Martial Arts Resume

Matthew Stampe

Martial Arts Resume: Part-time work to share Tai Chi and Qigong to those with health issues, and those who want to increase health and strength, for sports competitions, and/or spiritual cultivation.

Full Time Oracle Database Administrator and IT professional: Network Engineer. National Industries for the Blind, 2012- Current.

Virginia University of Oriental Medicine Enrolled in a Oriental Medicine Master’s program. Fairfax Va.


Virginia Commonwealth University Bachelor of Fine Arts: (VCU) 1996.

Northern Virginia Community College- classes in Graphic Arts, Web Design, Computer Technology.

Microsoft Certified Professional: 2000 Workstation and Server.

Comptia Certifications: A+ Certification, Network+ Certification.

Qi Elements School of Massage: Swedish/Deep Tissue, Reiki Level 2 with Sifu Nancy Bloomfield. Passed National Examination.

Yang Family Taijiquan member since 2003. Ranked Level 3: Gold Eagle.

Yongnian Taijiquan Yang Taijiquan Certifications from Shanghai Branch of – Grandmaster Fu Zhong Wen 1992-1995.

Goulin Qigong Certification from Coach Xu Qigong Institute.

Qigong listings, 25 year of Qigong

Massage Therapist and Body worker License with Virginia Board of Nursing- 2006-2013.






Black Sash Level: 3- Omei Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu school Modern and Traditional Wushu and Taijiquan- Sifu Lu Xiao Ling 2002


Combat Sports Training: Level 3 Northern Virginia Mixed Martial Arts Academy – Boxing, Muay Thai, and San ShouSanDa Fight Team- 2007-2012.

Experience: Started Martial arts in 1989

President VCU Martial Arts Club 1994-1995. Taught 24 Taijiquan, Tui Shou (sensing), and Applications. Organized demos and seminars: Judo Club, Aikido Club, 18 Taiji Qigong with Sifu He Weiqi.

Secretary/Treasurer: Richmond Va. Chapter of Yongnian Taiji Association- 1994-1996, Sifu He Weiqi

U.S Delegation member to study and compete in Mainland China at the International Wushu Festival Shanghai China. 1994 and 1996.

Member in support for the Chinese Physical Cultural Heritage and “Spirit of Competition” Organizations: United States Chinese Koushu Federation (USCKF), “A Taste Of China” (AToC) All Taijiquan Championships , United Stated Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF), United States Wushu Union (USWA), United States Chin Woo/Taiji Legacy. 1993 to present

Richmond Parks and Recreation-1994-1996 Assistant Coach for Children Wushu and Adults Taijiquan with Sifu Weiqi He.

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation-1996-1997 Head Coach Adults Taijiquan.

Dragon Martial Arts Academy-1996-1997 Head Coach Adults Taijiquan- Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Martial Arts center-
1997-1998 Head Coach children’s Wushu and Adults Taijiquan

Teacher’s Assistant: Sifu Zhou Jinhua Seminars 1999-2001 Dragon Martial Arts Academy, Virginia Beach

Hope Chinese School. Fairfax Virginia 2001-2003 Head Coach: Childrens Wushu

Assistant Coach and Sash Test Judge- Omei Wushu School- 2002-2003, Fairfax, Virginia.

Hope Chinese School- University of Maryland Chapter- Assistant to Coach Zhang Anji. 2003

Assistant Trainer Qi Elements School of Taiji, Qigong, and Massage. Sifu Nancy Bloomfield and Roger Blough. 2004-2006

2007-2010:Massage Therapist for Fighters and Staff at Northern Virginia Mixed Martial Arts ( fighters: Lloyd Irvin, Dave Kaplan, Jeff Ruth, Ryan Hall, Derek Sierra, and more.

Kids Instructor at Novamma: Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, and Boxing for kids.2010-2011

Mainstreet Crossfit Head instructor: Boxing and Muay Thai at .2010-2012.


1993 and 1994 Richmond’s Children’s Festival- Yang Taiji and Taiji sword.

1995- Chinese Spring Festival- Virginia Commonwealth University.

1995- VCU Intercultural Festival

1995- Taste of China Opening Ceremony- Group Yang Taiji sword .

1995-Richmond Health Awareness Day, Byrd park. 5/95

1995- Taiji reunion performance. Humphrey Calder community center, Richmond Virginia.

1996- Taste of China Masters demo- Richmond team- Yang taijiquan.

1997- Virginia Beach Recreation Center Open house- Changquan and Yang Taiji demonstration.

1998- Omei wushu school 4th of July festival wushu and taijiquan demonstration, National Mall, Washington D.C.

1998- Chinese New Year- Year of Dragon wushu and taijiquan demonstration, Omei wushu team, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

1999- Chinese New Year of Rabbit- Omei Wushu School performance. Northern Virginia Community College, Fairfax Virginia, Annandale campus.

2001- Chinese Year of Snake- Omei Wushu School performance. Northern Virginia Community College-Fairfax Virginia Annandale campus.

2001- Omei wushu school 4th of July festival wushu and taijiquan demonstration, National Mall, Washington D.C.

2001- Omei wushu school- USA/China Adopted Children’s Festival, Chinese Embassy, Washington, D.C.

2002- “Ode to Peace” US and China relations celebration. National Mall, Washington, D.C.

2002- ‘End of school year’ performance, Hope Chinese School, Fairfax High school.

2003- USAWKF Nationals Opening Ceremony- group 24 Yang taijiquan, Fairfax Virginia.

2003- End of Year performance, Hope Chinese School, Fairfax High school.

2004- Spring performance at Camelot Elementary, Fairfax Va.

2004- “The Walk for Life” Cancer fundraiser. Demonstration of Goulin qigong for Cancer. George Mason University in Fairfax,Va.

Other Accomplishments-

1997 to present: Web designer-

Administrator at

IMA Fighter Hall of Fame

Social Media and Blogs:
Fighter’s Journey: China, Thailand, Blog
Tai Chi fighter’s Blog
Kwoon Alliance Forum

2004: U.S. Wushu Union E-Zine. Articles: Li Ying, Beijing Wushu Professional. IMAC, International Martial Arts Competition.

First competition medal- 3rd place Cheng Man Ching form in Shanghai China 1994. Our team got 2nd place in Group 24 form.

“A Taste of China”- 1994-a fifth place in Bagua at Winchester Virginia.

United States Chinese Koushu Federation (USCKF) Medals early 1990′s- Yang Taiji form and Tui Shou (push hands)

1994-third placing in taiji push hands – Kuoshu tournament- Baltimore Maryland.

1996 Shanghai China- gold for baguazhang, silver in Yang taijiquan and taiji broadsword, and bronze for xingyi and team received a gold for group yang taiji.

Shanghai 1996 International Competition-first gold medal.

1996-5th placings in Yang taiji and Chen style and a 6th place in baguazhang- Taste of China- Winchester Virginia

1996- 3rd in Chen taijiquan, second in baguazhang and a second in xingyi.quan- Koushu- Baltimore Maryland .

1998 USAWKF Nationals tournament were two fourth places: in Yang taijiquan and Baguazhang, 3rd place push hands. Baltimore Maryland.

1999 Taste of China- 4th place 42 Taijiquan and 4th place Baguazhang, 3rd place push hands.

2000-USAWKF Nationals resulted in a 3rd place Intermediate Changquan, 3rd place Yang Taiji saber, and 5th place Yang Taijiquan- Baltimore Maryland.

2001- USA team trials- 42 taijiquan, 42 taijisword, wushu spearplay- Baltimore Maryland.

Taiji Legacy and Chin Woo championships 2002- Gold- Taijiquan, 2 silver and for wushu sword and taiji sword, 2 bronzes wushu spear and taijispear. – Dallas, Texas.

2002- 2nd in wushu straight sword, 3rd in Yang taiji and 3rd in other taiji forms. US wushu Union Nationals-Orlando Florida.

2003 USAWKF Nationals-2nd place in 42 taijiquan and 3rd in Taiji weapon, 4th in wushu straightsword and 4th in taijisword, Fairfax Virginia.

2003 – 2nd in taiji spear, 4th in 42 sword, 5th in 42 taiji and taiji saber Wushu Union Nationals, Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

2004- IMAC (International Martial Arts Competition)1st place Yang Taijiquan, 1st place Yang Taiji sword. 1st Place Other taijiquan, 2nd place taiji saber, 2nd place Northern Longfist

2004 USAWKF Pan Am’s and USA International tournament- 2nd in Yang taijiquan and 3rd in Yang saber.

2004 International US Koushu tournament in Baltimore MD- 1st in Longfist, 1st in spear, 2nd in straight sword, 2nd in Cheng Man Ching Taiji, 3rd push hands

2007- DC Metro Showdown 2- Sanda Fight

2008- United States Chinese Koushu Federation- 4th place Yang Taijiquan and 4th Place in Sword out of 10 competitors.

US Capitol Classics ‘China Open’- 1st place Taiji broadsword, 2st place Yang Taijiquan, 3rd place Taiji sword, 3rd place Chen taijiquan.

2010- Lei Tai full contact fight competitor. Koushu Baltimore.








More Images and Pictures of competition Results:


Coach He Weiqi- Yongnian Taijiquan- Easthampton, New York.

Coach Zhou Jianhua- Richmond Wushu. Richmond, Virginia.

Coach Jang Ban Jun- Chinese Martial Arts Institute

Coach Lu Xiaoling- Omei Wushu School. Fairfax, Virginia.

Sifu Clarence Burris- Chinese Martial Arts Institute. Fairfax, Virginia.

Sifu Xianhao Cheng- Hangzhou chapter Yongnian taijiquan- Philadelphia Pa.

Sifu Pat Rice- Taste of China, Yang family Taichi. Winchester, Virginia.

Coach Zhang Anji- former Head Coach Zhejian wushu team �VBethesda, Maryland.

Coach Li Ying- Beijing Wushu team, Chinese Martial Arts Institute. Fairfax, Virginia.

Sifu Park Bok Nam- Pakuachang School Richmond Va.

Humphrey Calder Community Center Joe News- , Richmond recreation department.

Princess Anne Recreation Center Mo Bruner- , Virgina Beach, Va.

Sensei Dave Taylor and Sensei Robert Orr- Dragon Martial arts Academy Virginia Beach Virginia.

Sensi Dan and Sensi Karen Montgomery-Virginia Beach Martial Arts Academy. Norfolk, Virginia.

Hope Chinese School. Shawn Wang- Fairfax, Virginia.

Sifu Wilson Pitts and Cas Overton- Tai Chi at VCU Dance Department. Richmond Va.

Dr. Jonathan Shear and Patricia Shear. Wu style Tai chi, Richmond Va.

Sifu Nancy Bloom and Sifu Roger Blough. Qi Elements School of Tai Chi, Herndon Va.

Nova Martial Arts ( Jeff Ruth – Muay thai/Brazilian Jujitsu. in Arlington Virginia

Dave Carter- Relentless MMA: Muay Thai. Dynamic Concepts

Derek Sierra- Pro Boxer at

Dr. David Walls-Kauffman:

More Images and Pictures of competition Results:

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Thoughts on Old School Boxing and Western Mobility Training

Some Lists on some training at the Boxing clubs and some Western physical training.

A Typical Day at the Boxing gym:


Sandow’s light hand weight set

Range of motion exercises

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Timeline of Qigongs learned over past 25 years.

Somewhere around 20 forms of Qigong/Stretching/Loosening (Medical, Taoist, and Martial) type of trainings. A few are variations on the same form: Warm-up’s, Baduajin, Hua To’s 5 animals, 6 Healing Sounds and Yang Taiji qigong have several variations based on the teacher and school.

Richmond VA
Tao Experience Foundation: 1990-1992
Sifu Wilson Pitts
1. Baduajin (Huashan variation)
2. Hua To’s 5 Animals qigong (Huashan variation)
3. 6 healing sounds (Huashan variation) sitting and standing.
other. 5 Elements Bagua, 5 Elements Hsingyi

Richmond Parks and Recreation Wushu and Taijiquan (1992-1996)
Sifu Weiqi He and Coach Xu Junheng
Wife and Husband from Shanghai China.
4. 18 Taiji qigong (Shi ba shi taijiqigong)- Sifu Weiqi He
5. Aromatic mind awakening Qigong (Sifu Weiqi)
6. Koulin/Goulin Walking Qigong (Sifu Weiqi and Coach Xu Jenheng)

Other Richmond Va teachers1996
7. Wu Style Qigong (Zhong Ding drills)- Sifu Odessa Brooks
8. Pakuachang Qigong- Sifu Park Bok Nam

Buddhist Retreats1997
9. Taoist Yoga- Master Kayla
10. Swimming Dragon (Master George Quasha)
(I’m not going to mention the various Buddhist sitting practices)
VA Beach 1997-1998
Virginia Beach Taijiquan
11. Yang Qigong variation from Sifu Xianhao Cheng(Hangzhou, China)
12. Baduajin (Hangzhou variation)
13. 36 Liang Gong Shir Ba Fa- Madame Leanne Gehan (Shanghai)
Northern VA, DC metro area
Northern Virginia Taijiquan schools enrolled/attended regularly:
Omei Wushu school1998-2001
Sifu Xiaolin Lu
14. BaduaJin (Chinese standard variation)
15. Hua To’s 5 animals (Chinese standard variation)

Chinese Martial arts Institute: 2001-2003
Sifu Clarence Burris
16. 12 Yang Qigong Basics
17. Climb the mountain stance qigong

Qi Elements school of Taijiquan and Massage sets:2004-2006
Sifu Nancy Bloomfield and Sifu Roger Blough
18. All season triple warmer,
19. Seasonal Qigong,
20. Primary set qigong
21. Coiling set qigong
22. Yang Qigong variation

United States Wushu Academy: 2011-2013
Coach Christopher Pei
23. Baduajin (Chinese standard variation)
24. Hua To’s 5 animals Qigong (Chinese standard variation)
Other DC metro Area seminars/teachers:

25. Wudang Qigong- 2009 Seminars Sifu Shawn Cartright
26. Rooted Pine Qigong- 2012 Seminars at NIB Sifu Nick Gracenin
27. Yiquan (2012 Classes) from Master Shuren Ma and Sifu Rick Smith
28. Chen Taiji Seminars since 2000: Chen Silk reeling gong (Masters Chen Xiaowong, Chen Zhenlei, Zhu Tiancai) Sifu C.P. Ong

29. Taiji Song Shen Fa- Classes with Master Chung-Jen Chang and Deborah Yang (Omei) 1999.


My View on Qigong:


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Cheng Style – Gao Branch Baguazhang 立 Li Shou Zhang Vertical Hand Palm with Bradford Tyrey

Below is a compilation of Cheng style ~ Gao branch baguazhang information that came from several of the students under Master Liu Feng-Tsai in Tianjin, China during the late 1980s. Liu was Gao Yi-Sheng’s last student alive in China who taught the traditional training sets. Some of Liu’s students often came to Beijing to study with Master Liu Xing-Han of the Cheng style ~ Liu Bin branch in which Sun Lu-Tang was also a student (under both masters Cheng and Liu Bin). Liu Feng-Tsai and Liu Xing-Han were friends who often served together as celebrated dignitaries at national martial arts events in Beijing. In Liu Xing-Han’s class it was not uncommon to see the practices of Sun Lu-Tang, Gao Yi-Sheng and Liu Bin being demonstrated and shared, all finding their common roots from Master Cheng Ting-Hua. Some of the notes and explanations shared in the classes of Liu Xing-Han and Liu Feng-Tsai are presented below as a reference of traditional Gao teachings. Bradford Tyrey
Bradford’s Baguazhang books on


Traditional Gao Yi-Sheng Style Baguazhang’s Set:
Li Shou Zhang ~ Vertical Hand Palm

立(Vertical, Standing, to Erect) ~ Li Shou Zhang (Vertical Hand Palm).

This written character comes from two radicals [root characters]: big and man. Li translates as: to stand, to be vertical, or to be erect. This method opens up the adversary’s force then, breaks his position. Movement is performed as if encircling something. Its essence is like luring a turtle into a vase (leading an adversary into a trap).

Further explanation of 立: The original form of this written character is: big used for man over one denoting earth, to show that he is fixed in position; the character forms the radical of characters referring to position and posture. Li (立), according to definition from the early 1800s means: to stand erect, poised, set, established, fixed, upright; to rear, to found, to set up, to institute, to establish; to be settled in principles; to succeed, or to set one’s self upon the throne in place of the legitimate heir [to replace the position of the adversary with one’s self]. Additionally, the Chinese have the expression “A crane standing among chickens” (he li ji qun 鹤立鸡群) which means “to stand head and shoulders above others” [to be in a superior or more advantageous position].

Method: Ward-off, chop high as a strike or parry with a standing palm, encircle, chopping downward with a standing palm.
Skill: Separating the adversary’s force then, control and break his position.
Methods taught within the set: Cross body upholding or piercing for deflecting or dodging, outward leading pull for shielding and throwing, and upward striking or pushing palms.
• Solo standing training methods
• Solo set practice
• Two-person application

Skill taught: Upholding [to support the adversary’s balance and force him slightly upward, thereby giving me the advantage to attack from a stable position]. This method teaches a prominent method to uproot an adversary’s sunken balance while establishing li (立) within myself. Li, as its essence develops, must be merged with one’s zhong ding (central equilibrium), thereby forming the greater essence of li ding (vertical equilibrium) which roots and stands like a young tree that can sway without any breakage against the strongest of winds.

Fundamental Applications of 立 ‘Vertical’:
• Warding-off vertical block
• Chopping to the throat
• Sideward chopping to neck
• Chopping the leg
• Palms shoving the pelvis / hip
• Wrapping the neck into throw
• Inserting vertical palm into neck throw
• Inserting vertical palm into waist throw
• Vertical palm ankle grasp throw


立 Li: Vertical Hand Palm Set: Illustration from Taiwan – Gao branch.

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Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

work in progress- come back later.last update: 5/20/2015




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