, and Tendons.

What separates Qi in TCM vs. mystical “woo-woo” Qi described in martial arts? “Internal qi and external power are completely different. One deals with functions of the body and of mind to be able to strengthen and control the bodily functions, and the other is being able to extend a force through space.” -Dr. Alex Shpigel (International Lei Tai Heavy weight champion and TCM doctor.)

Tai Chi Massage:

Tai Chi massage is a modality that was taught to me by my massage teacher Sifu Nancy Bloomfield back in 2005 when I attended Qi elements school of Tai Chi and Massage. She was a master level massage therapist who learned this modality from C.C. Liu in DC’s Chinatown. C.C. Liu was a student of Xiang Yangho (Hsiung Yang-ho) of Taiwan who was student of Yang Shao-Hou.
Yang Shao Hao| Xiang Yang-ho| C.C. Liu| Nancy Bloomfield| Matt Stampe|

Oral history
Some of the back story behind Tai Chi massage is that in the old schools of Tai Chi Chuan, the younger students had to do massage on the senior students for several reasons to understand:
1. Various Acu-points for cavity strikes, acupuncture/acupressure healing, and for meditative Neijia exercises,
2. Muscle and Tendon groups for seizing and grasping tendons/muscles, and for massage healing,
3. Joint and Bone locations for breaks, dislocations, and traumatology healing and bone setting.

The deeper the more advanced Tai Chi senior student went into training and fighting, various injures were occurred and knowing how to heal it was just as important than knowing how to injure someone. Either way, it was for both knowledge and experience of anatomy for both fighting and healing.

It’s about Bones, Muscles, and Tendons, not Fascia.

In my entire time at massage school and TCM mastery program, the topic of fascia was rarely if ever discussed. We did touch upon myo-fascia release, but that modality is used to massage the dense muscles to smooth out muscular adhesions and tension. The connective tissue called areolar aka fascia, which is a membrane covering muscle belly, has scientifically not been determined if a problem in this muscle membrane causes muscle issues. Muscle covers 70% of the body, it a type of tissue, areolar/fascia is like a jacket holding that muscle filled with blood. Inflammation is like a tight jacket (fascia) around that muscle belly. Massage opens and loosen up this jacket (fascia) and moves blood in the muscle belly. The modern “Neo-biomechanics” talk on fascia, tensegrity, and ‘Anatomy Trains’ is a marketing phenomenon. Be careful with these new philosophies and its over-emphasis on fascia. It is usually discussed by folks not even certified in any massage or other therapies. Not just certified massage therapists, but certified personal strength trainers are pretty annoyed as well by the internet hype surrounding fascia. Structural integrity requires understanding of bones, muscles, and tendons dealing with forces upon it. We will not talk more about fascia as it was never discussed in Tai Chi massage.

Matt with Virginia Board of Nursing Massage Therapist and bodyworker license. More at combatsportsmassage.com

Tai Chi massage differs from other forms of massage in that it is a experience which enhances a deep feeling of contentment. The massage is very relaxing and works not only with the physical body, but with the Qi energy in the channels. The techniques used vary from light strokes to deep tissue work.

Light brush strokes trace the channel lines and help them to run smoothly and efficiently. This energy work enhances the physical aspects of the massage as waves of Qi are released throughout these healing channels of the body. This technique nurtures the parasympathetic nervous system, invigorates every organ and carries life force into every cell.

Inner structure of Tai Chi massage: Bones, Muscles, and Tendons.






Images of the muscle-tendon regions in TCM




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List of recommended Taijiquan instructors

Last update: 11/02/2015

In a sea deception, some light and clarity on some authentic and recommended Taijiquan instructors.

If you do not see a particular instructor, it may be due to two reasons: 1) please see if a lineage teacher is there, otherwise we do not know or cannot account for people we have not heard of . or 2) that we’ve excluded some of the people we feel do not represent the art truthfully with woo-woo claims (woo-woo is unrealistic fantasy martial skills that would not work in real self defense situations) and excessively silly compliant demo videos which misrepresent the martial arts.

This list is comprised from networking, seminars, competition events, and interactions with well know masters in the Taijiquan martial arts community. It was done with the help of many teachers, competitors, push hands competitors, full contact fighters, interviews, private messages, and conversations. This is peer choice, the Taijiquan community’s choice to bring clarity and awareness. It is not my list but everyone who chimed in with knowing this is a much needed work.

Top “Cream of the Crop”: Must see Highest recommended Taijiquan teachers! (No particular order)
click on link to enter their website.


Tai Chi Symposium masters here

Chen style Taijiquan
4 Diamonds of Chen Taijiquan
Chen Xiao Wong– has done the most in getting Chen taijiquan out to the public.
Chen Zhen Lei- a very open teacher, very serious, excellent seminar experience.
Zhu Tien Cai- another very open and friendly teacher, great seminar experience.
Wang Xian- another top master of Chen taijiquan.

Yang Taijiquan’s Top representatives:
Fu Sheng Yuan- 5th generation, is son of Fu Zhongwen and heir of Authentic Yang style.
Yang Jun– is 6th generation and works tirelessly to bring about good Taijiquan, coordinates Tai Chi symposium with masters from Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao, and Sun style Taijiquan masters.
James Fu- is 6th generation master and son of Fu Sheng Yuan.
Dong/Tung Family: very close and long time practitioners of Yang Taijiquan. This family teaches internationally.
Dong Zhen Chen in Hawaii
Tung Kai Ying and Tung Chen Wei in California L.A. area.
Alex Dong is in New York city.

Wu style Taijiquan
Wu Kwong Yu- 6th generation representative of Wu Style Taijiquan.
Wu Chong Him- 1st Zhongson of Wu Kwong Yu.
Ma Hailong descendant from Wu QuanYu and top Wu style master.
Ma Jiangbo- Wu style master that is very well known and descendant from Wu family.

Wu/Hao style Taijiquan
Zhong Zhenshan leading instructor of Wu/Hao taijiquan world wide. Scroll down link to read more.
Wu Wenhan- top Wu/Hao teacher invited to first Tai Chi Symposium.

Sun Style Taijiquan
Sun YongtianHe is the leading representative of Sun Taijiquan. Invited to speak at Taijiquan Symposium. more info in the link.

Cheng Man Ching style Taijiquan:
William CC ChenWorld class instructor, fighter, teacher.
Ben Lo- one of Cheng Man Ching’s top disciples. no link available. Mostly retired these days.

Taijiquan officials
Many of these International and National officials have dedicated their lives to the promotion of Taijiquan and are involved in many of the Taijiquan forms, push hands, and San shou competition events. They are masters and experts in both Traditional and Modern Taijiquan: form and function.

Chen Taijiquan
Here are more Chen Taijiquan masters and experts who have spread world-wide to give us Chen style Taijiquan.

Yang Taijiquan
A brief list of some masters and experts that teach Yang Taijiquan that we recommend. You may also find a more complete list with Yang family at:
Yang Family Website

Wu/Hao Taijiquan
A short list of some masters of the Wu/Hao style we are aware of.

Wu Taijiquan (Wu Chien Chuan)
Some Wu Taijiquan people teaching in USA and abroad, we hope to add more in the future when becoming aware of more teachers.

Northern Wu: Branch from Wu Quanyu to Wang Maozhai to Yang Yuting to Wang Peishan:

Masters include: Luo Shuhuan, Zhang Deshan, Zhao Zeren, Lu Shengli, Zhang Yun, Gu Yun
Links to Masters and instructors:


Sun Taijiquan
Here is a list of some teachers we are aware of who teach Sun Taijiquan. Sun Taijiquan is characterized by its active step footwork and containing elements of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.

Cheng-Man-Ching Taijiquan (CMC)
While we are aware there are many teachers of this style, here is a list of folks who teach and have competed in push hands and san shou fighting events and are also teachers.
Complete list of instructors of CMC Taijiquan here: Teachers with permission to teach.

William CC Chen instructors


Malaysia Taijiquan
There is a large group of teachers in Malaysia. Many more are listed in Nigel Sutton’s books. Malaysia was influenced by Huang Xian Xiong/Hwang Shen Shyan, a white crane master who became a disciple of Cheng Man Ching.

Fu Zheng Song Taijiquan
Fu Zheng Song was a master of the Neijiaquan which is Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan. His main influence was Chen Taiji, but he also knew Yang Chen Fu and Wudang sword master, General Li Jin Lin, as well as many other renowned masters. Fu Zheng Song was considered one of the “Tigers of Guandong”.

Wudang Temple PRC
Wudang teachers have emerged in the last few years as China has re-vamped training at the temple there. Here we list some people we have heard about.

Wudang Longmen USA
While there are other Wudang groups in USA, Some of these teachers are very present in the tournament scene and come from a tradition from Shanghai that practices Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, and “water boxing”.
Link to teachers and students: http://wudanglongmen.com/studentshainan.html

Wudang Practical Taijiquan U.K.
The most dominant Taijiquan in England as far as i can tell with a large list of fighters and push hands competitiors. Dan Dockerty won full contact fight events in Asia and spread it to Europe. Many of his students became champion fighters.

list of instructors: http://www.taichichuan.co.uk/database/database.html

Chang Dong Sheng Taijiquan
Chang Dong Sheng style of Taijiquan is no joke. Grandmaster Chang was one of China’s most elite and well respected Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling)adepts. His students produce quality level fighters. Grandmaster Chang learned Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan and modified them to suit how he understood fighting and throws. There was a “Combat Shuai Chiao” full contact fighting circuit at one time in the USA.

Chen Pan Ling Taijiquan
Chen Pan Ling learned from a host of masters including Yang Shouhou, Yang Chenfu, Wu Jian Chien, and took trips to Chen village. His style is unique in that it combines his knowledge on Baguazhang and Xingyiquan as well. This style is found mainly in Taiwan but there are some teachers abroad too. He was a direct at the ‘Central Koushu Academy’ in Nanjing China in the 1930’s.

Guang Ping Taijiquan
Guang Ping Taijiquan came to the USA in San Francisco by way of Grandmaster Kou Lien-Ying. He learned it from an old master who had trained with Yang Banhou, so it is considered a ‘Old Yang’ variation of Yang Taijiquan.

List of Teachers:

Other links to certified teachers:
San Shao Dao Association:

Liang Shouyu instructors:

YMAA instructors (Yang Jwing Ming’s school):

Circle of Trust

Push Hands Competitors:
Let’s face it, without testing your Taijiquan vs. an opponent training to push and resist against you, you really don’t have much. You can have all kinds of videos of you pushing a friend, student, or girl, but if you can’t get out of your comfort zone, you’re just a ‘handsies pansie’. Many push hands people have gone farther than many who call themselves “Sifu” and we know that push hands can become looked down as a wrestling sumo match. That is a compliment because you still have to use skill against someone using strength and aggression. Competition training takes a lot of hard work non-compliantly.

Mario Napoli- American Top Push hands competitor who went to Taiwan and Mainland China to compete and test skills. Won the Heavy Weight division in push hands in Chen Village China. He is active in fight training with Tai Chi, Boxing, and Judo arts. Mario is from the Cheng Man Ching lineage via Stanley Israel in New York. Mario’s website.

Lenzie Williams is a disciple of Ben Lo and competed in early 1990’s in the “A Taste of China All-Taijiquan Championships.” Lenzie was forms and push hands National Champion for several years.

Dr. David Walls-Kaufman is a disciple of Ben Lo who has competed in many push hands events Nationally and Internationally.

Mike Pekor- Is a National Push hands Champion and Grand Champion. He is an instructor in Long Island New York, and now teaches push hands competitors. He is also an expert in Wing Chun. Mike is from the Cheng Man Ching Lineage from New York with mates Bill Phillips, Avi Schneier, and Fredric Mirer.

Josh Waitzkin- William CC Chen student, 13 time push hands champion, champion chess player, author of Art of learning. Also a Brazilian Juijitsu student under Marcelo Garcia.

Casey Payne at Black Horse Tai Chi has traveled and competed in push hands in USA and Taiwan and is a National and International Champion.
Avi Schneier- of Patience Tai Chi in New York is a champion level push hands player from the Cheng Man Ching style, he has won in many various tournaments in the USA, Italy, and France..

David Chen- DC push hands gathering, competed in Cheng Man Ching event in France. He passed unexpectedly. There is now a Tai Chi park in Washington DC dedicated to his group.

Lee Scheele- Lee is a student of Anthony Ho Nan Jie (http://youtu.be/d8HhLGqDXdo), Ben Lo, Sam Tam and a push hands player in California who has won several Super heavy weight push hands events.

Jeff Justice is another Super Heavy Weight Champion who has done very well in several push hands events from 2007-2009 world and International push hands events. He is from Atlanta Georgia area.

Elaine Waters is a National push hands champion 3x gold medalist in US and Taiwan.

Fernando Bernall- competed in many Taijiquan events including “A Taste of China” , Koushu and USAWKF event in the 90’s, he is also a Acupunturist and ketlebell instructor.

Stephen Watson is a 5x nation heavyweight push hands National Champion. He is from Connecticut.

Kim Kazelberger is a student of Ben Lo who has won light weight championship in push hands in late 80’s early 90’s including “A Taste of China” and several other events.

Don Ethan Miller- National Champion in Heavy Weight push hands. Has competed in USAWKF, AToC, and many other events.

Dr. Xianhao Cheng– Dr. Cheng has written several articles and translated many texts into English for Tai Chi magazine. he has competed in USAWKF push hands events and teaches in Philadelphia PA.

Chris Luth – is a two time national Push hands Champion and founder fo the Pacific school of Tai Chi in San Diego California. He is known for his Tai Chi in Paradise retreats.

Rick Barrett is another push hands champion from the late 80’s early 90’s who is a Cheng Man Ching practitioner.
Richard Anderson from Canada who won several time his weight division at Jiaozuo competitions in Mainland China.

Wu Shen Tao TaiChi practitioners under Liu Xiaolin and Sifu Paul Ramos have won many push hands events including IMAC, Taste of China, USAWKF, and Koushu. George Harris, Stephen Genus, Michael Daryabeygi, Daniel Nightengale, Alexander “Roots” King, Charles Cashell,. Wudanglongmen disciples. Other competitors include Lan Tran, Sylvia Robinson, Denise Lane, and Damon Iacovelli won various major events. Paul Ramos won the US Chinese Martial Arts Championships back in 90 and 91.as well as Kuoshu and other national events. Most of these people won either the same tournament, the Taste of China events, NACMAF and or Kuoshu International Championships. George, Sylvia, Denise and Damon won multiple times Newer students like Stephen Genus, Christine Wells, and Daniel Nightingale won recent events like Kuoshu Internationals, ICMAC Nationals and other smaller championships.

Bruce Schaub is a Chen, Wu style, and Yang style instructor who competed and won National and International fixed and moving step middle weight division in push hands events.

Tai Chi Full contact
While push hands competitions do not involve striking, San Shou/Sanda/Lei Tai fighting involves punch and kick striking, take-downs, throws, and a ton of courage. You are fighting against someone trained to hurt you and you are in a legal contract to fight and risk getting knocked out. It takes special kind of person to step in the ring. There is a generation of tai chi theory talkers, but these are the generation of tai chi combat walkers, aka the warriors elite. Training for a fight is very hard, getting in there and slugging it out is one of life’s most exciting things you can do. It validates your skill levels. Nervousness, adrenaline, pressure, resistance, attack, and defense….it’s all in there!

Patrick Brady– fought Infinite Class on Lei Tai and is a Tai Chi, Bagua, and Xingyi fighter. He is 2 X National champion in full contact and 3x National Push hands Champion.

Alex Shpigel- now a Doctor of TCM, he won Heavy weight 1st place in Nationals and Taiwan consecutively, fought over 20 times.

Mario Mancini- 1st place in 2000, 1999, 1998 also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Steve Cotter- a famous kettlebell instructor now, won many Lei Tai events.

Bob Reynolds- won heavy weight division. Other members of Mike Patterson’s who had accomplishments- Step Taylor, Ali Cheng (f), Cathy Reddy (f), Steven Zamariar, Michael Corriadino, J.P. Hickman, Doug Gargaro, Robert Marzo, Anna Lagios, Tony Acaldo, Jaime Morgan, Rocky Valentine, William Revak, Louie Addeo, James Lynch, John Butcher, Paul Smith.

San Shou Ireland: Niall Keane, Declan Gannon, Karl Kidd, Daren Lowry, Wayne Marshall, Vytautas Vysniauskas are a Tai Chi team from Dan Docherty’s Wudang Tai Chi Association that fights out of Ireland and is very active in competition.

Robert Ruby- Richmond Va. Wu Tai Chi Richmond Va. Wu Tai Chi Chuan instructor won heavy weight in late 90s and another Wu style team mate won in the middle weight division at the Koushu Lei Tai same year.

Juan Maldonado- is a Taijiquan student from the lineage of William CC Chen in L.A., he has trained at the Muay Thai Academy and with Professional boxers before taking a career of amateur fighting, but maintains the importance of Taijiquan principles.Juan fight clip.

Vasile Ciocoiu– I have known Vasile for many years he has competed in San Shou, MMA, and is currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. He is certified in Beijing under Chen Taijiquan and Yiquan associations.

Jonathan Weizhang Wang- Jonathan is a multi-time forms and push hands champion in the L.A. area who is also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Jonathan is a student of Jiang Hao-quan.

Dr. Mark Cheng- is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine who in his early training and competitions competed in Lei Tai and San Shou. He is also a Combat Shuai Chiao practitioner. Mark has a kettlebell system that he teaches and certifies students.

Wim Demeere Belgian national champion four times and held the bronze medal at the 1993 Wushu world championships in Malaysia. He retired from full-contact competitions in 2000 when he became national trainer for the sanda team of the Belgian Wushu Federation.

Troy Roy Tai Chi Chuan: competed in Lei Tai and Full contact fighting in USA. Was a member of Tang Shou Tao 2002-2007. Won 2 full contact fight events at “East Bay Rats” Biker smokers.

Matt Stampe Primarily Yang Tai Chi who has fought in Sanda, Lei Tai fight events, and street, coached and cornered fighters in Lei Tai/San shou, amateur Boxing, and Muay Thai events. Matt has competed in IMA forms, push hands, weapons, and fighting in: A Taste of China, USAWKF, US Koushu, IMAC, and Taiji Legacy/Chin Woo Championships.

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