Combat Sports Massage

  Welcome! Specializing in massage for athletes. Pre-event massage, Post-event massage, training massage, energy work, rehabilitative massage, restorative massage.

Massage Therapy and Body work are an important part of my training process. I have had at least 23 years in learning about the body and how it works through workshops, seminars, local and touring masters of Taijiquan and Qigong.


Qi Elements school of Massage in Herndon Virginia. I graduated my 505 hour course in Massage Therapy July 2005 and passed the National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB)in December 2005. Massage school includes 100 hours Pathology, Anatomy, 200 Massage techniques and Clinical Massages, 200 hours Tai Chi, Qigong, Massage Theory and Practice, Meridian massage, 5 hours Ethics and Business.

Reiki Level I and II certification through Nancy Bloomfield.

Massage Therapist license in Virginia #0019006078 under the Virginia Board of Nursing from June 2006 until July 2010. As of Jan. 2015 I am working to re-instate my Virginia Board of Nursing massage therapist license as it has expired. However, In 2009 45 hours of CEU's (Continuing education). I returned to my roots in Polarity Therapy. I also chose CEU's in Sports Massage, Chinese Acupressure, and the required ethics courses. NCBMTB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) had me active until Dec. 2013 after my 2009 CEU's.

While I haven't been very active since 2013, I have been busy with getting married, buying a house, having a son, and working full-time as a Database Administrator helping people who are Blind. This has caused my license to fall through the seams. In pursing my re-instatement of massage therapist status, I have been active in my continuing my education in the holistic health field of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine (VUOM). There. as a student council member, I have a Taijiquan and Qigong club to help students remember the exercises.

2006 to 2012, I spent a significant amount of time a various MMA and boxing schools working on coaches and fighters in exchange for martial art training.

Dec. 2013 to current: I have been accepted into the Virginia University of Oriental Medicine and have been active in classes since Spring 2014. There I have been taking classes in Tui Na massage, Cupping, Moxa, TCM diagnostics including pulse taking, asking questions, observing the tongue. Also classes on meridian therapy, continued Anatomy and Physiology I, II, and III, and much more.

My areas of expertise:

come from practicing on friends for over 25 years the techniques learned from first being a student Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong teachers who taught Feldenkrais, Polarity, and acupressure massage techniques. I also had various exposure to teachers and schools of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Reiki, Swedish massage, a Chinese modality called 'Tai Chi Massage', Thai Massage, Hatha Yoga, and Foot Reflexology. It sounds like a lot but they are all integrated into my massage session.

Currently we are not accepting clients at this time until reinstatement with Virginia Board of Nursing or NCBTMB- Pending Jan. 2015.Come back and check on us soon!


Tyson DeWees- Full contact fighter, Personal trainer- " As a massage therapist myself I am highly critical of most massage. Matt Stampe was not only able to give me a good massage and help with a nagging IT Band issue, but his knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is very strong. He can explain the strokes and why he is doing them(I know I asked). His hands are experienced and he knows what an athlete and fighter needs to stay healthy and at the top his game. I would recommend Matt Stampe to anyone looking for a good and thorough therapeutic massage." -Ty(Tyson) DeWees

Mark "Diamond Heart" DeLuca- Pro Muay thai fighter (20 pro fights). Testimonial: "I recently had a 90 minute Thai massage to help prepare my body before my last professional Muay Thai fight and was extremely happy with the result! The combination of stretching and pressure left me feeling relaxed, yet energized. The experience was outstanding and I hope to do it again soon!"-Mark Deluca.

above image: Mark Deluca, Matt Stampe, Ron King

Ron King III for Ron Jr. Matt is a highly professional and well versed in working on combat athletes. My son recently had a session with Matt before he left for the World Championships in Italy. Matt is extremely professional and well versed in the needs of combat athletes. We will definitely be utilizing Matt services before each one of Ron's fights.

Derek Sierra- professional Boxer, Crossfit coach (1-4-3)"Matt has worked wonders on me. After training, his massages have helped my recovery."-Derek Sierra.

Rob Zaremba- "I trust Matt and feel confident he knows what he's doing. He has an extensive knowledge of various healing modalities and with over 20 years experience as an internal Martial Artist and Therapist, Matt has developed the sensitivity and awareness to provide expert care to his clients." -Rob Zaremba, Chinese Martial Arts Teacher

Jeff Ruth-"Matt Stampe is a highly qualified and very professional massage therapists. He has treated me and the amateur and professional athletes I train. I highly recommend him for all your therapeutic needs." Jeff Ruth- owner and professional MMA fighter (9-0)

Dave Kaplan- professional MMA fighter (3-4)

Ryan Hall- owner 50/50, Black Belt in BJJ and professional MMA/BJJ fighter (2-1)

David Carter- owner and fighter of relentless Muay thai(6-0)

Mike Easton-professional MMA fighter (13-3)

Lloyd Irvin- BJJ Black BeltMMA school owner and fighter (3-0)

Todd "White Lightning" Wilson- Pro boxer (15-0)

Vivek Nakarmi- owner Pentagon MMA, champion IKF and WKA kickboxer


Some of my influential teachers and friends have been-

Wilson Pitts- Taijiquan, Qigong, and Polarity Massage- Richmond Va.
Dr. Amy Tseng- TCM- Richmond Va. now in Hawaii
Dr. Shiung-Fei Kang- TCM- Richmond Va. now in New York
Xu Jenheng- Goulin Qigong Massage- Richmond Va.
Henry Kagey- Rolfing- San Diego Ca.
Dr. Thomas Tauer- DNFT Chiropractic - Richmond Va.
Dr. Scott Kozlowski- Family Chiropractic- Fairfax Va.
Dr. Ken Fish- Wellspring Clinic, Hsingyi- Gaithersburg MD.
Madam Leanne Gehan- Tui-Na- Virginia Beach Va.
Nancy Bloomfield- Qi Elements School of Massage- Fairfax Va.
Eric Garletts- Massage Therapist- Richmond Va.
Dr. Zhiqiang (Charlie) Lu- TCM- Fairfax Va.
Dr. Sulan Su- TCM- Rockville MD
Fuller School of Massage- Virginia Beach Va.
Berkeley Springs State Park- Massage / Mineral Baths- Berkeley springs WV
Dr. David Walls-Kaufman- Capitol Hill Chiropractic and

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